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Watch as the snow falls on these little people having a skate atChristmas.-- no ads- no pop ups- no surveys- small file size How ToInstall First download the app from the google play store, theninstall on your phone. Only then will it appear with the rest ofyour live wallpapers. Christmas traditions vary from country tocountry. Christmas celebrations for many nations include theinstalling and lighting of Christmas trees, the hanging of Adventwreaths, Christmas stockings, candy canes, and the creation ofNativity scenes depicting the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmascarols may be sung and stories told about such figures as the BabyJesus, St Nicholas, Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Christkind orGrandfather Frost. The sending and exchange of Christmas cardgreetings, observance of fasting and special religious observancessuch as a midnight Mass or Vespers on Christmas Eve, the burning ofa Yule log, and the giving and receiving of presents. Along withEaster, Christmas is one of the most important periods on theChristian calendar, and is often closely connected to otherholidays at this time of year, such as Advent, the Feast of theImmaculate Conception, St Nicholas Day, St. Stephen's Day, NewYear's, and the Feast of the Epiphany. Christmas or Christmas Day(Old English: Crīstesmæsse, meaning "Christ's Mass") is an annualfestival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed mostcommonly on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebrationamong billions of people around the world. A feast central to theChristian liturgical year, it is prepared for by the season ofAdvent or the Nativity Fast and initiates the season ofChristmastide, which historically in the West lasts twelve days andculminates on Twelfth Night; in some traditions, Christmastideincludes an Octave. Christmas Day is a public holiday in many ofthe world's nations, is celebrated culturally by a large number ofnon-Christian people, and is an integral part of the holidayseason, while some Christian groups reject the celebration. Inseveral countries, celebrating Christmas Eve on December 24 has themain focus rather than December 25, with gift-giving and sharing atraditional meal with the family.While the month and date of Jesus'birth are unknown, by the early-to-mid 4th century, the WesternChristian Church had placed Christmas on December 25, a date lateradopted in the East. Today, most Christians celebrate Christmas onthe date of December 25 in the Gregorian calendar, which is alsothe calendar in near-universal use in the secular world. However,some Eastern churches celebrate Christmas on the December 25 of theolder Julian calendar, which currently corresponds to January 7 inthe Gregorian calendar, the day after the Western Christian Churchcelebrates the Epiphany. This is not a disagreement over the dateof Christmas as such, but rather a disagreement over which calendarshould be used to determine the day that is December 25.The date ofChristmas may have initially been chosen to correspond with the dayexactly nine months after the day on which early Christiansbelieved that Jesus was conceived, or with one or more ancientpolytheistic festivals that occurred near the Roman wintersolstice; a further solar connection has been suggested because ofa biblical verse[a] identifying Jesus as the "Sun ofrighteousness".

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Get this fully animated live wallpaper of a neon spider dude toliven up your homescreen while you search for your apps. - - No Ads- No Pop Ups - No surveys - Small File Size HOW TO INSTALL Firstdownload from the app store, then go to your download destinationand install the app. Only then will it appear with the rest of yourlive wallpapers. Spiders (order Araneae) areair-breathingarthropods that have eight legsandchelicerae with fangs that inject venom. They are thelargest order of arachnids and rank seventh in totalspecies diversity among all other orders oforganisms. Spiders are found worldwide on every continentexcept for Antarctica, and have become established in nearlyevery habitat with the exceptions of air and seacolonization. As of September 2015, at least 45,709spider species, and 114 families have been recordedbytaxonomists. However, there has been dissension withinthe scientific community as to how all these familiesshould be classified, as evidenced by the over 20 differentclassifications that have been proposed since 1900.Anatomically,spiders differ from other arthropods in that the usualbody segmentsare fused into two tagmata,thecephalothorax and abdomen, and joined by a small,cylindrical pedicel. Unlike insects, spiders do nothave antennae. In all except the most primitive group,the Mesothelae, spiders have the most centralized nervoussystems of all arthropods, as all their gangliaare fused intoone mass in the cephalothorax. Unlike most arthropods, spiders havenoextensor muscles in their limbs and instead extend themby hydraulic pressure.Their abdomens bear appendages thathave been modified into spinnerets thatextrudesilk from up to six types of silk glands within theirabdomen. Spider webs vary widely in size, shape and theamount of sticky thread used. It now appears that the spiral orbweb may be one of the earliest forms, and spiders that producetangled cobwebs are more abundant and diverse than orb-webspiders. Spider-like arachnids withsilk-producingspigots appeared inthe Devonian periodabout 386 million years ago,but these animals apparently lacked spinnerets. True spiders havebeen found in Carboniferousrocksfrom 318 to 299 million years ago, and are verysimilar to the most primitive surviving suborder,the Mesothelae. The main groups of modernspiders, Mygalomorphaeand Araneomorphae, first appearedin the Triassic period, before 200 million years ago.
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A fully animated wallpaper for all you downhill mountain bike fans.Watch the biker jump past your screen on this downhill forestcourse again and again as you search for our favourite apps. Makesyour screen come to life.-- No Ads - No Pop Ups- No surveys - Nospecial permissions needed HOW TO INSTALL First download from theGoogle play app store, then go to your download destination andinstall the app. Only then will it appear with the rest of yourlive wallpapers. Enjoy
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Get this fully animated live wallpaper of a mini robot in full neonstyle. Make your phone come to life as you search for yourfavourite apps. - - No Ads - No Pop Ups - No surveys HOW TO INSTALLFirst download from the app store, then go to your downloaddestination and install the app. Only then will it appear with therest of your live wallpapers.A robot is a mechanical orvirtual artificialagent, usually an electro-mechanicalmachinethat is guided by a computer program orelectroniccircuitry. Robots can beautonomous or semi-autonomous andrange from humanoids such as Honda's Advanced Step inInnovative Mobility (ASIMO) andTOSY's TOSY Ping PongPlaying Robot (TOPIO) to industrial robots, medicaloperating robots, patent assist robots, dog therapy robots,collectively programmed swarm robots, UAV drones suchas General Atomics MQ-1 Predator, and evenmicroscopic nano robots. By mimicking a lifelike appearance orautomating movements, a robot may convey a sense of intelligenceor thought of its own.The branchof technology that deals with the design, construction,operation, and application of robots, as well as computer systemsfor their control, sensory feedback, and information processingis robotics. These technologies deal with automated machinesthat can take the place of humans in dangerous environments ormanufacturing processes, or resemble humans in appearance,behavior, and/or cognition. Many of today's robots are inspired bynature contributing to the field of bio-inspired robotics.These robots have also created a newer branch ofrobotics: soft robotics.From the time of ancient civilizationthere have been many accounts of user-configurable automateddevices and evenautomata resembling animals and humans,designed primarily as entertainment. As mechanical techniquesdeveloped through the Industrial age, there appeared more practicalapplications such as automated machines, remote-control andwireless remote-control.The word 'robot' was first used to denote afictional humanoid in a 1921 play R.U.R. bythe Czech writer, Karel Čapek. Electronics evolvedinto the driving force of development with the advent of the firstelectronicautonomous robots created by William GreyWalter in Bristol, England in 1948. The firstdigital and programmable robot was inventedby George Devol in 1954 and was named theUnimate. It wassold to General Motors in 1961 where it was used to liftpieces of hot metal from die casting machines atthe Inland Fisher Guide Plant in the WestTrentonsection of Ewing Township, New Jersey.Robots havereplaced humans in performing repetitive and dangerous tasks whichhumans prefer not to do, or are unable to do because of sizelimitations, or which take place in extreme environments such asouter space or the bottom of the sea.There are concerns about theincreasing use of robots and their role in society. Robots areblamed for rising unemployment as they replace workers inincreasing numbers of functions.[5] The use of robots inmilitary combat raises ethical concerns. The possibilities of robotautonomy and potential repercussions have been addressed in fictionand may be a realistic concern in the future.
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Get this fully animated live wallpaper of a pole dancer showing offon the pole. Watch her go round and round while you search for yourapps. Make your phone feel fresh and alive. For all pole dancersout there. - - No Ads - No Pop Ups - No surveys HOW TO INSTALLFirst download from the app store, then go to your downloaddestination and install the app. Only then will it appear with therest of your live wallpapers. Pole dance is a formof performance art, historically associated with stripclubsand night clubs, whichcombines dance andacrobatics centered on avertical burlesque pole. This art form has recently gainedpopularity as a form of fitness and mainstream entertainment,practised by many enthusiasts in gyms and in dedicated dancestudios. A wide range of amateur and professional competitions areheld in many countries around the world.Since the mid 2000s,promoters of pole dance fitness competitions have been trying tochange peoples’ perception of pole dance and to promote it as anon-sexual form of dance and acrobatics.Pole dance requiressignificant strength, flexibility and endurance. Pole dance properinvolves athletic moves such as climbs, spins, and body inversionsusing the limbs to grip. Upper body and core strength are requiredto attain proficiency, and rigorous training is necessary.Poledance is now regarded as a form of exercise which can be usedas both anaerobic and anaerobic workout. Recognizedschools and qualifications are now commonplace.
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Get this fully animated live wallpaper of a ballerina doing apirouette over and over while you search for your apps.- - No Ads -No Pop Ups - No surveys - Small File Size HOW TO INSTALL Firstdownload from the app store, then go to your download destinationand install the app. Only then will it appear with the rest of yourlive wallpapers. A balletdancer (Italian: ballerina [balleˈriːna]fem., ballerino [balleˈriːno] masc.)is a person who practices the art of classical ballet. Bothfemales and males can practice ballet; however, dancers havehierarchy and strict gender roles. They rely on years of extensivetraining and proper technique to become a part of professionalcompanies. Ballet dancers are at a high riskof injury due to the demanding technique ofballet.[1]Training and TechniqueBallet dancers typically begintraining between the ages of three and four (for females) or sixand seven (for male dancers) if they desire to performprofessionally. Training does not end when ballet dancers are hiredby a professional company. They must attend ballet class six days aweek to keep themselves fit and aware.Ballet dancers begin theirclasses at thebarre, a wooden beam that runs along the walls of theballet studio. Dancers use the barre to support themselves duringexercises. Barre work is designed to warm up the body and stretchmuscles to prepare for center work, where they execute exerciseswithout the barre. Center work in the middle of the room starts outwith slow movement and gets faster with each exercise. Balletdancers finish center work practicing leaps and turns across thefloor.After center work, females present exercises on pointe,or on their toes. Males practice jumps and turns. They may practicepartner work together.InjuriesBallet dancers are susceptible toinjury because they are constantly putting strain and stress ontheir bodies. A ballet dancer’s goal is to make physicallydemanding choreography appear effortless. Ballet dancers increasetheir risk of injury if they start training earlier than the age often. However, many ballet dancers do start on the average age of 6to 8 years old.The upper body of a a ballet dancer is prone toinjury because choreography and class exercises requires them toexert energy into contorting their backs and hips. Back bends causethe back to pinch, making the spine vulnerable to injuries such asspasms and pinched nerves. Extending the legs and holding them inthe air while turned out causes damage to the hips. Such damageincludes strains, fatigue fractures, and bone density loss.Injuriesare common in ballet dancers because ballet consists of putting thebody in unnatural positions. Such position is first position,in which the heels are together and the toes pointed outward sothat the legs are turned out. First position puts a risk for injuryat the knees. Meniscal tears and dislocations are common at theknees because it is easy to let the knees slide forward whileturned out in first position.Ballet dancer’s feet are prone tofractures and other damage. Landing from jumps and working inpointe shoes cause bones to break and ankles to weaken. Tendonitisis common in female ballet dancers because pointe work is strenuouson their ankles. Landing from jumps incorrectly may also lead toshin splints, in which the muscle separates from the bone.Classtime is used to correct any habits that will lead to injury. If theballet dancer is properly trained, the dancer will decrease theirrisk of injury. However, injuries are a common occurrence inperformances. Most injuries do not show up until later in a balletdancer’s life, after years of continuous strain.
Ballet Dancer Live Wallpaper 1.00 APK
Get this fully animated live wallpaper of a Ballet Dancer showingoff some pirouette moves across your screen. Make your phone cometo life as yous each for your apps.- - No Ads - No Pop Ups - Nosurveys HOW TO INSTALL First download from the app store, then goto your download destination and install the app. Only then will itappear with the rest of your live wallpapers.Ballet /ˈbæleɪ/ (French: [balɛ]) is a typeofperformance dance that originated in theItalianRenaissance courts of the 15th century and later developedinto a concert dance form in France and Russia. It hassince become a widespread, highly technical form of dance with itsown vocabulary based on French terminology. It has beenglobally influential and has defined thefoundationaltechniques used in many other dance genres. Balletrequires years of training to learn and master, and much practiceto retain proficiency. It has been taught in ballet schools aroundthe world, which have historically incorporated their own culturesto evolve the art.Ballet may also refer to a balletdance work, which consists ofthe choreography andmusic for a ballet production. Awell-known example of this is The Nutcracker, a two-act balletthat was originally choreographed byMarius Petipa and LevIvanov with a music score by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.Ballet dance works are choreographed and performed by trainedartists. Many classical ballet works are performedwith classical music accompaniment and are theatrical anduse elaborate costumes and staging, though there are exceptions tothis, such as neoclassical works by George Balanchine.