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ChessPuzzle by LITE Games is the bestfreechess puzzle game app for Android. This chess game canbedownloaded for free online and is available entirelyinEnglish.

The goal of this chess puzzle game is to checkmate the blackkingin 2 moves!

Important notice: our Chess Puzzle app is mainlygearedtowards experienced chess players looking fornewchallenges!

There are two game modes in ChessPuzzle: Puzzle and Arcade.InArcade mode (with immediate feedback), the chess tasks need tobesolved within a certain time limit in order to achieve thehighestpossible number of points. Incorrect moves will be penalizedwithpoint deductions. In Puzzle mode, you can solve the chesspuzzlesat your own pace, without any pressure. However, there isnofeedback on whether the first chess move was correct orfalse.

In this chess quiz game, which has been completelytranslatedinto English, you can establish your own chess strategyto solvethe puzzles presented on the board. Checkmate the blackking in 2moves and get to know the rules of chess in the process.Receive anew puzzle of the day every day, and make use of helpfulchess tipsand tricks while solving it. Train yourself by solvingthe dailychess puzzle within a time limit to find solutions morequickly andbecome a chess grandmaster.

What awaits you in this free chess puzzle game:

• 200 challenging chess puzzles
• Meticulously designed graphics (and English chess texts)
• Chess quiz can be played in 2D and 3D mode
• Solve daily chess challenges and learn the rules of chess
• Unlock difficult achievements!


• 2 different chess puzzle game modes
• Chess Puzzle and Arcade (with simple anddifficultsolutions)
• Two-tiered hint system
• Receive free coins each day for chess solutions
• Chess pros will love the daily challenges

ChessPuzzle for Android is available in the followinglanguageswith high-quality localization: English, Spanish, French,Italian,Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

This free chess puzzle app for Android is the perfect gameforfans of all types of online and multiplayer chess puzzlesandquizzes, as well as offline chess games for Windows and PC. Ifyouare looking for free chess games in English, you willloveChessPuzzle for Android!

Download the free ChessPuzzle app for Android from LITEGamesnow and start playing it on your smartphone or tablet rightaway —no registration required !

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