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Chicken Infinity is the best shooting offline games PVP. Youcanplay it on all smartphone and tablet. In immense space, therearealways brutal forces with plots to invade Earth: May be aliensoranimals that is as intelligent as human… They can attackourbeautiful earth anytime! This is a classic Shoot'em Up. Yourgoalwill be quite challenging as you will have to save theUniversefrom its intergalactic chickens. In this game the chickenswant toattack the earth and we must defend ourselves. HOW TO PLAYChickenInfinity: * Touch screen to move and kill all enemies. *Collectitems to upgrade or change your weapons. Features of Game -Manylevels with different difficulties, different challenges. -Variousenemy : chicken fighters, chicken army, Big bosses. -Manyboosters, many items to collect and upgrade . - Theattractivedaily mission, achievements. - Many free coins andbooster withlucky wheel. - Stunning graphics & exquisite soundsquality,like you have never seen before! Totally different from theoldretro space shooter, play it and feel it! If you likespaceshooting and survival games and like to simulate sky shootinginfor glory and duty, then Chicken Infinity is the one you shouldbeshooter playing. The Space's future is now in your hands.DownloadChicken Infinity today!

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    Chicken Infinity
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    August 17, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Match 3 Enjoy
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    160 Kepple St, Singapore
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A new flavor of Match 3 game from the makers of hit apps BlossomHeroes. Match 3 or more buds to collect them, and sweeten the valueof neighboring buds. Blossom Heroes takes you on a puzzle game ofhundreds of levels and obstacles in spring comming. It’s easy toplay but challenging to master!** How to Play Blossom Heroes Match3 Game:✿ Match more than 3 flowers to eliminate a larger number ofblossoms. ✿ Earn Delicious Power-Ups that will help you clearlevels and solve challenges.✿ Complete the challenges that are setat the start of the level and win enough points to get 3 stars onevery level.✿ Over 500 Flower Fantasy levels in Blossom graden✿Create amazing power-ups and use them to clear the screen!✿ Lovelycute butterfly with flower power✿ Easy and fun to play, yetchallenging to fully master all with strategic swiping!** QuickTips:✿ Crush 4 on a line to create a vertical or horizontal flowerblast that can help you wipe out an entire row or column. ✿ Crush 5in an L shape to create a bouquet bomb that destroys all flowersaround where the blast occurs in a 3x3 radius. ✿ Crush 5 in astraight line to get a pretty rainbow flower that allows you toeliminate all the flowers of the same color at once. ✿ Don’t worrywhen you get stuck and see no possible move. The game willhighlight any possible moves. Just concentrate on any pulsatingpieces.✿ Beating a level awards you 1 gem, so if you are stuck on alevel go back and replay old levels to earn gems and buy powerupsto help you out✿ Use Power-Ups items help you clear levelseasy.With so many exciting levels, cool eye catching graphics andunlimited free fun, it’s a must have for your mobile deviceespecially if you love free match 3 games. It is a great way tohave fun in your spare time. It is an addictive game; you can playit for hours without getting bored. Download Blossom Heroes now andenjoy!
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** The highly popular and addictive FRUIT SHOOTER ball game hascome to the Play Store FOR FREE!!For the legendary treasure, youhave to survive over five secret scenes in adventure mode. Completeall the levels in challenge mode, and try to get three purple starsin each level! Now, let practice fruit marble game skills in thispuzzle adventure dash!!.* Fruit Shooter features:- 3 flexiblegameplay: so fruit marble game is included in the side-scrollingshooter fruit game play, such as the original rotary shooting gameslike "Revenge of Fruit Deluxe", it has become more interesting Iwill.- Enjoy every minute of this blockbuster puzzler now!-Multiple type of paths and position- New marble gameplay: slidefrom side to side, or switch to another pad for smarter shots.-Well designed FREE fruit game- Please enjoy with this fruitadventure!* Fruit Shooter :- With unique fruit marble gamechallenges and each with a fun puzzle! Fresh and beautiful style,bright and vibrant graphics & effects!- New marble items,fruits shoot games make it more exciting and fun. Exploring more 30levels of madness that achieves your goals and jumps out to be achampion.Last, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has playedmagic fruit marble! THANK YOU! Any suggestion is welcome!