1.06 / February 8, 2019
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Great Christmas indie-game for pleasant winter evenings! Withpumping, cool control and even the ability to catch a maskedslendermen and other cool things! Santa Claus lost all Christmasgifts that ended up in the sea because of a bag full of holes! Youin the role of a Christmas elf on a helicopter will catch giftsfrom the water! But it's not at all as easy as it sounds! In thewater, in addition to marine life, various garbage floats, whichwill prevent you from catching New Year's gifts! The game is worthtrying at least because of the wonderful control of the hook forcatching gifts with an accelerometer! Yes, yes, you will manage thehook by tilting your phone or tablet. This is an incredible andunusual sensations! You will get coins for every gift you get! Youcan also get coins for catching ordinary funny fish. And for amischievous goldfish, you will get much more than usual! And if youreally try, you will be able to catch the golden gift inside whichamazing surprises are waiting for you! Inside can be anything! Forexample, a pig or a frog, and maybe a diamond pickaxe or a jellybear or a funny sausage or even a slenderman! The main thing do notforget to level up your hook for catching surprises from the sea!It may seem to you that this is a child's game, but our coolfishing will appeal to both children and adults, and girls andboys. So it can be called a kids game and a game for a more adultaudience! Easy to start and best game for you to kill time. Go onunusual fishing for gifts with a funny elf - master fisherman!Simple to play yet offers a nice challenge! Cast your line, reachthe depths and catch as many gifts and fish as you can! Become theultimate gift master and fish master! I hope you will notice in thegame the realistic behavior of the sea thanks to the real physicsof the surface of the water and lovingly drawn funny creatures!

App Information Christmas Fishing - like Elf Level 80

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    Christmas Fishing - like Elf Level 80
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    February 8, 2019
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Ratata - dev.ru
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    Russia, Chita, 672010, Selenginskaya str 11
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A cool clicker, in which even a fly swatter and a mixer will serveyou as a worthy weapon! Food turned into mutants of zombies,increased in size and became titans and wants to take revenge onpeople for everything! We want to congratulate you! You justhappened to be in the epicenter of this epidemic :) You play as acook, who, with all his might and any objects falling under hisarm, tries to fight off the zombie monsters! Now your favoriteyummy has become for you an enemy and you will face it face toface! If you are a fan of clickers, then our clicker will reallyappeal to you! Rather, download it for free! Defend yourself fromthe heroes of our clicker: burger, cookies, sausages, pizza, eggs,ice cream, jelly bear sweets and other products that are in ourfavorite cafes and restaurants! Get gold coins to buy upgrades andPowerUp!Improve melee weapons and throwing weapons, buy and callfor help pets, pump the force of impact and shake your enemies witha mixer! Now you have to click on the cookie not to bake morecookies, but to kill her, because she has risen from the garbagecan and wants to kill you! A favorite sausage jumped out of a bunand craves your blood! Click on the egg, which is completely rottenand one of its kind causes a desire to deal with it as soon aspossible! Marmalade jelly Bear was angry with people, began to meltwith anger and became quite a sticky gummy bear! Cut the watermelonuntil it spewed your anger and seeds on you! Click on the soda,otherwise it will poison you with its gasses! Jelly pudding, Frenchfries, cake and donut are some of the strongest horror bosses ofour game! Bread does not want to become a toast and revoltedagainst the cook! Download our clicker and you will understand thatyou have not seen anything like it yet! Our favorite delicaciesevolved, grew and do not want to share the planet with us! Protectthe world from an army of titans zombie products! In war, all meansare good! Beat zombie mutants cool things like rubber fish, fryingpans, maracas and others! Throw in mutants various objects like aflower pot, weights and a bowling ball! If you accumulate coins,you can call to the aid of a funny pet (bat, red bird, mosquito,cat on plane, dragon) Press the horror bosses with a hydraulicpress and squash them into a flat cake! Do not forget to rock thebittu, so that your blow to the monsters becomes stronger! Stickerswith open heroes of our clicker you can always look in the galleryof heroes and share them with your friends! In general, do not getbored, bro! Join the fight against the titans zombie products! Inthis game there is a long time to tap on the screen, so this is thegame for the strongest and hardiest! Become a super clicker!Tap-tap taps and click-click-clicks! Pump your fingers to thelimit! Become the god of our Zombie clicker when you defeat all theheroes of the game! Be sure to write whoever you would like to addto the game! We read every message! The game has built-inpurchases. If you want to support developers, then buy somethingand play will become more comfortable and more fun! A ninjaprofessional in fruit-slicing mate cuts fruit and other enemies ifyou buy anything in the game! BIG THANK YOU for playing Zombie FoodClickers! Have fun!
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A sad and scary story in which you play for a mad man! The game nowhas 2 parts and 4 endings! Welcome to the creepy house from whichyou need to escape. Explore the house and solve its secrets! Youneed to try to get out, but be careful to survive and not fall intoone of the bloody traps! New atmospheric horror game in which youhave to play for a distraught person! You do not remember your ownhouse, in which you set traps for uninvited guests! Try to solveall the mysteries and riddles of the scary haunted house! Be veryattentive to details and then you can solve the riddles of thehouse of horrors! Look for the keys, collect the picture puzzle,open the safe, chest and coffin, boil the potion in the cauldronand do not be afraid of the terrible doll and ghost! Would you cometo visit such a terrible neighbor and could you not go down to hiseerie basement, in which a terrible ghost awaits you! Or climb hishellish attic? Remember that the key may be in the most unexpectedplace! Can crazy riddles and secrets confuse uninvited guests! Cana madman get free and what awaits him there! Be careful! The gamewill be a few bloody scenes and frightening screamers! Try oursurvival simulator in a horrible haunted house! Can you open allthe secret endings? We are planning to improve our horror game andadd a lot of new things! Good luck!
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Yes Yes! In this game you play for granny!Welcome to the house ofGranny, in which she was locked from the inside.You need to try toget out of the house, but be careful to survive and not fall intoone of the traps!A new atmospheric horror survival game in whichyou have to play for Granny!Grandma completely gone mad and doesnot remember her own house, in which she herself set traps for herguests!Try to solve all the secrets and mysteries of the terriblehouse with the ghosts of Granny!Be very attentive to the detailsand then you can unravel the mysteries of the house of horrors!Look for the keys, collect the picture, open the safe and thechest!The key can be in the most unexpected place!Granny tried toconfuse uninvited guests!Will Granny get out and what awaits herthere!Our horror game will have several bloody scenes andscreamers!Try our grandmother survival simulator in a horriblehaunted house!We plan to improve our horror game and add a lot ofnew!Good luck!