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Looking for some great chocolate recipes? You've come to the rightplace. Chocolate Book has every recipe you will ever need tosatisfy your chocolate cravings.This is the right app for you ifyou wish to make the perfect homemade chocolate. But it doesn't endthere; we have a huge list of easy and simple recipes for adultsand kids alike! Out of main ingredients? You have nothing to worry.We can help you bake with what you have! This app lets you searchfor recipes by typing in single ingredients and in any flavor youchoose. , etc are some newer delicious chocolate recipes to impressyour beloved ones. * Almond and coffee mini-muffins with chocolatecream Features: - Shopping List (offline support) - Favourite List- Calorie List - Cooking Time Details - Search Option - Languagechange option - Share option - Nutrition list

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Recipe book: Recipes & Shopping List APK
Recipe Book
Cooking made easy with Hundreds of recipes available on a smartplatform built with Artificial Intelligence! RecipeBook app builtwith Artificial intelligence and having won the Editors ChoiceAward twice over opens up a whole New World of Cooking to beexplored by chefs, home makers and beginners alike! Check out ourwide range of recipes from gourmet delicacies to easy and simplequick bites, we have it all! From the numerous recipe categoriesavailable like Diwali recipes, Chicken recipes, Halloween recipes,Healthy recipes, Biryani recipes, Pastry recipes and much more,giving you an unlimited choice of mouthwatering recipe for you totry out. The app also encourages you to upload your own deliciousrecipes, which you can then add to a relevant contest page to winexciting prizes! Contests and hamper give a ways are held regularlyand are sponsored by top food brand. This gives our users a chanceto win quality gifts and hampers! Artificial intelligence poweredfeatures Are you looking for excitement in your cooking? Do yousometimes find yourself with limited ingredients and are out ofcooking ideas?! Well, RecipeBook App has the perfect solution foryou! With our unique Shake ‘N’ Make feature your just need toselect the ingredients available to you and then shake your phoneto get recipes related to your available ingredients! If you’relooking for recipes related to a specific ingredient just snap apic of the ingredient using the Snap ‘N’Cook Feature and then justshake your phone to receive related recipes! User Experience TheApp is simple to navigate and use and also has multiple tutorialvideos available on how to use the app in order to help the usersin every possible way! Apart from the amazing contests to join,users can also personalize their experience through customizablefeeds with a wide variety of recipe, video and article channels tochoose from. Users can even start their very own channel and havetons of followers! The app even allows you to create your ownshopping list to make sure that you get all the right ingredientsneed for that yummy recipe! Its super interactive allowing you toup vote your favorite recipes, share recipes through various socialmedia platforms, leave comments and even save your favorite recipesto try them out later on! The app can be used both Offline andonline! Recipes for every Occasion! Are you in need of really mouthwateringly interesting recipes for every occasion? If so, RecipeBook App is the perfect app for you! With our Fabulous range ofrecipes such as traditional recipes, X’mas recipes, Halwa recipes,Kerala recipes, Marathi recipes, North Indian recipes, recipes forlunch, dinner as well as breakfast and much more, you’ll never runout of marvelous recipes to try! The app is perfect for beginnersat cooking, home makers and even professional chefs. Try out Recipebook App to enjoy a whole new cooking experience!
Chinese Recipe Book - FREE 5.5.4 APK
Recipe Book
Chinese Recipe Book (a FREE Chinese cookbook app) will guide youthrough your cooking quests with such ease that your cooking skillswill be no less than that of a professional chef! Planning torecreate your favorite Chinese food Chicken Manchurian and ChineseTibetan mastiff stir fry at home? If so, you are in for a treat!Chinese food recipes has all the recipes that you ever need to makeyour meal special and finger-licking good! We have easy and simplerecipes of all the Chinese goodness you can think of, be it SpiceTofu and Bean Sprouts Kodri or a bowl of chilli chicken to go withyour spice mushroom rice. It's all here! Find your Chinese chickenrecipes, easy chinese recipes, chinese dumpling recipes, chinesefried reccipes and many more. Chinese recipes comes with dietrecipes too, like the 3 B Stir-fry, which is a healthy diabeticdish. And what's more?! We have scrumptious recipes of Indian andChinese chicken with vegetables or gravy and Chinese zodiac! Thedelicious Chinese moon cake and the Chinese recipes with pork takeyou to a new world of taste. The chinese recipe app is updated withmore attractive recipes like chinese recipes chicken, chineserecipes vegetarian, chinese recipes with shrimp, chinese recipeswith noodles, etc. People in every corner of the world has greatfondness towards chinese recipes. You can schedule the recipesbased on Chinese calendar. We can avoid dependency of unhealthyChinese restaurants. Our chinese recipe app brings everything atyour finger tips. Explore the world of Chinese cuisine with ourawesome Chinese recipes! Enjoy Chinese moon festival recipes,exclusive in chinese recipes
Indian Recipe Book - FREE APK
Recipe Book
Indian Recipe Book will guide you through your cooking quests withsuch ease that your cooking skills will be no less than that of aprofessional chef! In this application, we have all indian recipesthat you will ever need for cooking indian food; be it recipes fora wholesome easy dinner recipes or indian vegetarian recipes or ahealthy meal recipes or indian desserts. Use this indian foodrecipies for a generous festive feast like Diwali Recipes,Christmas recipes, New Year, Halloween food recipes, Thanksgiving,Dinner, birthday parties, etc. The Indian recipes app has it all!Now you can find the coolest food recipes ever we had, and you canfind the indian recipes in Hindi, recipes in Tamil, recipes inUrdu, recipes in Marathi, Indian recipe in Arabic etc. Now evenyour kids can explore and create their own tastes with the safe andsimple cooking directions provided in this app. We have a hugecollection of indian recipes just for kids! We have integrated withrecipes for paneer, recipes for salmon, low carb recipes, ricevarieties, snacks, lunch recipes, easy dinner recipes, indianvegetarian food, Indian recipes with bread,easy dinner recipes,South Indian recipes,South Indian recipes, Indian recipes, ,chicken curry recipes, foods with out fire etc. Vegetarian Indianrecipes are really healthier and tasty. The veg loving friends willsurely like these food recipes. Special and palatable Christmas andNew Year recipes such as christmas desserts, christmas cookie,christmas candy, Christmas dinner, christmas cake, new year dinner,new year's appetizers, new year dessert. and special Halloween foodrecipes and more. New year cake recipe, and many more Christmas andNew Year recipes are now available with our Indian recipe app. Nowyou can find Indian recipes by ingredients. You can make simple andspicy evening snacks like samosa for your dear ones. Celebrate thisChristmas and New Year with our special recipes. Check it out andenjoy the new tastes with your dear ones. Indian Recipe holds thetraditional spicy flavors of Indian dishes. Once you have it,surely you’ll taste it again. Try it out soon.
Breakfast Recipe Book - FREE 5.5.4 APK
Recipe Book
Breakfast Recipe Book (a FREE breakfast cookbook app) will guideyou through your cooking quests with such ease that your cookingskills will be no less than that of a professional chef! In thisapplication, we have all the breakfast recipes for Indian , healthybreakfast recipes, Mexican recipe, Korean recipe, healthy recipe,German recipe, Italian recipe, Chinese recipe, Seafood recipe,Chicken recipe, winter recipe, fast food recipe, Arabian recipe,etc. that you will ever need; be it recipes for a wholesomebreakfast or a healthy meal or Turkey recipes for a generousfestive feast like Christmas, Halloween recipes, Easter Recipes,Easter deserts,Tiffin Recipes, etc. Breakfast Recipe Book has itall!. You can now download breakfast recipes in Hindi, breakfastrecipes in Arabic, breakfast recipes in Spanish and many morelanguages. Features: - Material Design - Shopping List (offlinesupport) - Favourite List - Calorie List - Cooking Time Details -Search Option - Language change option - Share option - Nutritionlist Now even your kids can explore and create their own tasteswith the safe and simple cooking directions provided in this app.We have a huge collection of recipes just for children! Out of mainingredients? You have nothing to worry. We can help you cook withwhat you have! This app lets you search for recipes by typing insingle ingredients. Cake recipes for Halloween food, Christmas andNew Year, chocolate chip cookie recipes, you name it, we have it!
Cake Recipe Book - FREE 5.5.4 APK
Recipe Book
Cake Recipe Book (a FREE cake cook book app) will guide you throughyour cooking quests with such ease that your cooking skills will beno less than that of a professional chef! For all those aspiringbakers out there, here's the ultimate app that will make your ridesmooth and simple! Cake Recipes has a huge list of easy-to-makedelicious cake recipes (easy cake recipes) that you can bake athome! Be it sponge cakes, chocolate pound cakes, cake glazes, redvelvet cakes, & cheese cakes. You name it, we have it. Specialand palatable Christmas and New Year cake recipes such as christmascake recipes mary berry, christmas cake recipes without alcohol,christmas fruit cake recipe, christmas cake recipes with brandy,indian cake recipes, sri lankan cake recipes, chinese cake recipe,jewish new year cake recipe, lunar new year cake recipe, chineserice cake recipe, chinese moon cake and many more Christmas and NewYear cake recipes are now available with our cake recipe book app.Features: - Shopping List (offline support) - Favourite List -Calorie List - Cooking Time Details - Search Option - Languagechange option - Share option - Nutrition list Out of mainingredients? You have nothing to worry. We can help you bake withwhat you have! This app lets you search for recipes by typing insingle ingredients and in any flavor you choose. Now you have noreason to panic if you have vegetarian or diet conscious friendsover. We have some delicious recipes for egg-less cakes to tingletheir sweet tooth! A birthday around the corner? Cake Recipes ishere to the rescue to help you make mouth-watering birthday cakesto surprise your loved ones. Cake Recipes also help to makedelicious wedding cakes to add more colors to your love. It alsoguide you to Trey Songs cake, Zucchini cake, cake pops, cake boss,etc. Oh and it's totally alright if you haven't baked before. Wehave cake recipes for beginners too! Choose from a wide variety offlavors and types. Make your favorite chocolate and vanilla cakeswith our easy recipes and master your baking skills with our CakeRecipes. The cake recipe app is updated with newer Christmas cakepops, Xmas special plum cakes, cake recipes with fruit, cakerecipes from scratch chocolate, etc. Healthy cake recipes likesugar free cake recipes are highly beneficial for diabetic people.Our Cake Recipe app also contains cake recipes with vegetable andfruit ingredients like lemon cakes, banana cakes, apple cakes,carrot cakes, coconut cakes, pumpkin cakes, etc. More over theluscious cake recipes like chocolate cake recipes, lemon cakerecipes, cupcake recipes, cakes freezer recipes, and many more arealso now available with us. Cake Recipe will undoubtedly be a trueguide to bake out your favorite cakes this Christmas. Try it outand experience the flavor of ever best cake recipes! Follow us on:* Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/recipebk * Google+ -https://www.google.com/+recipebkapps * Twitter -https://twitter.com/recipebk * Tumblr -http://recipebookapp.tumblr.com * Instagram -http://instagram.com/recipebkapps * Pinterest -http://www.pinterest.com/recipebk
Arabian Recipes FREE 5.5.4 APK
Recipe Book
Looking for authentic Arabian food recipes that are easy and quickto make? Arabian Recipes is here with all the exotic flavors ofArabia. Arabian recipes is the app you will need if you wish tocook some authentic and traditional Arabian food. Here you got Acollection of Arabian recipes including diner favorites,traditional Arabian food recipes, Saudi Arabian food recipes,ancient arabian recipes, gulf arabian recipes and more. Now you canget your favorite Arabian recipes in Urdu also. Arabian recipeswill guide you through your cooking quests with such ease that yourcooking skills will be no less than that of a professional chef! Inthis application, we have all the recipes including arabian chickenrecipes, arabian tea recipe, arabian rice recipes, arabian saladrecipes, arabian bread recipes, arabian roast lamb recipe and manymore. Find the best of Ramadan dishes and vegetarian recipes inArabian Recipe Book. Make your Falafel and Fattoush at home theperfect way! We also have a collection of traditional Arabian foodrecipes that explores ancient Arabian culture. Now you can findrecipes in Hindi, recipes in Tamil, recipes in Urdu, recipes inMarathi, etc. Find the best Arabian Recipe Book. Create Arabianwonders in your kitchen with Arabian Recipes.
Chicken Recipes- Free 5.5.4 APK
Recipe Book
Chicken Recipes (a FREE chicken cookbook app) will guide youthrough your cooking quests with such ease that your cooking skillswill be no less than that of a professional chef! In thisapplication, we have all the easy chicken recipes including tastyIndian recipes,Chicken recipe, winter recipe, that you will everneed; be it recipes for a wholesome breakfast or a tasty healthymeal or Turkey recipes for a generous festive feast like Christmas,New Year, Thanksgiving, Birthday parties, etc. Chicken Recipe Bookhas it all!. Now you can download chicken recipes in Hindi, Chickenrecipe in Arabic and lot more. Treat your taste buds with ascrumptious chicken meal with the help from Chicken recipes. FromChinese and Persian style chicken to chicken breast recipes, thisapp has everything you will ever need to satisfy your chickencravings! Ever tasted the heavenly flavors of chicken dishes likechicken salad recipe, chicken enchilada recipe and a chicken souprecipe? If not, you have the chance to cook them all by yourselfwith our easy recipes for the same! And oh! Lets not forget aboutthe grilled delicacies! Chicken recipes also have quick recipes ofsome great barbecue chicken melts or BBC! You can enjoy the variedtastes of chicken like fried chicken oreos, chicken fat sous,Kentucky fried chicken, baked chicken, chicken soup, etc. Features:- Shopping List (offline support) - Favourite List - Calorie List -Cooking Time Details - Search Option - Language change option -Share option - Nutrition list The newer version of our ChickenRecipe app contain more palatable recipes for chicken such asChicken Parmesan, chicken soup, chicken dumplings, chickendrumsticks, and many more. You can surely make this Christmasfabulous with our easy chicken recipes.
Italian Recipes 5.5.4 APK
Recipe Book
Looking for delicious Italian recipes that are easy to make? Searchno more! Italian Recipes is the app you will need if you wish tocook some authentic and traditional Italian food! This wonderfulapp comes with simple recipes for Italian appetizers, starters,soups and stews even! Ever had Italian meatballs and spaghetti? Wehave a secret recipe for the same that will tingle your taste budsand make you fall in love with Italian food! Italian Recipes has ahuge collection of Italian recipes for chicken, pasta and desserttoo! And it doesn't end with that. Make your own Italian margaritasand Italian cocktails with our simple recipes. Out of mainingredients? You have nothing to worry .We can help you cook withwhat you have! This app lets you search for recipes by typing insingle ingredients! Italian Appetizers, easter italianrecipes,italian easter bread, italian easter pie Once had, no onewill forget the tastes of italian sausage recipes, italian dressingrecipes, italian beef recipe, italian meatball recipe, and italianrecipes pasta. Italian recipe has it all! Celebrate thisthanksgiving day with our special thanksgiving turkey recipes.Check it out and enjoy the new tastes with your dear ones. Find allthe Italian recipes that you will ever need! The easy italianrecipes from recipe book is well suitable for beginners. Go pro theeasy way with Italian Recipes. Salute!