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Hello, what you want to eat for lunch today?We thought that for today's meal would be suitable a chicken saladwith rice. Delicious, right? Sure and you love salads like this andsure you can handle and in the kitchen because today we can notcook and we thought to please you. Do you help us? If so then weinvite you to our virtual kitchen, you'll be able to cook throughthis kids cooking game. If you want your food to be appreciatedthat pay attention to all the details. This game for childrensimulates your presence very well in a real kitchen so sure you'llfeel a great chef.
Prove to everyone that you can cook very well.

1) At first you have to cut a red pepper, for this will need touse a knife. Pepper pieces place them in a bowl;
2) Cut the tomato into very small pieces and then place them in thebowl;
3) Cut the chicken;
4) Cut slices all the olives that are in bowl;
5) In a large bowl you have to add rice, mustard, garlic, onion,olive oil, red wine vinegar, dried oregano, pepper and salt. Mixwell with a wooden spoon;
6) Over the composition above you must add tomatoes, peppers,olives and chicken;
7) Place the salad in another bowl and it's ready to serve;
8) You can decorate anyway you want and you can choose any drinkyou like.

Thank you for choosing this game and invite you to choose othercooking games, games for girls to see if you're doing as well asyou did before.

Thank you because you cooked for us today, you are a good cook.We expect you to come back every day to help us to prepare adelicious lunch through this cooking game for kids.
Have fun and bon appetite!

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Newborn Baby Caring 4.5 APK
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Hi, there are many families who dailyexpecting a new member. A child is a blessing for every parent andevery time a baby is coming into this world is waiting with greatemotion. The happiness that one parent feels when he can keep hisbaby in his arms is wonderful, this sensation is unique and makesus enjoy life. We all like to look like a baby smiles for the firsttime and we all expect the first word of the baby. Perhaps you're asensitive child and understand what feels a parent for his childand through this game for girls you'll be able to meet a familythat is going to have a baby.To be able to do everything we planned you will have to play therole of a doctor, after the baby is born you will have to take careof him because his mother is very busy.Please follow all instructions of the game to care forbabies.Good luck!- The child was born recently;- This is a playful, healthy baby and you will surely love to meethim;- First you have to wash him;- Fill the tub with warm water;- Use special detergents;- Use a clean towel to remove water;- Choose the most beautiful clothes and accessories;- While the child is in his room a few bees came and stung him, heneeds medical care;- You have to disinfect wounds;- You have to remove the bee pins;- Apply an ointment for the treating of wounds;- Finally you will need to apply patches on wounds;- Before starting the treatment you will have to catch bees;- Now the child feels well and he wants to eat;- Offer only healthy food;- Offer his favorite toy;- Decorate the child's bedroom;- You did a great job, the child is happy.Thank you for what you did today, you are a brave kid and pleasecome back daily to help us through this game for kids.Have fun!
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Hello, the children room is the great place ofa house, this space is always the most beautifully decorated, is alargest room, the furniture is very colorful, walls are paintedwith relaxing colors, but the most beautiful things you can find inthe room of a kid are the toys.Some children have more or fewer toys but after they play they donot always remember to collect and put them in their place. Thissituation is always encountered, there are many children who arenot cleaning their room unless they are forced. We hope that youare a responsible and orderly child who always listen to yourparents and you clean your room, we hope that you never have toysthrown away. If you are a responsible kid and you like to do cleanin your room then order this game for children is great for you,you will have the chance to help Paul to clean his room because itis a huge disorder. You must follow all instructions for the resultto be perfect.Put toys in the basket especially for them, then thrown awayclothes that need to go in the basket of laundry, clean clothes sitin his closet to find them Paul when he needs them.In the living room you will find the same disorder, you have tomake sure that everything is very neat and clean. Pick up toys andplace them in boxes by category.Sure you will do a great job and Paul's house is very clean, youcan return anytime to make cleaning along with Paul through thiskids game.Have fun!
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Hi, in the morning we received a call from afriend of ours, she has a problem, she must come to a party thattakes place for raising funds in favor of children without parents.Our friend is a beautiful princess and very good and she needs yourhelp. Do you want to help her to prepare for the party to go to. Doyou want to be her friend through this makeup game for children? Ifyou want to prove to everyone that you can be a good friend youwill definitely succeed through this beauty game for girls.You will be able to own a beauty salon only through this game withprincesses.Please follow all instructions in this game for kids.Good luck!- At first you will meet the beautiful princess;- This is looking forward to meet you;- You have to start to help her;- She needs treatment for nails;- Apply a moisturizer;- Cut her nails;- Clean nail polish;- Make tattoos for hands;- Apply a nail polish and choose the most beautiful model;- The accessories are very important so you do not forgetthem;- Princess is very beautiful, you did a great job.Thank you that you have chosen to help us, please come backevery day to help the princess. She asks you to visit daily throughthis makeup game for girls.Have fun!
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Hi, approaching a big party and Anna wants togo. Ana is a young girl that we know for a long time, she is a girlwho works in television, she has a show about talented children.She is very smart, beautiful and full of life but lately has nothad time to take care of her and now she needs care in order tolook great. This makeup game for girls will help you own a beautysalon, Ana will come to you at the show and will ask you to helpher to eliminate her skin problems to be able to go to her friendsparty. In this beauty game for girls you have to prove that you'rea good friend and you can help Anna to look great. If you followall the instructions you'll can complete the mission and Ana willreturn to your salon.Success!1) First you have to prepare a full facial treatment, you haveto apply an exfoliating gel of strawberries, a moisturizing maskfrom Chamomile that soothes her face, a kiwi mask to make skin lookhealthy and at the end you have to apply a cream very regenerating. After applying a mask or cream you must rinse with warm water andwipe her face with a clean towel;2) Because the girl is very well you should eliminate acne and allstains and do not forget that you must clip her eyebrows;3) Place two slices of cucumber on the skin of the eye area;4) Let face to steam for a few minutes;5) Now you need to makeup her, apply: contact lenses, mascara,powder for cheeks, eyeshadow, lipstick and choose ahairstyle;6) Ana needs you to help her to choose the most beautiful dress andthen you have to choose the perfect accessory for such anoccasion.Thank you for helping us, you're a good friend and through thisgame for girls you have proved this.Thank you for choosing this game and invite you to choose girlsgames and games for girls to see if you're doing as well as you didbefore.Enjoy!
Newborn Life Story 7.3 APK
bxapps Studio
Hi, today is a beautiful day and we thought wecould create the most beautiful story of life, namely we havedecided to talk about the life of a baby who would become a lovelyyoung. We want to watch its evolution step by step but we can notdo this only with your help and your first task is to participateto the wedding of your friend. In this kids care game you have themost important role and you will have to learn everything childneeds and help him whenever needed. We know that you will becomevery good friends, you will play together and will definitelyentertain you well through this life story game. You will be ableto use the finest skills, attention is the most important. You'llbe able to play with us every day, you will like to prove toeveryone that you're a great friend. You go to the park, surelythat is your favorite place, and there you will meet other kidsyour age.Each stage of life the child is important and you have to payattention to every thing for the girls game to have a final that wewish you will have to follow all instructions.Success!- It is summer and the two young people are in the park.Christian asks Mary to be her wife;- They must organzize wedding;- You'll have to choose a nice restaurant;- Then you have to do the invitations;- Send invitations to all their friends;- The wedding was very beautiful;- A few months after wedding Mary is pregnant;- Now it must give birth in hospital;- You have to do ultrasound;- Check heartbeat;- Then you have to do anesthesia;- The child was born;- You should check weight and height;- The child is healthy;- It can go home with his mother;- Now you have to prepare the room for the baby;- Clean the dust;- Collect garbage;- Arrange furniture;- Clean windows;- Choose the most beautiful draperies;- The room is very beautiful;- After several months the parents have to go to work and you willhave to take care of their child;- Fill the tub with hot water;- Add foam;- Wash her hair with shampoo for children;- You will then need to dry hair;- You then go shopping;- Choose fresh fruits and vegetables;- Buy milk;- Into the morning the girl is not feeling well, it needs adoctor;- You should check if she has fever;- Then check heartbeats;- Give her some cold syrup;- Girl feels better;- You have to prepare breakfast;- Girl wants milk and fruit;- The time has come for a ride in amusement park;- The little girl wants to go to the zoo;- Animals are beautiful;- The little girl wants to go on a picnic with her parents;- You'll have to help her to make luggage;- Set up the tent;- Light the fire;- Arrange food;- After lunch you will have to collect garbage;- Is approaching the birthday of girl;- You have to make the most delicious cake;- In a bowl you must add: water, flour, milk, eggs and oil. Mixwell;- Add chocolate and fruit;- Enter the cake in the oven;- Prepare cream;- The cake looks great, you are a very good cook.Thanks for all the help offered, please come back every daythrough this cooking game for kids.Have fun!
Nursery Cleaning 2.5 APK
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Hello. Lily is my best friend today chose toclean the whole house with her mother. When she woke up she sawthat her mother is not feeling well so we have to work alone and isvery hard. She knows it will not be able to handle it alone, so heneeds a little help; He is my best friend I chose to help, but I donot know very well what I do. Therefore, in this game you will bethe person who will help us clean up the whole house and that willtell us what to do. Thank you for choosing to be with us throughthis wonderful game for girls.- First you have to sit for all the toys.- Must throw all the miseries of the room.- You sat paintings as they were before.- Must clean walk to get rid of dirt on the floor.- Then we have to go in the bedroom.- There we sat all the clothes in the closet.- Then we'll take things broken or damaged.- We have to place books in the library.- Then we wash away.- I got the last room, namely in the bathroom.- We need to stop and clean water shower.- Then we put each shampoo and solution in place.- We need to take unnecessary things.- We remove the toilet and will wash away.Thanks you agreed to help Lily and invites you daily to chooseone of our games for girls through which you can help other peopleeverytime you want.Have fun!
Romantic Date Dress up 8.5.7 APK
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Tonight our girlfriend has a romantic dinnerwith her boyfriend and she does not know how to dress because shehas a lot of dresses and skirts and she looks very good in allthese clothes but can not decide which one to wear. You can choosebetween long dresses, short dress, evening gowns or those with verylong train. You can choose an usual outfit, a pair of jeans or ashirt worn over a beautiful shirt. You can dress her with elegantclothes, with a scarlet cloth pants with a very elegant shirt withsilver threads on the sleeves, worn under a black jacket verystylish because she is a girl that looks really good wearing anyclothing. After choosing what clothes to wear, you can also do herhair. You can stretch it along shoulders, you can make a loop, youcan catch him in a stem or two. If you're done with the hair, youcan find them some superb accessories to suit the chosen clothesand hair done. You can choose a purse, red, purple, black, yellowor blue, you can choose a very beautiful pair of sunglasses thatshe could carry or she can put it in her hair. You have to choose anecklace, you can put her some earrings and even shoes or boots orchoose the heels that are at your disposal. I think our girlfriendis ready to go on a romantic dinner that her boyfriend gave her.Thanks for helping me to prepare her, I could not do this jobalone.Control: Play the game using your fingers.
Princess Tailor Design 4.5 APK
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Hello, now that you came we are happy becausewe know that our new business is in good hands. In this game forgirls you will meet a young princess and more than that you willown a sewing workshop. We are sure that you will really like thisjob, you will prove to all that you can be a great tailor and youcan even use your abilities for. This tailor salon game will helpyou have fun and even become our friend. Every day we can playthrough this game for children, you will love to make clothes forthe princess. This is a very beautiful young girl who is preparingfor her birthday party. Every year organizes beautiful parties andthis year she needs your help and we are sure that besides this youwill help her to have the most beautiful dress. This tailoring shopis the best in town and you will love to have as your first clienta princess.For our princess to be pleased you have to follow the instructionsof this game with princesses.Pay attention to the details of this game for girls.Good luck!- Princess has sent invitations for the party;- Now you must help to clean;- Collect garbage;- Clean the dust;- Clean the floor;- Arrange furniture;- Prepare the tools to be able to do the most beautifulclothes;- Wash carpet;- You will have to determine what size dress she needs;- Choose material;- Choose color;- Tailor the most beautiful dress;- Now you have to mow;- You have ironing the dress ;- The dress is beautiful princess is happy;- Choose the most precious accessories;- You did a great job.Thank you for help, please come back every day to help usthrough this tailor game.Have fun!