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Remember the stories of your childhood? Do you still feel nostalgiafor those years? Would you like to remember with your childrenthose stories that made you dream? Enter and discover thisapplication of children's stories with the best stories everassembled for you in this application and that will thrill youagain like that first time you heard them. Stories that will serveas entertainment for the little ones as well as learning aboutvalues ​​and attitudes towards life. Spend your moments of fun withthe videos of stories that we have gathered in this application andthat will be a true learning in the education of your children. Wehave collected the classic stories of a lifetime so that togetherwith the youngest you feel nostalgia for those past times in whichyour parents were the ones who told them to you. These areeducational videos that we have compiled with as much rigor aspossible so that the stories, stories and fables that reach yourchildren are the most appropriate for their age. Videos that willmake you enjoy and spend moments of true fun. The applicationbrings together classic children's stories that will provide youwith values ​​that will make you learn while making yourimagination fly. If you want to see your children enjoy downloadthis application in which we have collected a compilation with thebest children's stories from the most classic to the most modern.With them you will spend entertaining moments with the youngest ofthe house while they will serve you to instill true values ​​suchas friendship, family, love, companionship ... Educationalchildren's stories adapted to the age of the youngest of your home,stories that will delight the youngest of your home as well asreturn to excite the elderly every time they remember. Theeducational videos gathered in it are updated every time you enterit again. Remember that the application is free and you will nothave to pay anything for it. You can share it with family andfriends so that they also enjoy it. Enter and start to get excitedwith the videos we have collected in it. The positive evaluation ofit will allow us to create new applications in the future as wellas improve existing ones. Enjoy it, we hope you like it

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Child Bible 1.0.0 APK
This application of the bible for children is going to come greatto teach your children, your students or in catechesis if you havea group under your care.I will tell you that it consists of aseries of several videos in which he shows you all the life ofJesus look with the eyes of a child, so that they arrive in a moreentertaining way. You will learn parables of the Gospel in aneducational way. With this application you will know more about theSacred Scriptures. You are going to see a Jesus child, the Son ofGod teaching you his Word in a different way. With these videos youwill learn more about the life of the Apostles and their teacher.And of course, also from our father Abraham.With the infantilebible you will know passages of the Old and New Testaments. Do youremember how the Tables of the Law were made? we show you a closerMoses in a more entertaining way. This bible is a teaching for allCatholics, not only children, but also for adults.With thisapplication we want to teach a Jesus friend a man as he was, afriend of children, close to the people. Know a little more aboutyour life and show it to the children, let them know more about Godand their Son, as the Scriptures show. We show you the mostenjoyable and educational Bible.The whole life of Jesus from thewomb of Mary his mother until after his crucifixion. The history ofthe creation of the world according to the Scriptures and in a funand didactic way.There are parabolas that we may never read orlisten to, because here we bring them to you, so that you alsolearn and teach.The story of God is magnificent, it's worth havinga few minutes to sit down and watch these videos. We willunderstand many things and understand where others comefrom.Through the fun we will learn the Gospel. A wonderful worldfull of mercy and love to give and deliver.Do not miss theopportunity to download this application. It is a didactic way tolearn the Gospel and have it whenever we want in our hands withouthaving to open or read a Bible.With the children's Bible you willnot need books or open pages to reach a parable or the passion ofChrist, or his birth, or the history of the Hebrews. Download it,it's worth it, I recommend it to you.
Kitchen Recipes 1.0.0 APK
With this application you will find cooking recipes capableofsurprising even the most demanding palates. In it you willfindfrom the dishes that will serve you to cook day by day as youneedfor more important occasions. You will always find the idealrecipefor every occasion. You will become the center of any meetingwiththe recipes we have gathered in it.From the dishes prepared inthesimplest way to the most complex and recurrent for anyspecialoccasion.In this application you will find homemade cookingof allkinds, both easy, fast and economical, and others morecomplex bothin their preparation and in the training of the personwho intendsto enter this world of cooking.The application willserve to planthe different dishes to prepare during the week.Become a truespecilist of this world with the videos that we showyou in thisapplication and that will teach you step by step toprepare themost diverse dishes.You will find delicious and tastyrecipes thatyou can prepare easily because the preparation of thedishes isexplained in detail.You will find videos with tasty anddelicioushomemade recipes that will delight the most demandingpalate.Enterinto this exciting world with the exquisite homemaderecipes wehave gathered in it.You will find a way to prepare thesesweetsthat will please both your family and your friends. Thequality ofthe delicious homemade recipes will not leave anyoneindifferent.Become a true cook with the delicious and exquisiterecipes that wehave gathered in the videos of this application.Therecipes areprepared with inexpensive ingredients, easy to get andhave asimple and fast preparation.In this application you willfindrecipes for beginners as more sophisticated recipes for thosewithmore training in this world.The application will offer youeverytime you enter it again updated content with new videos soyoualways find the ideal dish for each occasion.Remember thatthisapplication is free and you can share it with family andfriendswho also like to have these videos that will allow you tochoosethe right dish for each situation.Enjoy today from thisapplicationthat we have prepared thinking about you.
Relaxation music 1.0.0 APK
Relaxation music is a free application that we have made with youinmind for you to spend a few moments of relaxation andtranquilitythat allow you to get away from your daily tasks.Theapplication isdesigned with a series of videos that will make youreflect andallow you to find calm and tranquility.All videos areperfectlychosen to find in them a haven of peace. The videos areupdatedconstantly so that new videos will appear every time youenter theapplication again.We have tried to gather a videotutorial thatincludes the best music that will make you think andfind the peacenecessary to face any problem that comes yourway.You can share thisapplication with family and friends who willsurely appreciate itsince they will find the best music forrelaxation andentertainment. Do not miss this opportunity to shareit with yourloved ones.The sounds of nature, the song of thebirds, the sound ofthe water of a river, the water falling in awaterfall ... all thosesounds that will make you relax and find inthem a true haven ofpeace.Discover from today this application ofmusic of relaxation inwhich you will find all the melodies andchords that will make youspend real moments oftranquility.Burdened in your daily chores?Worried about how yourchildren's studies are going? Annoyed with acoworker? Forget aboutall your problems for a while and discoverwith the videos includedin this application how to find thenecessary relaxation to escapeyour worries. Do not keep thinkingabout your little daily problemsand disconnect a moment with therelaxation videos that we haveincluded in this application thinkingof you.Free yourself fromyour daily stress and find the videosincluded in this applicationthe most relaxing way to get out ofyour worries.You will alwaysfind in them a moment of relaxationthat will take you away fromthe stress of your day to day life.Donot hesitate and downloadtoday this application with the bestrelaxing music we havedesigned so you can clear up and stopthinking about the problemsof your day to day. Remember that thisapplication is free and youwill not have to pay anything for it.
Funny videos 2.0.0 APK
Do you want to have a relaxed time?Are you looking for a placetoentertain yourself?Do you want to spend a relaxed moment?Youjustfound the ideal place because in this application we havecollectedthe largest collection of humor videos for you to spendreal funmoments. Enter it and discover the best funny videos,jokes, babiesand their antics, funny falls, failures of artists ...all gatheredin this application that we have designed with you inmind.Videosthat will make you spend a moment of relaxation and thatwill makeyou relax from your daily worries. You will find a realplace tospend a relaxed moment and away from your daily chores.Allthevideos that we have gathered in this application of funnyvideosare designed to find that moment of tranquility andtranquilitythat we all need. Enter and discover all these videoswith the bestand funniest moments we have gathered for you inthisapplication.We have the best and best collection of funnyvideosthat you can find.Remember that this application iscompletely freeand you will not have to pay anything for it. Shareit with familyand friends so that they too enjoy the amount ofjokes, viral andhumorous videos that we have gathered. Laughter isa wonderfultherapy to get away from the problems we all have in ourday andday. Come and discover how the world of humor andentertainment canserve as relaxation.Take a laugh with the amountof detailsgathered in these funny videos.Get moments of fun withthisapplication and do not miss any detail with the videos gatheredinit.The content of the application is updated every time youenterit again. So every time you access it again you will find newfunnyvideos.Discover this application of funny videos and find amomentof relaxation with humorous and humorous videos that wehavegathered in it.Do not miss the opportunity to laugh with thefunnyvideos we have gathered for you in this application.We hopethatwith this application of funny videos you will find relaxedmomentsand allow you to escape from your daily worries. Find in itthe funyou were looking for. We wish that it is to your liking.
Catholic prayers 1.0.0 APK
In this application we have collected a collection with thebestprayers of praise to Christ Our Lord. They will serve youtoreflect on your daily life and at the same time help you findthatinner peace that we all need.They are prayers many ofthemextracted from the Holy Bible that collect experiences andthatwill help you in meditation and will bring you closer toGod.Theywill help us in the most difficult moments of our lives andallowus to face them in a more positive way. In your reading wewillfind relief to our anguish and shelter in our mostanguishingexperiences.Discover in this application the beautifulstories thatwe have collected in it and always find the necessaryprotection inyour day to day.You will be guided at any time tofollow the paththat will lead you to the Lord. They are prayersthat reflectreflections that will serve you to meditate andapproach Christ OurLord. Immerse yourself in the amount ofanecdotes and pleasantexperiences that we have gathered in allthese sentences compiledin this application that we have designedwith you in mind.Throughprayer we will recognize the power and theextraordinary goodnessof God and in them we will see our needsfulfilled. We will feelthe deepest reverence for God and we willsee the need that we haveto look at him for everything and expectfrom him his infinitegraces.We will find with them an almostspiritual sensation whenlistening in them continuous teachings.These are phrases thatinvite us to meditate and that for Catholicsare an ongoinginvitation to approach Jesus Christ Our Lord.You willget closer toJesus Christ in silence and in each prayer.Discoverthisapplication that will make you reflect and will serve as aguideand shelter in your moments of greatest difficulty. In ittheCatholics will find the guide that illuminates them intheirmomtentos of weakness.Find those moments of meditation thatwillmake you reflect. Praise Jesus Christ will help you in yourdailylife.Enter and discover the videos that we have gathered in itwithyou in mind.The application is updated with new videos everytimeyou access it again. You can share it with family and friendswhoalso hope. Remember that it is completely free.Enjoy it
UFOs and hidden mysteries 2.0.0 APK
What do we know about UFOs? There are many mysteries out there thatwe do not know. With this application you will discover secrets ofan unknown world. All the puzzles that you asked about UFOs andsightings of these machines. Enter with these videos that we willshow you in the mysteries of visiting beings from other galaxies.Discover a hidden science from another world, from another life,the extraterrestrial one. In this application you will seemysteries and unimaginable curiosities. Life itself is already amystery, imagine seeing these documentaries full of secrets andenigmas of beings from another galaxy or another life. Ufo: did youever hear this? With these videos you will know more about thisship and its passengers. Enter the fabulous world of the unknownwith this application that we now put at your fingertips.Documentaries about the ufos, a life existing in another dimensionunknown until today by the human being. With these videos we try toexplain some of the many secrets surrounding UFOs. The science andthe studies on this subject have advanced a lot but we still do notknow half of them about these beings that man these ships or wherethey come from or why they visit us. They are mysteries that wewill try to decipher with these videos that we show you. There havebeen sightings of these ships in different parts of the planet, butonly that. We are going to show you how these ships are, at thespeed they travel, the key points where they have been seen,documentaries about the passengers that travel in them, etc ... Donot stop seeing this application and learn more about the unknown,of a world that may be closer to us than we imagine. Discover theenigmas of these visitors, we show you images of how they are orcan be, testimonies of people who have lived this experience andwho have seen these ships in the sky. With the application that weare offering you, you will learn more about this topic. Videos inwhich they will explain the why of many things and for what.Remember that the application is free and you can share it withfamily and friends. The application is updated with new videosevery time you enter it again. Your positive assessment of it makesus continue creating new applications and improving existing ones.We hope you like it. Enjoy it
Monologues 1.0.0 APK
Discover this application of monologues in which we havecollectedvideos with the best interpretations of the most variedcomics.Enter and discover how any story can be given a veryvariedhumorous approach and relate it maintaining the curiosity oftheviewer until the end. Stories that will make you laugh andallowyou to relax and get away from your daily chores. Discovertheability to tell in just a few minutes a story related to anytopicof daily life having the viewer plunged into an atmosphereofrelaxation and attention that will remain throughouttherepresentation. Short stories in which the qualities on ascenarioof different actors will be shown. An application that willdelightyour family and friends since you can share it so they alsoenjoyit. The most original interpretations will meet at the top ofthestage to give life to any characterization. The idealenvironmentof these monologues is placed on the stage of anytheater, suitableplace to carry out the interpretation of thesituation that ispresented to them. Take a laugh with the videos wehave collectedin it. The characterization made by anyone in themonologues wehave collected makes them all true comics. They aremoments of funthat will take you away from your daily worries. Youwill findvideos that will touch any theme and that will immerse youin avery pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The characterization inthevarious situations that arise makes them authentic comics.Findmoments of fun with the monologues included in thisapplication. Wehave gathered all these videos with the only idea of​​making youspend a few moments of fun and entertainment. Theapplication isupdated with new videos every time you access itagain. It is agood time to download this application and enjoy thevideos we havecollected. Remember that the application is free andyou will nothave to pay anything for it. Your positive score of itmakes usimprove and continue creating new applications andimprovingexisting ones. Enter and discover today the videos that wehavegathered thinking of you. It is a good opportunity to relaxandforget your daily chores. Do not let it escape, we hope youlikeit.
Home remedies 1.0.0 APK
In this application of Home Remedies we have tried to gatherallkinds of advice to serve as a relief to your ills. At no timewithher we have tried to replace the prescription that a doctorcouldhave made but to help in a natural way to try to help you inyourailments. They are natural remedies that have been transmittedfromgeneration to generation and it is the experiences themselvesthathave given meaning to everything that we explain here. In italsohave their space even tricks to treat your hair, treatmentsforyour nails, care of your skin, solutions for acne and manyremediesthat in a natural way will help you solve them. Thedifferentplants gather a series of attributes that give themhealingproperties for different injuries and ailments. In thisapplicationwe also try to explain the characteristics of the sameand for whatbad or ailment would be indicated. As we have told youin no time,we intend to substitute the advice or prescription thata doctorhas been able to make, but what is certain is that byreducing theconsumption of medications, you will obtain healthierliving habitsand improve your mood. The remedies gathered here notonly aim toremedy your ills but also find tips to take care of yourskin,acne, cellulite, how to take care of your hair ... Also in ityouwill also find that foods in a natural way will help youtoalleviate your ills. They pretend to be natural solutionsagainsttraditional medicine, our only sense is to alleviate or curethedisease. The preparations that you will find here can be madeathome with ingredients that will be easy to find, economical, withahigh efficiency and that will turn into natural treatments tocuresome evil. All the treatments gathered in this application seekanalternative to medicine to alleviate your ills. Remember thatthisapplication of Natural Remedies you can access it for free andthatyou can share it with family and friends so that they too canenjoyit. It is updated with new content each time you enter itagain.Your positive evaluation of it will allow us to improve itandcontinue creating new applications. The contents included inithave been designed with the best intention to help you. We hopeyoulike. Enjoy it