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This is a click surprise entertainment game.Christmas happy toenjoy this egg with the feelings of it! This is among the couplegave birth to the egg, which contains all the feelingscrystallized, touch the heart, allowing the eggs hatch out, u willget the expected situation in love yo ~Touch an egg, showing afeeling, will rub out the love sparks yo ~This is for girls andboys in particular the production of love eggs class surprise game,feel the eggs inside the love story bar!Do you like pink eggs?Representatives will have a new peach to yo ~How much time to playthe eggs of love, will increase their love story, play longer andmore peach Games more and more opportunities to find a new partnerboyfriend girlfriend love to play the love story. Do not believe,play this application will produce peach blossom yo ~Attractingmany girls to play the game yo! Very much girls like to play with aromantic love app.

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    Christmas Love Egg
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    June 17, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Magical Egg 2
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Magical Drink Shop 2 1.0.9 APK
Magical Egg 2
This is a click surprise entertainment game.Second-generationoptimized New picture, changed the New surprise content.Have thechance to get the following random surprise picture.CommonclassificationAccording to packaging (canned drinks, bottleddrinks, aluminum foil drinks)According to the temperature (colddrinks, hot drinks) sugar (sugar-free drinks)This is a surprisinginfinite joy of the application, everyone likes to drink, do notdownload this game to drink, Very interesting surprise game!Thetypes of beverages are also divided intoTea: wheat tea, white tea,green tea, yellow tea, green tea (oolong tea), black tea, blacktea, milk tea.Juice: orange juice, apple juice, lemon juice, grapejuice, mango juice, pineapple juice.Carbonated drinks: soft drinks,cola, SARSDrinking water: mineral water, pure waterCoffee: lattecoffee, American coffee, mocha coffee, small fruit coffee, mediumfruit coffee, large fruit coffee, high-yielding coffeeOther: milk,soy milk, honey water, sports drinks, cocoa (chocolate), whitecocoa, vanilla cocoa, lactic acid drinks, and so on.Wait for you todrink Oh!Game description:* Keep shaking the middle of the drink.*When you shake to a certain number of times, will be pleasantlysurprised* Collect all the drinks to quench your thirst!Enjoy thedrink of this drink, in the end will get any mysterious surpriseit, only to play the people know that the delicious and rhythm ofthe drink, absolutely delicious, absolutely delicious, absolutelyamazing endless, come and drink, the magic of the beverage shopWait for you to download.Increase the new play, you can use thefollowing two buttons to improve the speed of drinking drinks,enhance the difficulty, the difficulty will gradually become fasterwith the advance of the level, I hope you can drink drink, do notleave regret!Features:* Optimize the game interface picture andstyle* Add new play and TOUCH button* Fine tune the difficulty toimprove the average difficulty* Change the touch effect andincrease the playability* Optimize the music, soft and sweet voice*Optimize Android compatibility* Improve the game performance, theoverall upgradeThe best drink, so you play! Very refreshing drink,is a casual entertainment simulation game, definitely when yourest, the best time to pass the time, you can let the boringafternoon.
Egg 1.1.9 APK
Magical Egg 2
This is a click surprise entertainment game.Each casual childrensurprise game, there are unique surprise pictures Oh!Come and enjoythis surprise unlimited, endless hope egg farm game now!Farms, anagricultural production unit, production organization or company toengage in agricultural production or animal husbandry mainlyengaged in all kinds of agricultural and livestock products.Thesize of the farm as a business, by an individual, family orcommunity owned and operated by a consortium or scale company ownedand operated farms from a few acres to hundreds of thousands ofhectares ranging in the Americas, a farm big can be as large astens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of hectares of hectares.In mainland China, the people's commune period (1950 to 1980), alarge state-owned farms and a rural area of considerable size orseveral towns; originally to large farms dominated XinjiangProduction and Construction Corps, the Great Northern Wildernessnortheast since 1990 It has been changed since the town'sestablishment.A lot of eggs, egg hidden inside a surprise rewardsystem, but it must be possible to touch 1 million next, but it isplayable stimulation takes a long time to play games, people playcrazy, delightful surprise entertainment simulation game Yo!
Magical Drink Shop 1.2.4 APK
Magical Egg 2
This is a click surprise entertainment game.Have the chance to getthe following random surprise picture.Common classificationBypackaging (canned drinks, bottled drinks, foil packet drinks)Bytemperature (cold, hot) Sugar (sugar-free drinks)This is a pleasantsurprise and joy unlimited applications, everyone likes a drink, donot drink to download the game, very interesting Surpriseentertainment game Oh!Beverages also dividedTea: barley tea, whitetea, green tea, yellow tea, green tea (oolong tea), black tea,black tea, tea.Juice: orange juice, apple juice, lemon juice, grapejuice, mango juice, pineapple juice.Carbonated beverages: softdrinks, cola, SARSDrinking water: mineral water, purifiedwaterCoffee: Latte coffee, American coffee, mocha, small fruit andcoffee, the coffee fruit, large fruit and coffee, high-yieldcoffeeOther: milk, soy milk, honey, water, sports drinks, cocoa(chocolate), white cocoa, vanilla cocoa, lactic acid drinks, and soon.Waiting for you to drink Oh!Play Introduction:* Continue toshake the middle of the beverage.* When shake to a certain numberof times, you get a surprise* Collect all the drinks to quenchit!Enjoy this beverage outlets drinks it, in the end get nothingmysterious surprise then, only played people know, delicious drinksand rhythm, absolutely delicious, absolutely delicious, absolutelyinfinite surprise, Come Drink, magical beverage shop waiting foryou to download.
Golden Egg 1.6.7 APK
Magical Egg 2
This is a click screen surprise entertainment game. Each one ofcasual app is full of entertaining, there are unique surprisepictures Oh! Get ready to enjoy the game with lots of fun! Multipleeggs, multiple surprises, multiple fun, super mystery stuff! Whatrich rewards are hidden in the egg? Keep knocking the eggs untilthe eggs are cracked. See how much surprises and fun there are inthe egg. This game is very addictive! Eggs are the best app foreveryone, one of the games that modern adults and boys and girlshave to play, is the ultimate surprise egg virtual simulation game.If you like to open the surprise egg, you must not miss thisamazingly exciting game. For everyone, it is a perfect application.Play it again, play in class, play in class, play in school, sleep.Play, read and play, no time limit, everyone will play the perfectsurprise game that you can't put it down. In this app you will findlots of eggs and various interactive surprise pictures. You willfind many different gifts for collection, such as cartoons andmovie characters such as princesses, as well as a lot of favoritetoys, bears, puppets, dinosaurs, rabbits, cats, dogs, etc., whichwill get one of the surprise pictures. Waiting for you to collect.Full of casual background volume, simple and innovative gameplay,get mysterious surprise pictures, wait for you to play ~Introduction to the game: * Select to open the egg on the screen *Keep clicking on the egg with your fingers * until the egg splitsto get the toy picture Eggs are a fun and fun-filled casual gamethat combines a wide variety of toys with surprises and fun. Greatfor everyone, lots of different toys and surprises, letting youpass the time and eliminate boring entertainment games. Never missthe game, come and play exciting egg games and enjoy the surprises!Let us learn how to work hard to get results, to get a sense ofaccomplishment of surprise pictures, and to work hard to click, itis a very rare experience, you must work to have money to take, theworld has no white lunch, the same reason, must be one Clicking ona drop of effort to break through is one of the best surprise gamesfor everyone.
Christmas Surprise Egg Game 1.1.1 APK
Magical Egg 2
This is a click screen surprise entertainment game. Each one ofcasual app is full of entertaining, there are unique surprisepictures Oh! Christmas is a very special day, and you are ready tohave some fun with the Christmas version! Then hurry to play andwatch ~ Multiple eggs, multiple surprises, what is hidden insidethe egg? Knock an egg until it is completely broken and find greatsurprises! Be careful, this game is very addictive! Crazy surprisesand mysterious things. Inside the egg, Christmas tree, Santa Claus,reindeer, fairy, toy, puppet, elf and other surprise pictures,start counting down for their Christmas, when the number is 0, itmeans Christmas is coming! Party time is up! Surprise Eggs is a fungame combination of eggs, surprises, toys and fun, a favorite eggthat everyone loves. How to play: *Select the eggs to open * Useyour finger to touch from the egg and break the egg *Click on theinside of the egg to get a surprise Game features; *BeautifulChristmas tree, glow background image * elaborate game, beautifulChristmas night *Christmas ball, Santa Claus, Christmas candy*Unique Christmas atmosphere, seductive eggs *Stunning Christmasparty surprise There are so many different kinds of surprises thatyou can't miss the game waiting for you~
Crack Egg 1.1.2 APK
Magical Egg 2
This is a click screen surprise entertainment game. Each one ofcasual app is full of entertaining, there are unique surprisepictures Oh! This is an ancient cracked egg. You have to touch itto hatch and you can spend a lot of time playing this game. He willconstantly shake, what surprises are hidden inside? Veryinteresting and will play an addictive surprise game. There will beunexpected things hidden in this mysterious egg. Perhaps you willnot think of the surprise, it is crazy to enjoy. Do you like thissuper secret egg? Quickly download to see what is inside, funclick-to-play, or the best choice game to pass the time. Whathappens after the split? Even I don't know, this is a surprisereward that only people who have tried hard to click can get it. Itcan also be used as an exclusive game for practicing finger speed.Playing games will become even more powerful. What are you waitingfor? Hurry up your finger speed and keep clicking on the egg at ahigh speed to make your speed faster.
Canned Drinks Shop 1.1.1 APK
Magical Egg 2
This is a click surprise entertainment game.Each Suitable for allages everyone to play casual game, there are unique surprisepictures Oh!Everyone loves to drink cans is very tasty drink taste,do not imitate to play to see this application it! This game isvery unique, you have to shake him, any time, in the shortest timeto reach the fastest, there will be special personal surpriseswaiting for you, you will love to play, because I love todrink!Realistic realistic simulation of the application screen,showing a variety of favorite drinks, is to allow everyone toexercise finished drinking cool and refreshing, you can drink inthere, as long as the non-stop shake to drink.Canned beverage, is ametal cans (cans), made of aluminum, iron, the vast majority ismade of aluminum, aluminum easy to open cans accounted for morethan 95% of the cans, it has a pull Ring, so that cans can noteasily open can opener. This packaging design is most suitable forimprovised consumption, do not have to find the opener.How toplay:* Shake the drink to keep him out* When you reach a certainnumber of times will be pleasantly surprised* Enjoy this specialgift rewards
Egg 1.2.0 APK
Magical Egg 2
This is a click screen surprise entertainment game. Each one ofcasual app is full of entertaining, there are unique surprisepictures Oh! Introduction to the game: * Keep clicking on the egguntil he splits * Collect all kinds of surprise pictures * Gainhappiness and a sense of accomplishment This game is one of thesurprise games, a variety of particularly interesting eggs, let youopen your eyes and collect all the eggs constantly.