/ May 22, 2016
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Mahjong of 2200 Chinese Vietnamese words forthose who prefer a fun way to remember Chinese Vietnamesewords.

This game is also useful to people who learn Chinese orJapanese.

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    Chinese Vietnamese Mahjong
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    May 22, 2016
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    Android Varies with device
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    Anh Do
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    500 - 1,000
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Binh poker 1.2 APK
Anh Do
This is a kind of card game to train thinkingability of finding the optimal result in limited resourcecondition.Game is for a group from 2 to 4 players.Each player has 13 cards and need arrange them into 3 branches.Then each pair of players compare their hand together to determinethe winner.This phone game is designed for the user to play against 3machine opponents (AI).PLAYING GUIDE - GAME RULEStrength of a card increases from 2 to A, not affected by itssuit.A tuple is a group of same rank cards.A group of 5 cards is called:- 4 of a kind: 1 4-tuple and a single card, example: 7-Heart,7-Diamond, 7-Club, 7-Spade, K-Spade- full house: 1 3-tuple and 1 pair (2-tuple), example: 7-Heart,7-Diamond, 7-Club, K-Club, K-Spade- flush: 5 same suit cards, example: 3-Heart, 7-Heart, 8-Heart,10-Heart, K-Heart- straight : 5 sequential cards (A2345 is a straight and it issecond to 10JQKA only). Example:3-Heart, 4-Club, 5-Heart, 6-Spade , 7-Diamond- 3 of a kind: 1 3-tuple and 2 single cards, example: 7-Heart,7-Diamond, 7-Club, 9-Club, K-Spade- 2 pairs: 2 pairs and 1 single card, example: 7-Heart, 7-Diamond,K-Club, K-Spade, 9-Club- 1 pair: 1 pair and 3 single cards, example: 7-Heart, 7-Diamond,9-Club, 10-Spade, Q-Club- high card: not in above typesA group of 3 cards is called:- 3 of a kind: 1 3-tuple- 1 pair: 1 pair and 1 single card- high card: not in above typesSpecial hand:13 cards are called a special hand when:Type A:- dragon flush: 13 cards are same suit- dragon straight: 13 cards are sequential of rank from 2 toA- one color: 13 cards are same color, red or blackType B:- straight flush: 5 cards are flush and also a straight- 6 pair: has 6 pairs or 5 pairs and 1 3-tuple- 4 of a kind: has a 4-tuple- 3 full houses: has 2 full houses and 1 3-tuple- 3 flushes: has 2 flushes and 3 remain cards are same suit- 3 straights: has 2 straights and 3 remain cards are sequential ofrank2 special hands are draw.A special hand wins all normal hands and the winner obtains 12points for type A and 6 points for type BNormal hand:If 13 cards are not a special hand, they should be arranged into 3branches with rule:- 3 cards in the top- 5 cards in the middle- 5 cards in the bottom- the higher branch is not stronger than the lower (like a tower,the higher the floor, the smaller the diameter)Rule to compare 2 branches:- strength of a branch decreases by its type: full house, flush,straight, 3 of a kind, 2 pairs, 1 pair, high card- if two branches are same type , the stronger is the one:+ full house: has the stronger 3-tuple+ flush: has stronger cards+ straight: has stronger cards+ 3 of a kind: has the stronger 3-tuple+ 2 pairs: has the stronger pair. If pairs are same then has thestronger single card+ 1 pair: has the stronger pair. If pairs are same then has thestronger single cards+ high card: has stronger cardsRule to compare 2 normal hands: compare branch by branch top,middle, bottom correspondingly in two hands. The stronger branchhas 1 point, the other has 0 point. The stronger hand is the onehas bigger total points. Player has the stronger hand wins andscores.Formula: score = winner hand total point - loser hand totalpointBad hand:If a normal hand is arranged against the rule, the player lose 9points, and the opponent wins that score.SUGGESTION STRATEGYI am not a master of this game, but I heard some best practicestrategies:- try to have 3-branch win (complete win) because it is equal to3 normal wins. Normally, full house/ straight/ A is good enough tohave a complete win.- full house/ any/ max (f1 - attack). So: full house/ pair/ A; fullhouse / pair/ pair often seen- flush or less/ max/ avg (f2 -defend). So: flush/ 2 pairs/ J oftenseen- weak hand: avoid a complete defeat: any/ max/ avg (vs f1); any/avg/ max (vs f2); so: any/ A/ A; pair/ pair/ pair often seenHappy discovering your best strategy for each game set!Good luck!
Chinese Vietnamese Mahjong APK
Anh Do
Mahjong of 2200 Chinese Vietnamese words forthose who prefer a fun way to remember Chinese Vietnamesewords.This game is also useful to people who learn Chinese orJapanese.
Ho Xuan Huong Poems 1.1 APK
Anh Do
70 Ho Xuan Huong Poems in puzzles, intheresome words are shuffled.Player need to re-arrange words to have correct order of thepoemto win a level.If a puzzle is difficult to solve, the Replay function mayhelp.Because Replay may yield an easier order.