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ChessboardCards is one of the multitude of Patience (or Solitaire)type card games.You have to convert the initial pattern into achess board arrangement of alternating red and black cards.A moveconsists of moving a card to the bottom or right of the grid bytouching the card.This will cause the other cards to move left orup to fill the empty space.You can play so that only columns areconsidered (i.e. the card is always moved to the bottom of thecolumn when selected) or with both columns and rows. Use theSettings Menu item to select the mode you want.When playing incolumns and rows mode the cards are moved on alternate moves to thebottom or to the right. This is the more difficult version.

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hnefatafl 1.0.8 APK
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Hnefatafl is an ancient board game, dating back at least to theDark Ages, and with roots in earlier Greek and Roman games. It wasplayed widely across North-Western Europe, wherever the Vikingslived and traded, and there were also Saxon and Celtic versions. Itdeclined in popularity during the Middle Ages, when it was largelyreplaced by Chess, and almost vanished altogether. The board andstarting position of Hnefatafl are known from archaeological anddocumentary evidence, but the rules are a matter of conjecture,however recent research and experimentation has resulted in a newinterest in the game, with a very good set of rules and an annualWorld Championship.(Source : http://www.tim-millar.co.uk)
Sparrow 1.0.0 APK
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Sparrow is one of the multitude of Patience type card games. The 52cards are dealt in 16 stacks arranged in a 4x4 grid. The stacks inthe top three rows each receive 4 cards and the stacks in thebottom row a single card. The aim is to remove all cards from theplaying area by matching pairs of similar cards. There are twovariations available.1. Any card of the same value matches anothercard of the same value irrespective of colour.2. A card onlymatches a card with the same value and colour (red or black). Inthis variation you can move cards to empty locations by matchingthe card with that location. To match two cards select a card (itwill be marked as selected) and then select the card to match withit. If the cards match they will both be removed. If they do notall cards will be deselected and you can start the matchingsequence again.
Switch 1.0.0 APK
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The objective of the game is to move the cards so that the heartsoccupy the three leftmost locations and the spades the rightmost.You may move a card into an empty neighbouring location or you mayjump a card of the other type into a empty location beside it.Hearts can only be moved to the left and spades only to theright.You can also select to use coins instead of cards.
Eights 1.0.0 APK
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Move the pegs into the holes in the centre of the board such thatno two numbers joined by lines have a difference of 1.
Honeycomb 1.0.0 APK
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Arrange the seven hexagons on the playing field so that one is inthe centre and the others are arranged around it. All touchingnumbers must be the same.
CardGame 1.0.0 APK
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You play against the phone, which is the dealer.Each player isdealt thirteen cards. The phone is dealt all thirteen Clubs. Youwill be dealt a number of Hearts and Spades (all with differentvalues), depending on the difficulty level you are playing at. Fourof your cards will be dealt face up. The dealer will lay a cardface up and to win a point you will have to beat this card usingone of your face up cards. Only Hearts can win a point. You alwayslose the point when you play a Spade. The Ace is the most valuablecard, followed by the King, then the Queen and so on to the two. Atthe easiest level you will be dealt thirteen Hearts. When you playat a difficulty level which results in you being dealt Spades theywill replace the most valuable Hearts (e.g. if you are dealt twoSpades then they will be the Ace and King and your most valuableHeart will be the Queen).You can play the game so that each timeyou win you advance to the next level of difficulty or elect toplay it always at the same level.
Jungle 1.0.1 APK
Bill Holohan
Jungle is a traditional Chinese board game played on a 7×9 board.The game is also known as The Jungle Game, Jungle Chess, or AnimalChess, and is sometimes called Oriental Chess or Children\'sChess.A piece can move one square vertically or horizontally, butnot diagonally, from its current square. There are two 3x2 squareareas of water in the middle of the board. Other special squaresare the Den and Traps. Each player has a Den which is the middlesquare of the row nearest the player. Each Den is surrounded bythree Traps.The objective is to move any piece onto the opponent'sDen or to capture all their pieces. You capture a piece by movingone of your pieces onto the square occupied by one of the opponentspieces. However you cannot capture a piece which is ranked higherthan the piece you wish to move. The exception to this is that theElephant may not capture the Rat but the Rat may capture theElephant.The order of ranking is, from high to low: 8 Elephant, 7Lion, 6 Tiger, 5 Leopard, 4 Wolf, 3 Dog, 2 Cat, 1 Rat.Normally onlythe Rat is allowed to enter the water. However you can select anoption allowing the Dog to also enter the water. No piece cancapture from water to land. However a piece in water can captureanother (not higher ranked) piece if both are in the water. TheTiger and Lion can jump across the water from a square adjoiningthe water to the vertically or horizontally opposite adjoiningsquare. However they cannot jump over another animal which is inthe water.If an opponents piece is in one of your Traps any of yourpieces can capture it. You cannot move to a square which is alreadyoccupied by one of your pieces.This app is designed for use by twohumans playing against each other. It records your moves, checksfor valid moves, and lets you know when someone has won. Otherwiseit lets you get on with playing the game.Select a piece to move bytouching it. It will then be displayed slightly larger than theother pieces. Select the destination and, if the move is allowed,the piece will be moved there. To deselect a piece without movingit just touch it again.You can undo or redo moves at any time.
Alternating Coins 1.0.1 APK
Bill Holohan
Moving two adjacent coins at a time arrange the six coins so thatlarge and small ones alternate. You have three moves to do so.