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Eurystomus Orientalist, commonly known bythename tengkek Buto, dollar bird, tiong regular lights.

Eurystomus deployment began in Africa, Asia to Australia.
Habitat, are found on the banks of the river, the tall trees,bambootrees, brackish and fresh waters.
These birds are often seen first in the northern part ofJepara,usually perched on bamboo trees or mangroves, or on thebanks ofthe river Berau area of ​​Kalimantan.
The food in the wild usually eat small fish, shrimp andinsectswhile currently maintained generally eat crickets, voer, andrebon/ small fish.
Shrike Buto function normally in use for memaster anotherbird,magpie, kacer, cucak green, and so on.
Habits shrike Buto, said the bird is classified as migratorybirds(The Migration Ecology of Birds).

This application contains a collection of chirping shrike Butoandcare tips shrike Buto. This app works offline and withfeaturesthat are simple and can also be made in the ringtone onthephone.
Please enjoy this free app for the sake of the birds chirpinginyour house.

App Information Chirping Masteran Tengkek Buto

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    February 16, 2017
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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