3.6 / May 24, 2018
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Kids finger Soccer is a fast paced arcade football game.Playagainstan AI or a friend or start a career mode.Are you ready toplay withyour fingers? Play in the football Champions League! Winthe onlineLeague football tournament and become one of them inthis freefootball game!+ ALL PURCHASES FREE+ ALL PURCHASES FREE

App Information Children's Finger Soccer

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    Children's Finger Soccer
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    May 24, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Vladivostok st Russkaya 51 kv 122
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Люди-{земляне} переживают ресурсный кризис в поисках основноготоплива, для подержания жизни они отправляются в космoс, на планетыпригодны для добычи ресурсов.На своем пути к заветной мечте Людиузнают, что вся галактика инопланетян ищет те жи ресурсы, т.к у нихтакой же кризис. Между ними возникает конфликт это - БИТВА МИРОВ.Кто завладеет ресурсами, тот и будет владеть всейгалактикой!Lyudi- {} humans experiencing resource crisis in searchof the main fuel for of maintaining thelife, they are sent to thekosmos, the planets suitable for production resursov.Na its waytocherished dream of people learned that the galaxy aliens seekingthose Ms. resources, because theythe same crisis. Between themthere is a conflict - BATTLE OF THE WORLDS .Kto possess theresources,and he will own the entire galaxy!
Automatic Record Call Pro 1.0 APK
The program Automatic Record Call Pro allows you to recordconversations automatically in the following format: 3gp. There arealso sending recordings to google drive.
PIP Camera Profi 1.0 APK
PIP Camera Profi - photo effect is the best companion forself-shots. The camera is designed for a nice effect of "picture inpicture", which will take a picture of cheerful and very beautiful.Creative tool allows you edit your photos with photo frames, imagefilters, the ability to change the front parts. Choose from twoways to edit: a simple version with pictures, text, stickers, andframes; - Revision of the underlying images, image processing,using frames, insert a background image. Editor library includes ahuge number of frames on different themes (nature, romance,metropolis, lottery, etc.). Backgrounds. The index card is updatedregularly.PIP Pro camera is the best Android-app that allows you toedit on your phone or tablet photos, add effects, make a collage.So your photos will turn out beautiful and unique pictures. Theprogram is easy to use and the result is a beautiful image, with anunusual effect. You can share edited photos via social networks.PIPCamera Profi-a convenient and relatively easy way to give yourimages a special atmosphere, meaning or subtext!
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the most powerful and brightest flashlight and compass two in onevery convenient app.