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Christ Harvesters Global Outreach Ministriesis transforming and changing lives through the Word of God. We areLocated at: 877 Franklin Road Suite 200, Marietta Georgia30067.

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CCF App 3.2.1 APK
Welcome to the official CCF applicationfortheAndroid.Download this free app to get Sunday messagevideos,devotionals,and study guides directly on your mobile. Youwillalso be able toconnect to Groups and search what are theongoingEvents from yoursmartphone. This app also has evangelismanddiscipleship materials(some content may require login) to helpyoulead others toChrist.For more information about Christ's CommissionFellowship,pleasevisit: http://www.ccf.org.ph/The CCF app was developed with The Church App Platform.App: © 2017 The Church App, Content: © 2017Christ'sCommissionFellowship, Inc.
Better Life App 3.4.4 APK
يمكنك من خلال تطبيق الحياة الأفضل الاستماع علىمدار ٢٤ ساعة إلى ترانيم، وتأملات، وبرامج روحية وكتابية وأسريةوتشجيعية ومجتمعية. يهتم التطبيق بنمو حياتك الروحية وبتشجيعك وتحفيزكعلى تنمية علاقة شخصية مع الرب يسوع و تجديد أفكارك وتشكيل مبادئكبحسب فكر الكتاب المقدس. يخدم التطبيق مختلف الأعمار (أطفال- شباب-كبار) ومختلف قطاعات المجتمع (سيدات- رجال- أسر)، كما يقدِّم برامجخاصة لمختلف الجنسيات الناطقة باللغة العربية. يمكنك المشاركة بآرائكوبطلبات خاصة للصلاة أو الاستماع إلى ترانيم محددة من خلال إرسالرسائل نصية عبر الهاتف المحمول أو عبر قنوات الفيسبوك وواتساب.Through The Better Life Application, you can listen 24/7 to songs,devotionals and programs (Spiritual, Bible study, family-related,Motivational, Social). The application encourages and motivates youto develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, renew yourmind and adopt biblically-based life principles. The applicationserves different ages (Kids, youth, adults), various sectors of thecommunity (Women, men, families) and it addresses different Arabicspeaking nations. You can contribute with your ideas, prayersrequests and song requests using sms, Facebook and WhatsApp.Features- 24/7 Broadcast programs- Praise and worship songs- Daily devotions- ِA wide scope of programs- Interaction with the audience
CCFnow 3.4.2 APK
Welcome to the new CCF app. Keep connectedwherever you go with this app featuring many interactive features,including a Bible, reading plans, sermons, events and more. Afteryou've downloaded and enjoyed the content, share it with yourfriends and family via Twitter, Facebook, or email. This is justthe beginning!The Crossroads Christ Fellowship App was created with theSubsplash App Platform.App: © 2017 Subsplash, Content: © 2017 Crossroads ChristFellowship
The Word Network 3.4.0 APK
Welcome to the official The Word Networkapplication for the Android!You can watch The Word Network 24/7 with our live streamingfeature as well as rewind so that you don't miss your favoriteshows!We've included our exclusive Word Network Blog to catch up onall the latest Music, Ministry and Gospel news right within ourapp!For more information about The Word Network, please visit:http://www.thewordnetwork.orgThe Word Network app was developed with The Church Appplatform.App: © 2016 The Church App, Content: © 2016 The Word Network.All rights reserved.
Sovereign Grace Baptist Church 3.4.2 APK
Welcome to the official Sovereign GraceBaptist Church app for Android.We are a Landmark, Sovereign Grace Baptist Church located inNorthport, AL. We are Missionary Baptists. We preach and teachsalvation to be through Jesus Christ and Him alone. We believe andteach the doctrines of grace. These doctrines were preached andtaught by great Baptist giants of the past such as A. W. Pink,Milburn Cockrell, Elvis Gregory, John Gill, Charles Spurgeon and ahost of others.We want this to be "Your App to the Gospel"The Sovereign Grace Baptist Church app was created with The ChurchApp by Subsplash.
VCMI 3.4.2 APK
Welcome to the official VCMI app applicationfor the Androids phones.Check out all kinds of content that interests you. After you'vedownloaded and enjoyed the content, you can share it with yourfriends via Twitter, Facebook, or email.For more information about Victory Christian MinistriesInternational ( VCMI), please visit.: http://www.vcmi.org/The VCMI app was developed with the Subsplash App Platform.App: © 2017 The Church App, Content: © 2017 Victory ChristianMinistries International. All rights reserved.
LifePoint Church 3.2.1 APK
Now you can be connected to LifePoint Churchand Christ-centered content at any time with your mobile device.Tap on sermons, inspirational stories, timely information and othercontent to help you take steps to a Christ-centered life.LifePoint Church is a dynamic, growing church that has a heartfor our local communities and the nations. We are on mission topoint people to a Christ-centered life. On that mission, we aresending the church to be the church.Check out all kinds of content that interests you. After you’vedownloaded and enjoyed the content, you can share it with yourfriends via Twitter, Facebook, or email.For more information about LifePoint Church, please visitlifepointchurch.org.The LifePoint Church app was developed with the Subsplash AppPlatform.App: © 2016 The Church App, Content: © 2016 LifePoint Church.All rights reserved.
口袋聖經 3.4.2 APK
口袋聖經協會成立於1893年,致力於鼓勵基督徒閱讀、攜帶、分享神的話語。我們的事工推動聖經的閱讀和個人福音的分享。使用我們的應用軟體,您可以分享您傳福音的故事和閱讀其他人生命改變的見證。我們的事工每年發送2千萬的口袋版約翰福音書,供我們的會員一對一的分享福音。我們的提供各種封面的選擇,不同的翻譯和語言,其中包括英文,西班牙文,中文,義大利文和日文。加入會員免費,我們的網站提供很多免費的資源口袋聖經協會們的使命始於1893年一位小女孩的異像,成千上萬的會員同心致力於〝閱讀、攜帶、分享®〞神的話語。協會成立以來,已在全球用一對一的方式,分享了超過一億一千萬本的約翰福音書。口袋聖經協會的手機應用軟體鼓勵您閱讀、攜帶、分享神的話語。在我們的軟體您可以:- 閱讀|| 閱讀聖經和每日靈修- 攜帶|| 本應用軟體包括聖經和每日的靈修. 您可以通過索取鏈接來索取福音書, 將福音書放到口袋中,並將口袋奉獻給神.每天禱告將一本福音書送出去。- 分享|| 告訴其他人這個應用軟體和如何索取福音書。The 口袋聖經協會 App was created with The Church App by Subsplash.App: © 2017 The Church App, Content: © 2017 口袋聖經協會. All rightsreserved.