1.0 / February 8, 2015
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The Choo Choo Train Game is a fun gameforyoung kids set against the timer for 3 rounds.

They'll hear real steam train sounds as they play this funpuzzlethat FREE and challenging.

OBJECT: Touch pairs of Steam Engines (match them together)andthe pairs will clear the board. Try and clear the entireboardbefore the time runs out. Play it over and over. Hours of funforfree.

This train game is a game of concentration and memoryandrecognition. Various steam engines in different colors withkeepyour child engaged and work their recognition skills.

Choo Choo Train Game is great for toddlers and preschoolers.Lotsof fun with Choo Choo Train Game!

Get a little help with this free game for kids by pressingtheFIND button.

Share Choo Choo Train Game with friends and see who gets thebesttime!

This game is strong for problem solving and cognitive skillsandcreativity.

If you like this game, please come back and click starstoreview! Thanks!

Go Green Gorilla!

App Information Choo Choo Train Game

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    Choo Choo Train Game
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    February 8, 2015
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    Green Gorilla
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
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