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Christmas pictures for Doodle Scratch app! This is a content packwith photos for our Doodle Scratch app. If you do not have DoodleScratch app installed yet you will be prompted to install it first.It will let kids scratch and reveal and also do color splash, colorpop effect on various pictures, photos. Happy doodle 'ing! MerryChristmas!

App Information Christmas pics Doodle Scratch!

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Doodle Text!™ Photo Effects 10.0 APK
Doodle Text! Send a doodle photo with doodle text! Just doodle drawon photo, add text effect & SMS! Works well to collageinstagram® pics or with doodle gram to combine multiple picturesinto a photo collage then Post on your Facebook® Wall or GooglePlus! More photo effects features than the kids doodle toy drawingpad app but it also has the glow draw kids mode along with greetingcards and stickers for photo editing. It's not just a photo editor,you can doodle draw something on your pictures, even pic stitchinstagram pictures together into a big photo collage or montageinside doodle text or doodle gram. There's a lot of great textfonts and graffiti text waiting for your creativity to shine, sosend a doodle text now, what are you waiting for! Happy DoodleTexting :) Doodle Text! Draw Photo Effects SMS lets you send photoswith a personal touch! Doodle draw on your photos with effects,color filters fx, text, stickers and share! It has so manydifferent features to doodle, draw to modify and customize yourphotos with effects to spice up your photos, background templates,stickers and more and its so easy to use too! Works well withinstagram® pics, combine multiple pictures into a photo collagethen Post on your Facebook® Wall! click send button, select Post toFacebook. ★Doodle draw with glow on your photos and apply photofilters and effects, add stickers, create pic collages! ★Share yourdoodle text photos on instagram or any social app, email or SMStext!★ Check out the greeting cards and stickers content packs forMother's Day! Love stickers, birthday cards, Butterflies, flowers,and more! Video DEMO http://youtu.be/ABxKtkaYvnI HERE ARE SOMEFEATURE HIGHLIGHTS: ★★★Lots of different photo editing effects! Youcan choose any color, change the texture and draw anywhere on topof your photos, add templates/backgrounds and stickers to yourphotos, use mirror mode, import your own photos as stickers, rotatethem around and you can do it all in any shape or size! There areso many fx combinations! ★★★There are also tons of stickers you canpick from and add them to your photos! Add a mustache to your cator put a wig on your head, lots of ways to bring fun to yourphotos! You can flip the stickers, size and rotate them any way youwant. ★★★You can take a photo on the spot or upload one from yougallery! You can use your photo as the background or make it into asticker! There are different effects for your photos too! Turn itinto Sepia, Black and White, Negative, Grainy and much more! Drawon top of your photos wherever you want to apply a photo effect!★★★Combine multiple pictures to create a collage! Write messages onyour photos in any language! ★★★Check out this Video DEMOhttp://youtu.be/ABxKtkaYvnI for a little tutorial. ★★★Then sendyour photos as a Multimedia Message System (MMS/SMS text) orthrough email or even upload them to your Instagram® or Facebook®Wall! You can even send an MMS through your wifi if you're notusing your phone! Create your very own custom greeting cards forthat special someone. We also create custom holidays greetingscards in our Doodle Gram/Wish application which many of our userslove, saying "Cheaper than sending Hallmark greeting cards!" -userreview! You can enable KidsMode in the Paint menu Color picker. InKidsMode you can also disable audio and vibrate from Settingsbutton. To SAVE your work, click "Send" button, then "Save to File"and type a name, it will save in /sdcard/doodletext if your sdcardis available or save it to you gallery. Legal disclaimer: * Alltrademarks and copyrights referenced are the sole property of theirrespective owners. Android™ is a trademark of Google® Inc. * Thisapp and its creators are in no way related to, endorsed by, oraffiliated with Instagram® Inc. or Facebook® Inc.
Alphabet stickers for Doodle Text! 1.4 APK
Get beautiful Christmas Alphabet stickers for you to use whencreating your own Doodle Text! After you download the Alphabetstickers, go to your Doodle Text! app on your device in order toaccess them. Click on the stickers button and then select"Alphabet" and there you go! Use the letters to accentuate names ormessages :) You can also download this sticker packet and many morefrom within the app. Hit the sticker button within the DoodleText!app and when you scroll through the sticker options you will see"download" where you can select different sticker packets.***Please note that this is NOT an app itself, it is an alphabetcontent pack for Doodle Text app. It will guide you to installDoodle Text if you don't have it already. This content pack willalso work with the Doodle Wish! app also :)
com.doodletoy APK
Kids doodle draw, glow draw neon paint color in doodle toy glowdraw, kids doodle draw free fun! Share your doodle glow paintdrawing with Doodle Toy kids FREE! Easily post your creations toGoogle Plus (Google+) or Facebook or share with instagram or otherapps! Draw on the best glowing neon drawing pad app with funkaleidoscope mirror drawing on photos! Paint and doodle draw onyour instagram photos or any other gallery photos! Enjoy Doodle Toymirror neon effects rainbow, Kaleidoscope, and more! It's kid-safecompletely free all features unlocked, no in-app purchases!Multi-Touch drawing with multiple fingers so kids can draw andcolor together and share! Its an awesome app for kids and even thelittle kid in all of us adults to spark our creativity! Draw, paintand create cool designs and artwork from scratch or on top of yourgallery photos! It's easy to use and lots of fun! Let your kidsdoodle on your phone, use your tablet as a drawing pad or sketchpad for quickly drawing diagrams! Kids doodle Glow draw, color andpaint with Doodle Toy!™ ★ All features unlocked, now kids doodlewith Multi-Touch support! Its an awesome app for kids and even thelittle kid in all of us to spark our creativity! Doodle draw, paintand create cool designs and artwork from scratch or on top of yourgallery photos! It's easy to use and lots of fun! Let your kidsdoodle on your phone, use your tablet as a drawing pad or sketchpad for quickly drawing diagrams! ★★ Fun to finger paint evendetailed art, helps bring out the artist in everyone! Startpainting your masterpiece now! There are many drawing effects forthem to choose from — Choose any color you like, turn it into aneon version of the color or even hit the Rainbow button to drawwith a rainbow colored brush! Kids love the mirror draw modes!There are tons of mirror effects to choose from too, you can mirroryour drawing at any angle! (use the mirror mode for easy drawing ofChristmas trees :) ★★★ Load a photo from your gallery or take oneon the spot and use it as a background and draw on it! There iseven a cool kaleidoscope effect where you can choose your ownkaleidoscope image and use that as a background too! Teach yourkids to draw and paint or let them learn on their own all whilehaving fun! ★★★★ Easily post your creations to Google Plus®(google+) or Facebook® or share with Instagram® or other apps orsave them to your gallery! Older kids and adults should try ourDoodle Gram!™ app which not only lets you paint and draw on yourInstagram® photos or any other photos but lets you create collages!For younger kids, try our Doodle Color!™ Kids Coloring app! Letyour kids doodle on your phone, use your tablet as a drawing pad orsketch pad for quickly drawing diagrams. Fun to finger paint evendetailed art, helps bring out the artist in everyone! Startpainting your masterpiece now! You can load photos from yourgallery and paint on top of them. It's very easy to draw withdoodle toy, simply click to select a paint brush style and chooseyour color mode, the default already gives you fun vibrant randomcolors! Teach your kids to draw and paint. Let them learn on theirown while having fun learning! Great doodle glow (neon glow)effects, rainbow colors and doodle mirror with all effects, kidslove the mirror draw modes! (use the mirror mode for easy drawingof Christmas trees :) Doodle Toy! for Kids or the lil kid in all ofus! Try Doodle Fire Glow Draw too! Enjoy DoodleToy! Legaldisclaimer: * All trademarks and copyrights referenced are the soleproperty of their respective owners. Android™ is a trademark ofGoogle® Inc. * Not endorsed by or affiliated with Google®,Instagram® Inc. or Facebook®
Draw Card Greeting Doodle Wish 8.0 APK
★Send a Doodle Wish™ greeting card today! Have fun designing yourown, personalized greeting cards with DoodleWish! Send a birthday,anniversary or holiday doodle wish card to your friends and lovedones! New Birthday Cards greetings template pictures and stampsstickers added. Easy paint and draw for all ages, from kids toadults. ★★There are card templates provided or you can import yourown pictures to use as the template background or as a sticker too!You can orient the pictures any way you want — flip them, turnthem, resize them and even make a collage! There are so manypossibilities! You can now import your Instagram® photos as well,just click the 3 dots under your photo from inside Instagram® andchoose "share" and then select "Doodle Wish" from the list of appsand choose to import as a sticker or background when asked. Or justimport photos from you gallery! ★★★Add as many pictures as youlike, then personalize them even more by drawing on them or writingyour own message! There are tons of different colors, fonts,stickers and drawing/painting effects you can use. Download ourfree content packs from the sticker button within the app fordifferent themed stickers to add to your drawing or collage! Onceyou have finished your creation you can then share your GreetingCard through MMS/SMS, email/gmail (even wover wifi if you're notusing a phone) or even post it on Instagram® or Facebook®! And it'sall FREE! Here is a little Video DEMO:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYMHUVblbGE *This is not acollection of hundreds of cheap free pictures harvested from theweb, you are meant to take your own picture, or load image fromyour Gallery, doodle on it and send it as a wish. (our contactemail is below under Developer Info, we appreciate feedback emails)Enjoy! Legal disclaimer: * All trademarks and copyrights referencedare the sole property of their respective owners. Android™ is atrademark of Google® Inc. * This app and its creators are in no wayrelated to, endorsed by, or affiliated with Facebook® or Instagram®Inc.
Birthday Cards Icons 4 Doodle! 1.2 APK
Free Happy Birthday Cards icons stickers for Doodle Wish! Use theseBirthday Stickers to design and send a special Doodle Wish!birthday greeting card :)If you don't already have Doodle Wish! appinstalled you will be asked to install Doodle Wish first.Once youinstall the Birthday sticker packet you can access it in thesticker options in your your Doodle Wish app! Or you can go andinstall different sticker packets directly from within the DoodleWish! app, just go to the sticker button and select "dowload" tochoose any packet you like!***Please note that this is a BirthdayCards content pack for Doodle Wish app. It is NOT an app in itself.It will let you install DoodleWish! first if you don't have italready.
Best Dad Cards for Doodle Text 1.3 APK
These cards were originally created as a Father's Day GreetingCards (but are great at any time for letting Dads know they'reappreciated!) content pack for the Doodle Text! app. If you do notalready have DoodleText! installed, it will guide you to install itfirst. Enjoy 16 unique Dad Appreciation and Father's Day Cards forDoodle Text! This content pack also works with the Doodle Gram! appalso.
Love Stickers! for Doodle Text 1.3 APK
This Love Stickers pack is a content pack for our Doodle Text! App,Enjoy! You can use these stickers inside the DoodleText app tocreate that custom one of a kind Love Card for that specialsomeone! If you don't have DoodleText App installed the pack willguide you to install DoodleText first. After installing, frominside DoodleText just click on the stickers Icon/Button, the 3rdicon from the top, and then slide the slot-wheel to choose thisValentines1 pack. (This will work for DoodleGram/DoodleWish also.)
Mom is Best Cards! Doodle Wish 1.3 APK
These cards were originally created as Mothers Day Greeting Cards(but are great at any time for letting Moms' know they'reappreciated!) for Doode Wish! as a content pack with 17 special MomAppreciation and Mothers Day greeting cards to be used inside theDoodleWish app. You will be guided to first install Doodle Wish! ifyou don't have it already. Happy Mother's Day! We hope you enjoyour unique cards which you can use inside our Doodle Wish! app tocustom design your very own special card using the availablestickers or drawing tools! This content pack also works with themore generic Doodle Text! app.