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Children's puzzle through the children'sfavorite cartoon image to stimulate interest, develop children'shands and brains ability. Suitable for children's intellectualdevelopment puzzle game, enhance educational children, suitable forpreschool children game.

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    Children's puzzles
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    May 8, 2015
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    Android 2.2 and up
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生辰八字 3.4 APK
生辰八字,是周易術語四柱的另一種說法。四柱是指人出生的時間、即年、月、日、時。在人用天幹和地支各出一字相配合分別來表示年、月、日、時,如甲子年、丙申月、辛醜日、壬寅時等, 包含了一個人出生時的天體運行的基本狀態。每柱兩字, 四柱共八字,所以算命又稱“測八字”。依照天幹、地支沂涵陰陽五行屬性之相生、相克的關系,推測人的體咎禍福。源於中國民俗學的一些測算方法,請勿迷信!Birthdates, is anotherway of saying of the of Zhouyi term four-poster. The four-posterrefers to people born that year, month, day, hour. Heavenly stemsand earthly branches respectively to the year, month, day, hour, asJiaZi, Bingshen Boxer Day, Renyin when contains the basic state ofthe movement of celestial bodies when a person is born a word match. Each column the word, four-poster horoscopes, fortune-telling,also known as "measured horoscopes. Phase g, speculated thatpeople's body in accordance with the Heavenly Stems and EarthlyBranches Yi Han yin and yang properties Aioi, blame bad fortune.The calculation method derived from Chinese folklore, Do notsuperstitious!
觀世音菩薩 1.3.0 APK
主要功能:1、祈福禱告;2、佛音(支持後臺播放);3、觀音靈簽(解簽,背景故事);觀音菩薩妙難酬,清凈莊嚴累劫修。浩浩紅蓮安足下,灣灣秋月鎖眉頭。瓶中甘露常遍灑,手內楊枝不計秋。千處祈求千處應,苦海常作度人舟。Main functions:1, Clifford prayer;2, The Buddha (support background play);3, Guanyin Ling signed (de-sign, the background story);The Avalokiteshvara wonderful blighted, clean solemn Leijie repair.Hao-hao the red lotus safety with a single step, Bay the Akizukilock brow. The bottle the mannose often times sprinkle hand theYoji Excluding autumn. One thousand should pray for the onethousand, Oliver often for relieving people boat.
Challenge 2048 1.0.0 APK
2048 rules of the game is very simple, each ofwhich can be selected in one direction to the vertical andhorizontal sliding, each sliding time, will block all numberscloser to the direction of sliding, the system will place the blanka number nonce box appears, the same number box in the closer willbe the sum when collision. System gives digital box that is 4instead of 2, players find a way Couchu "2048" this number 16 gridsquares in this small range.If you're a digital enthusiast, or are more gifted math genius, onewill be fascinated to get started. Even if not a mathematicalgenius, the average player can also be Fun game, interested insomething, then went to download experience.
Fish Adventures 2.0.0 APK
[Description]Fish Adventures is a fun puzzle game, the game through thelowerright corner of the screen to operate the fish swimming leverforadventure;[Background]One by one vicious looking fish seabed, as small fish, youknowhow to do it, yes, this place is a jungle out your courage,hischildhood eating big, yes big fish fish, fish eat shrimp isthetruth.[How to play]1, hold down the corner of the screen with your fingerjoystickcontrol fish, little fish start making our redswimming;2, according to the upper right corner of the tips to eatfishswimming fish smaller than yourself, avoid the fish biggerthanthemselves;3, when to eat after a certain number of fish can be grownorcut;[Features]Simple, fun casual, agility test the operational capacity;
儿童数学乐园 1.7.0 APK
数字、运算符、表达式等这些都是比较单调枯燥的概念,在让孩子进行运算训练时,最好不要让孩子直接面对这些东西,以免淹没了孩子的兴趣。最好的方式就是运用这些概念结合一些有趣的元素,给孩子们构建一个数学乐园,让孩子在这个乐园中快乐活动,把运算当游戏玩,则可培养孩子的数学兴趣,并能轻松训练孩子的运算能力。儿童数学乐园,如其名,是个数学乐园,其中除了提供有九九加减乘除法口诀外,还提供了5个游戏,包括有小小超市、飞行训练、数字卡片、海洋城堡、拼拼看等,玩法各不一样,对运算各有侧重点,如答案的不唯一性,如单训练运算符号等,通过这些游戏可很好地训练孩子的运算能力,游戏具有趣味性,有助培养孩子对数学学习兴趣。游戏特色:1、九九加减乘除法口诀,便于没有运算基础知识的孩子学习。2、5个游戏,5种玩法,让孩子拥有更多的选择性,也为应用添加了更多乐趣。3、5个游戏中大多设置限制时间,对训练运算速度很有帮助。4、游戏多样化,且具有灵活性,有助孩子发散思维,训练数学推算能力。5、全程配置轻快音乐,可长时间保持孩子的好心情。These concepts arerelatively tedious numbers, operators, expressions, etc., so thatthe children be operational training, it is best not to letchildren directly to these things, so as not to drown thechildren's interests. The best way is to use these conceptscombined with some interesting elements, the children build amathematical park, let the children happy activities in thisparadise, the operation when the game play, you can cultivatechildren's interest in mathematics, and can easily train the childThe computing power.Children mathematics paradise, as the name suggests, is amathematical park, which in addition to the arithmetic method isprovided ninety-nine formulas, it also provides five games,including a small supermarket, flight training, digital cards,ocean castle, fight fight to see, etc. , play not the same for eachoperational focus, if not the uniqueness of the answer, such as asingle train operator symbols, the child can be well trainedcomputing power through these games, the game has a fun, helpedfoster child interest in learning mathematics.Game Features:1, Hong Math law formulas, no easy child to learn the basics ofarithmetic.2,5 game, five kinds of play, let the children have more choice,but also for the application adds more fun.3,5-game mostly set time limit, the operation speed of the trainhelpful.4, game diversity and flexibility, help children divergentthinking, the ability to calculate mathematical training.5, the whole configuration of light music, you can keep the childin a good mood for a long time.
Fighter-2014 1.1.0 APK
[Description]This is a flight simulation game, the protagonist of the game bytouching the operation of aircraft to challenge the barriers ofadventure;[Story]The classic fighter game will surely evoke fond memories of ourredesigned inherited a simple straightforward operation experiencewith fresh and bright cartoon style beautifully rendered gamescreen, for the players to bring a new refreshing gamingexperience.[How to play]1, choose a protagonist aircraft, can be upgraded to attackaircraft, the value of life, etc.;2, select the level of difficulty and the game total of five levelsand three difficulty for players to challenge and subsequentupdates more game content;2, the use of gold inside the game, the purchase value of life andother game props;3, into the game, the protagonist of the aircraft by touchoperation to challenge the barriers adventure;4, after the end of the game where the game picked up stones andmore games will be converted into gold, the protagonist can be usedto upgrade the aircraft;[Features]Simple, fun and leisure, test agile operational capability;
Children's puzzles 1.3.0 APK
Children's puzzle through the children'sfavorite cartoon image to stimulate interest, develop children'shands and brains ability. Suitable for children's intellectualdevelopment puzzle game, enhance educational children, suitable forpreschool children game.