1.0.1 / November 12, 2017
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Do you like shooting action games and shooting animal games? If yesthen legends Storm Studios present for you “Chicken Shooter2017”which is the latest hunt shooting game.Chicken shooter 2017 isthe tough hunting game. Invaders chicken are entered in yourfarm.Let’s shoot scream chicks and chicken in your farm and becomea chicken shooter hunter in this tough hunting game. Chickenshooter 2017 is inspired by other animal hunting game which is thenew fun for funny chicken games lover.Shoot the crazy chick andbecome the action shooter.Chicken Shooter 2017 feature1. Shoot theChicks with Multiple guns like2. strong Shooting and Aiming Skillsto shoot the chicks3. A lot of tough Challenges levels to Shoot onRunning Chicks4. Scream out chicks with CHICKEN SHOOTER 2017.

App Information Chicken Shooter 2017

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    Chicken Shooter 2017
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    November 12, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Legends Storm Studios - Racing Action Sim Games
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Do you like real city tram train games? Do you like British or UKtrain rail games? If yes, then you will also like Tram TrainSimulator 2017. With latest modern Tram Train Simulator 2017,experience the challenging missions that are just waiting for you.You were waiting for 2017 new games and 2017 new apps here tramtrain simulator 2017 is the latest 2017 new game. San Fransiscometro tram is new exciting game for all fans of Train Simulatorsand Train Games!Do you played 3d euro train and 3d bullet traingames on subway? Now its time to play Modern tram train game. youare in the real modern city so you have to drive free euro tramtrain just like Russian tram train driver, American tram traindriver, Korean tram train driver,seoul,Melbourne,UK and Dubai tramtrain driver etc drive their tram in the city safe and sound. sodriving tram train in danger zone like maxico metro, seoul metro,Korean metro ,Europe metro and Dubai metro,Indian metro etc is nota easy task because pedestrian are walking on tramway. There arepolice cars, ambulance, fast sports car , furious crazy taxidrivers in the real modern city. They have no speed limit in rushhour . So fasten your seat belt and take passenger to theirdestination point safe and sound and become a super English traindriver. Latest Tram Train Simulator 2017 latest featureEpic 3Dgraphics Real Modern City EnvironmentUnique Traffic SystemGreatdynamic addictive Game playrealistic smooth controlBest businesssimulator game
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