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Chow Chow Top Guide is an apps for anydoglovers. Here you will be exposed on how to train it and manymore.It is highly recommended to Chow lovers.

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Chow Chow, or Chow, is a breed of dog that was first developedinMongolia about 4,000 years ago and was later introduced intoChina,where it is referred to as Songshi Quan which literallymeans"puffy-lion dog."


The Chow is a sturdily built dog that is square in profilewithbroad skull and small, triangular, erect ears that are roundedatthe tip. The breed has a very dense double coat that iseithersmooth or rough. The fur is particularly thick around theneck,giving the distinctive ruff or mane appearance. The coat maybe oneof five colors including red, black, blue, cinnamon/fawn,andcream.

Their eyes should be deep set and almond in shape. Chowsaredistinguished by their unusual blue-black/purple tongue andverystraight hind legs, resulting in a rather stilted gait. Thebluishcolor extends to the Chow's lips, which is the only dog breedwiththis distinctive bluish appearance in its lips and oralcavity(other dogs have black or a piebald pattern skin in theirmouths).One other distinctive feature is their curly tail. It hasthickhair and lays curled on its back. Their nose should beblack(except the blue which can have a solid blue or slatecolorednose). Any other tone is disqualification for showing in theUnitedStates under AKC breed standard. However, FCI countries doallowfor a self-colored nose in the cream.

The blue-black/purple tongue gene appears to be dominantasalmost all mixed breed dogs who come from a Chow retain thetonguecolor .This is not to say, however, that every mixed breeddog withspots of purple on the tongue is descended from chows aspurplespots on the tongue can be found on a multitude of purebreeddogs.

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Drug Addiction is for drug addicts, family ofaddicts or friends or anyone who needs and want help to break theaddiction. This apps is created to help the world and also arm youwith knowledge about drugs and how you can deal with it.Several emotional or psychological reasons may drive you intotaking drugs. At times it is mere curiosity that propels you todevelop drug addiction over time. Drug addiction refers to thecompulsive use of psychoactive drugs to such a level at which theuser of drugs has no other way out and continues to use it.Though drugs addiction like opium have been common sincehistorical times it is in recent times that the problem has beenexacerbated significantly. This is mainly due to the cultivation ofplants yielding drugs, advancements in biochemistry andimprovements in means of getting access to drugs. The introductionof purified forms of active biological agents and the synthesis ofnew substances like methamphetamine has made drugs more widespread.Clinically, the word ‘addiction’ has been replaced by the word‘dependency’ in relation to drugs.It may be noted that not all persons are equally prone toaddiction. Some persons are psychologically or genetically morepredisposed to drug addiction. Again, some kinds of drugs get thebetter of some particular types of persons more easily. Similarly,the manner of treatment and method of recovery from addiction varywidely according to the types of drugs, amount of drugs, durationof drug addiction, medical complications and social necessities ofthe patient.There is the 12-step program among the many recovery methods.Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are prominent examplesincluded herein. These are popularly used for a variety ofaddictions concerning the individual addicted and the family of theindividual. Then there are the substance-abuse rehabilitationcenters that frequently offer a residential treatment program forthe seriously addicted and strive to isolate the drug addicts fromother drug users and drug dealers.The cognitive-behavior therapy, rational-emotive theory or othertypes of psychological behavior modification methods are employedin the treatment of drug addiction. Replacement drugs likemethadone are also used. This methadone is in itself a drug but inorder to reduce dependency on stronger drugs like opium it proveshelpful. Acupuncture is also a treatment of choice that helpsalleviate drug addiction symptoms.Carrying out the suitable treatment from the various treatmentsavailable can bring about recovery from drug addiction. The objectis to somehow bring about abstinence from the various addictivesubstances called drugs.Download Drug Addiction apps now!
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Break Bad Habits is a special app withdetailed information to help you get rid of bad habits for good.This app is created with the intention to help user become a betterperson for FREE. To remove your bad habits to make a better worldworth more than money. So we have gather several information andresearch them to create the app that should work for most people!Nothing is 100% guarantee but we have tried our best and it SHOULDPERFECTLY WORK FINE!Let's touch a bit on how to Break Bad HabitsThere are hundreds of bad habits and hundreds of ways to breakthem. if you need help, there are books, support groups, andcounselors to help you. Mostly you can take a common sense approachand get the job done.If bragging is one of your bad habits, you could either beinsecure or overly proud. It usually makes the other person feelbad, or they resent you. You can get a handle on this bad habit ifyou stop for a few seconds before you talk. Give yourself time tothink about others and how this will sound to them. Think aboutwhether you are telling it to them, or to yourself.Another one of these bad habits is name dropping. Again, you maybe insecure. Most people will not take it in a friendly way. Try totell your same stories but without the names to stop yourself fromdoing this. You might say, "My friend Brad" instead of "my friendBrad Pitt," or something like that.Cursing is one of those bad habits that can start at an earlyage. You may curse so much that you are unaware that you are doingit much of the time. The first thing to do is to pay attention.Whenever you say inappropriate words, put money in a jar. Even ifit is your coffee money, put it in there. Also, you might want tothink about anger management classes if your cursing is done in ahostile way.If you have the bad habit of chewing with your mouth open, theremay be a physical cause. It is disgusting at the dinner table andmight make you look bad at a dinner meeting. Perhaps all you needis a nasal decongestant. Maybe if you can breathe through yournose, you will close your mouth.You may be a whiner. This is one of those bad habits that annoypeople from the time you are a child until you are old or until youquit it. It comes out in the sound of your voice and the expressionon your face. However, it is rooted in a negative, doom and gloomattitude. Look on the positive side of things, and you will findyourself whining less.Gossips are notorious for starting trouble in any group to whichthey belong. These people often find their lives so boring thatthey cannot find anything else to talk about. Their only topic ofdiscussion is other people's business. These people can break thisbad habit by finding new interests to think and therefore talkabout.Nail biting is a bad habit for people of all ages. It damagesthe fingertips and nails. It is not a very sanitary practice.People do it out of nervousness, and most of them would like toquit. In past times, people would wear gloves, but people do notwear them much anymore. You can buy nail polish that tastes bad,though. That seems to help at times.You can find a way to overcome any addiction or bad habit. Someof them are trivial in the scheme of things. Others are deadlyserious. If you find the right help for your situation, you canstop your bad habits - with our apps, it is possible!Download Break Bad Habits app now!
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Chocolate Making Guide is an app that willguide you COMPLETELY to the process of making your own chocolateEveryone loves chocolates. Who can say no to them? They'redifferent from other candies because they're brown, black or white!They're sweet, they're bitter or they're both! They're smooth ortextured, and they can even can say your name or give someone thatspecial message! You can even personalize them, so why not trychocolate making at home!Homemade chocolates are excellent for parties and they can helpmake your ordinary days quite special. It's easy and really fun todo! With just a few ingredients and five simple and exciting steps,you can make homemade chocolates to be proud of.We need bulk chocolate that you can buy in any grocery store.You don't need a particular brand. Just choose any chocolate barsyou or your kids love. We also need small cake cases, some candyand nuts, fruits, chocolate wafers or anything you want to mix oradd to your chocolates, inside or out.So now, let's get on our aprons and begin this enjoyableexperience.Prepare the ingredients. You can buy them or you can use yourkids' chocolate bars left in the fridge. Grab some sprinkles fromyour kitchen and have everything set on a clean table.Melt the chocolate. Hmm. Smells good. Sounds tempting. Butplease, do not be tempted! Resist putting your fingers in themixture and licking them off! Remember, we are making homemadechocolates. Once melted, you can add some candy and nuts, choppedstrawberries or blueberries or anything else to add more texture,flavor and individuality.Pour the chocolate into a candy mold or small cases like an icecase or a small Tupperware. You can shape the chocolate by usingchocolate molds, just remember to be quick to pour the chocolatemixture into the mold before it starts to set. You can now addsprinkles on top of the chocolate, like marshmallows, small starsor anything your imagination can come up with.Place the chocolate in the fridge. Cool it there for about anhour.Take the chocolates out of the cases or molds, and wrap them inchocolate wrappers or you can put them altogether in a bowl. Wow!Now it's chocolate-eating time!Chocolates made at home make amazing treats for your friends andkids. It's a special feeling to eat anything that has beenespecially made for you, and chocolates are perhaps one of the mostdelicious of all tastes!There are various reasons why people make chocolate at home andmaking your loved ones happy is just one of them. Another reason ismaybe you want to start a chocolate-making business at home. Makingchocolates is fun but it can also be very profitable.But, why do some mothers, who are not into the business aspect,prefer making chocolates rather than buying them? Homemadechocolates taste far better than the commercial ones. This may bebecause with the commercial brands, something is lost in themechanization of the process, or maybe it's the ingredients whichare added to aid production, or just the lack of love, which youare able to put into your own homemade chocolates.People whose kids or parents have special conditions or dietarychallenges can also be catered for. Eating commercially-madechocolates are not recommended for them. It might cause some healthproblems, so to still enjoy eating chocolates without having toworry about possible health issues, making homemade chocolates isthe sensible option.Chocolate making at home is fun and exciting! It's a pastime orbusiness you can do on your own or with help from friends andfamily. You can have a good time with your kids while showeringyour chocolates with different toppings. You can give thesechocolates as gifts for every occasion that you can think of, and agift of homemade chocolates given with love is one that will behard to beat.[www.articlesbase.com/cooking-tips-articles/chocolate-making-at-home-for-fun-and-satisfaction-5429120.html]Download Chocolate Making Guide now!
Public Speaking Superstar 0.0.1 APK
Public Speaking Superstar App will help youget rid of fear, stage fright, stutter and many more problems thatnew or seasoned public speakers face.Fear of public speaking is a very common form of social anxiety.Fear of public speaking has often been called the 'GreatestAnxiety,' due to the large number of people who actually experiencethis fear. Fear of public speaking doesn't just mean that you havea fear of making a speech in public. It can mean that youexperience stage fright, or even that you have a fear of talking toother people in a social situation.Fear of public speaking often holds people back from many thingsthat they want in their lives. It may be job promotions, or fundraisers for causes that they believe in, but the fear of publicspeaking will, at some point, stand between you and what you wantor need.Symptoms of fear of public speaking include shortness of breath,inability to speak, a shaky voice, shallow breathing, rapidheartbeat, sweating, nausea, dizziness, or lightheadedness. Thereare many things that can cause fear of public speaking. Socialanxiety can cause a fear of public speaking. It may also be causedby an earlier traumatic public speaking experience. There is no oneanswer as to why some people experience fear of public speaking,but for those who experience it, the fear is quite real - but itcan be dealt with.There are many tricks a person can use to get past their fear ofpublic speaking. The first trick is to know exactly what you aregoing to say, but not to worry about memorizing every word of yourspeech. Use note cards, and write down your key points - insentences that make sense. This way, if you freeze up and forgetwhat you were going to say, you can refer to your notes, and pickup where you left off. Use big print on the note cards, and ifpossible, keep up with where you are on the cards during yourspeech, so it will be easy to find your place if you need to.Once you've prepared and practiced your speech, stop. Put itaway, and don't think about it again, until you are on the stage,ready to deliver the speech. Often people over practice, and thisjust causes the fear to grow and grow. Remember it is okay to messup when you are giving a speech. Simply laugh at yourself, theaudience will laugh with you - not at you - and you can continueyour speech. In fact, most people are much more relaxed afterthey've made that first mistake in the speech and laugh about it.They know, at that point, that they are going to be okay.Speeches do not need to last for hours. You only need three orfour main points. Say what needs to be said, accept the applauseand say 'Thank You,' and go off and enjoy the rest of your day orevening. Another trick that works well is to have someone you knowwell to look at throughout the speech, and concentrate solely onthat person. Give you speech to them, and them alone - even if theroom is packed. This means that you bring your spouse along withyou, or bring a friend. This must be someone that you are alwayscomfortable talking to.Many people feel that they must include jokes in their speeches.Unfortunately, many of these people fear that they are not funny,or that their joke will flop, and this causes more anxiety andfear. If you are worried about this, omit the jokes from yourspeech and be serious. The people are there to hear theinformation, not the jokes.If all else fails - picture everyone in their underwear. This isan old standby that really does work. The point of doing thisexercise is that it makes everyone in the room seem lessintimidating. You don't even have to picture them in theirunderwear. Picture them with hair curlers in their hair, or picturethe men with facial cream on their faces.Download Public Speaking Superstar now!