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Mary Baker Eddy (July 16, 1821 – December3,1910) was the founder of the Christian Science religion.

She and others credit her with the ability tohealinstantaneously.

Married three times, she took the name Mary Baker Glover fromherfirst marriage. She was also known from her third marriage asMaryBaker Glover Eddy or Mary Baker G. Eddy.

In 1903 Mark Twain published a book illustrating Eddy andherchurch entitled Christian Science. Twain wrote

“ In several ways she is the most interesting woman thateverlived and the most extraordinary. The same may be said ofhercareer, and the same may be said of its chief result.

It is thirteen hundred years since the world has producedanyonewho could reach up to Mrs. Eddy's waistbelt.”

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