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Merry Christmas 2016 with these beautiful Christmas cards or Xmasfor children. The smallest of the home can share with friends,colleagues and family. Perfect to send on Christmas Eve, Christmas,New Year Eve and New Year 2017. You can choose from more than 80,it’s sure that your child, the prince or princess of the home arethe most suitable to send to their sponsors and uncles orgrandparents during the Christmas holidays.The most beautiful andfunny Christmas pictures with the typical and beloved Christmascharacters: Santa Claus or his reindeer or the Christmas tree andthe star, or the snowman or gingerbread and bells or reindeerbearing gifts on Christmas Eve.Install free and share it with anyprogram you have on your mobile. If you liked the application, voteus because it helps us to improve the Apps

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    Christmas cards 2016 to send
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    November 3, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Ancorma Apps
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    Calle/ Benifaio 24 Bajo 46440 Almussafes Valencia España
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¡Feliz Navidad 2015!¿Has sido un buen chico o una buena chica? Site has portado bien con tus hermanos, papás y amigos del cole o dela guardería, ya puedes escribir la carta a SSMM los reyes magos deoriente, que vendrán guiados por la estrella fugaz a traer regalosla noche del 5 al 6 de enero de 2016 a los niños buenos yenviársela de forma rápida. Escribe lo que necesitas para este año2016 y di ¡me lo pido! Es muy sencillo, puedes: • Escoger entrediferentes rotuladores y escribir con tu letra a carta• Puedesescoger un texto predeterminado y escribir con el teclado del móvilo de la Tablet• Puedes añadir divertidos stickers si aún no sabesescribir o para decorar tu carta• Puedes hacer una fotografía oescoger una imagen de la galería e insertarla en la carta. Si hasvisto el juguete que te gusta es una buena forma de enseñarlo a losreyes.También puedes compartir la carta con tus tíos o padrinos ocon los abuelos y demás familia amigos. Si te ha gustado la appvótanos y ayúdanos a mejorar. ¡Gracias! Ah! Y Felices fiestas ovacaciones de navidad y mucha salud y paz para el mundo y prósperoaño nuevo. Recuerda: debes de ser buen chico o chica ¡los reyesmagos lo ven todo! Así es que a portarse bien para que no tetraigan carbón.NOTA LEGAL: Todas las imágenes que hay en estaaplicación se han realizado expresamente para ella y tienen todossus derechos reservados. Para algunas imágenes, hemos utilizadoimágenes de dominio público de internet, ya que las mismas no seencuentran identificadas mediante símbolos ni otra información queindique la existencia de derecho de explotación reservado sobre lasmismas. Otras han sido diseñadas por esta empresa.Cualquier personafísica o jurídica que fuera propietario de alguna de las imágenescontenidas en la misma, puede acreditarlo por medio de correoelectrónico dirigido al desarrollador, comprometiéndonos a lainmediata retirada de dicha imagen una vez comprobada, en su caso,la titularidad de la imagen2015 Merry Christmas! Have you been agood boy or a good girl? If you've done well with your brothers,parents and friends from school or daycare, and can write theletter to Their Majesties the Kings of the East, who come led bythe shooting star to bring gifts the night of 5 to 6 January 2016to good children and send quickly. Write what you need for the year2016 and say I'm asking! It's simple, you can:• Choose betweendifferent markers and write your letter to letter• You can choose adefault text and typing on the keyboard of the mobile or tablet•You can add funny stickers if you can not even write or to decorateyour letter• You can take a picture or choose an image from thegallery and insert it into the letter. If you've seen the toy thatyou like is a great way to teach kings.You can also share theletter with your uncles or godparents or grandparents and otherfamily friends. If you liked the app Vote for us and help usimprove. Thank you! Ah! And Happy Holidays or Christmas holidaysand good health and peace for the world and prosperous new year.Remember, you must be a good boy or girl the Magi see everything!So to behave well so you do not bring coal.LEGAL NOTE: All imagesin this application are expressly made for her and all rights arereserved. For some images, we used public domain images Internet,since they are not identified by symbols or other informationindicating the existence of reserved exploitation rights on them.Others have been designed by the company.Any natural or legalperson who was owner of some of the images contained therein, mayaccredit via email to the developer, committing to the immediatewithdrawal of the image after verification, where appropriate, theownership of the image
Princess Games 15.12.09 APK
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If you love princesses and like the nameSofia, you will enjoy this fun application, you have twooptions:Scratch princesses is a fun app that consists in discovering thehidden picture by quickly sliding the finger on it. Your childrenwill have a great time discovering and guessing these lovelydrawings of classic fairy tales.Memory princesses cards are laid out face down; you have to turnone card over, memorize the picture and look for the same pictureturning a second card over. If the two cards match, they'll remainflipped over and you'll be able to keep searching other pairs. Ifthe cards don't match, they are turned back over and you'll haveanother turn. You have to be very fast because there's a timeswitch! This app has seven difficulty levels available: 2x2, 3x2,4x3, 4x4, 5x4, 6x5 and 6x6.For children who attend nursery and primary school. Perfect forchildren ages 0 to 6. Slide your finger over the image and discoverthe picture. You can choose between different markers’ thicknesses.A sparkle of stars shines when you discover the picture!Train yourchildren’s brains, imagination and creativity. Perfect for thedevelopment of different fine motor skills and abilities.Share theapp via Facebook, Twitter, text message or any other program thatyou have on your phoneWe’ve drawn these images especially for this app and hold allrights reserved. If you are going to use them with commercialpurposes, ask us before, please.
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