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🎄 Immerse yourself in the winter wonderland – admire serene“Christmas wallpapers live free with snow falling” gently! 🎄 Afairy-tale like world has been captured for your smartphone screenwith Christmas tree live wallpaper. Explore the wonderfulwallpapers and backgrounds depicting the loveliest Christmasdecorations and lights twinkling on the magical Xmas tree. Is asight of a beautifully decorated burning Christmas fireplace withXmas stockings all you want for this holiday. Let it snow – enjoythe dance of the fluffy snowflakes falling on the “Christmas treeGIF decorations” delicately. These moving wallpapers for Android™are illuminated by the romantic Christmas lights just for you.Santa Claus is coming to town this December and bringing Christmasanimated wallpaper with sound of cheerful carols just for you!Hurry up and grab a special Christmas gif wallpaper for mobilephones! ❄ ❅ ❆ ❄ ❅ ❆ ❄ ❅ ❆ 🎄 Live Christmas wallpaper with music& a collection of beautifully lit “Christmas tree pictures”! 🎄Animated “Christmas tree ornaments” will leave you in awe! 🎄 Turnon or off the Christmas music in the background! 🎄 Try newscreensavers free of a silver, gold or white Christmas tree lightup decor! 🎄 Ideal “3d wallpapers and backgrounds” for the happyholidays! 🎄 “Christmas Tree Wallpaper” will illuminate your frozenscreen with snowflakes! 🎄 How to install moving wallpapers free: 🎄Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> 3D Christmas live wallpaperwith sound 🎄 Customize your smartphone with Xmas themes & HappyNew Year Wallpapers HD! 🎄 Battery friendly – New Year livewallpaper will not drain your battery! 🎄 “Christmas Tree LiveWallpaper” is compatible with 99% mobile phones. 🎄 Match 3dbackgrounds with Merry Christmas songs and carols! 🎄 Festive movingwallpapers GIF ideal for Happy New Year 2017! ❄ ❅ ❆ ❄ ❅ ❆ ❄ ❅ ❆ 🎄Free winter live wallpaper will make the silent and holy Christmasnight even more magical with a merry melody. 🎄 Do you wish to seesnow falling this New Year's Eve? With falling snow 3d livewallpaper, you'll be able to gaze at frivolous snowflakes and theirplayful dance any time of the year. Christmas tree wallpapers livefree with snow falling 3d outside will make you feel that warmth ofhome sweet home. You get to choose whether you want to gaze at thedecorated Christmas trees in silver, white or gold hue, cute frostythe snowman or even Xmas fireplace burning, all for free. Give yourscreen a touch of snow magic with “3d Christmas live wallpaper”! 🎄New Years countdown to 2017 has already begun with or without thiswallpaper for Android! 🎄 Get on this holiday choo choo train assoon as possible and turn your smartphone into a Xmas snow globe.Our interactive video wallpaper with sound will help you celebrateMerry Christmas properly with the best holiday music and carols.Musical Christmas backgrounds will bring you the holiday cheer andhappiness as soon as you get this free download. Xmas livewallpaper will help you decorate Christmas tree theme in accordancewith your own taste. Let our moving wallpapers and backgrounds makethe Xmas countdown much shorter! Instead of Santa Claus, let usgift you with the sweetest animated wallpaper with sounds -snowfall and XMAS TREE LIVE WALLPAPER! Now you can enjoy your freeholiday themes for Android with sparkling stars and twinklinglights screensavers! Set up a happy holiday GIF! *Android is atrademark of Google Inc.

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    Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper
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    October 29, 2019
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Live Wallpaper HD 3D
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Prepare to be impressed! Breathtaking “Waterfall Live WallpaperWith Sound” captures the largest sheet of falling water in theworld as well as the realistic and soothing “waterfall sounds”.Chose from the natural desktop backgrounds inspired by the AngelFalls, “Niagara Falls” or “Victoria Falls”, try various “naturesounds” to relax and sleep! Watch the “water fall” with this “livewaterfall wallpaper with sound and motion” and admire the force ofnature in all its might and beauty. If you are looking for a “realwaterfall live wallpaper” free in HD, one of the best coolwallpapers with high definition nature images will enchant you. Tryall “waterfall sounds for sleep”, to relieve stress or just tofeast your eyes on the “live wallpaper” and your new animated phonebackgrounds. Try a romantic “pond waterfall” or flower gardenwaterfalls and impress your friends with one of the best “free livewallpapers” on the market. Find the loveliest “waterfallbackground” and you will be mesmerized by the realistic livewallpaper for mobile phones or tablets, completely free of charge?This nature wallpaper with sound effects allows you to gaze atwater flowing rapidly and then majestically falling over a steepcliff or a mountain. ★ The sweetest “waterfall live wallpaper withsound effects” will be ideal for your new smartphone! ★ Beautifyyour screen with the loveliest “waterfall backgrounds live”! ★“Waterfall wallpapers for free” offer all three free “waterfallsounds of nature”! ★ Choose the speed and the density of cool waterdrops! ★ Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!★ Enjoy this free and fun “waterfall wallpaper”! Follow theinstallation instructions: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers ->Live Wallpapers ★ This “Android™ wallpaper” lets you choose fromseveral different themes. ★ HD graphics and open GL. ★ Compatiblewith 99% mobile phone devices. ★ The wallpaper app will sleep whenyour phone is inactive, so the “3d live wallpaper” will not drainyour battery. ★ “Waterfall Sound Live Wallpaper” fully supportshorizontal orientation and looks amazing on tablet devices as wellas on mobile phones. If you always wanted to visit the NiagaraFalls ,”Angel Falls” or the Victoria Falls,but never had thechance, our “free moving waterfall wallpapers with sound” come tothe rescue. See for yourself that the soothing sound of thewaterfall relaxes the soul - just give our “wall paper” a try andwatch the “water fall” over the majestic mountain. Theawe-inspiring sight of the most beautiful falls lets you enjoy thespectacular sight between the twin cities of Niagara Falls,Ontario, and Niagara Falls, New York. Just immerse yourself intothe crystal clear sparkling water - “waterfall live wallpaper prowith sound” allows you to feel like you are standing right next tothe gigantic 3D waterfall. Images of nature, foaming waterfallpictures or calm water surfaces, with one of the best “HDwallpapers”, there are no limits to natural beauty. Listen to thesoothing sound of water fall on the Blue Nile river, the Blue NileFalls, or the renowned and voluminous waterfall on the NiagaraRiver. Turn the cool images for waterfall into the most stunningscreensavers for free – this “live waterfall with sound wallpaper”is truly unique. Go ahead and get this waterfall 3D live wallpaperHD apk download and enjoy in the impressive falls in the southernAfrica, the incredible Victoria Falls, whenever you desire. Get our“wallpaper free download” and admire the beautiful waterfallwallpaper, rivers nature and all that for free. Welcome to theworld of beautiful wallpapers - get waterfall live wallpaper apk,and pick from the most relaxing images for waterfall background. Ifyou are tired of your old aquarium live wallpaper, try thewaterfall wallpapers full HD wallpaper and be amazed by the mightof the flowing water. Enjoy real water fall live wallpaper! *Android is a trademark of Google Inc. * This app is ad-supported.
Waterfall Live Wallpaper 9.0 APK
Waterfall Live Wallpaper is the perfect new live wallpaper for yourphone! Several images of the world's most beautiful andbreathtaking falls! Angel Falls, Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls andother impressive falls- you choose which one you like the most!Download Waterfall Live Wallpaper now for free and make your phonescreen more beautiful than ever! Images of nature and watersurfaces are not only beautiful but also appeasing! Get thisamazing LWP for free and make your day! Enjoy! - Amazing 3D livewallpaper for your phone! - Interactive feature: Tap on the screenand new cracks will appear immediately! - There is full support forlandscape mode and home-screen switching! - This beautiful, freeand enjoyable background is waiting for you! Installationinstructions: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers -Motion of flashes and lights keeps changing with time.- You can choose from several different themes. - HD graphics andopen GL. - Optimized Battery Usage. - Compatible with 99% mobilephone devices. -Waterfall Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontalorientation and looks amazing on tablet devices as well as onphones Much like the revitalizing 5D Waterfall Live Wallpaper thatoffers truly awe - inspiring scenery, this incredible free“background wallpaper” will provide you with an exquisite view ofmajestic waterfalls. “Waterfall Wallpaper” offers a number ofamazing choices of the tallest, biggest, largest and most beautifulfalls in the world. Imagine water flowing rapidly and thenmajestically falling over a steep cliff or a mountain - one of themost beautiful and breathtaking natural wonders of our planet couldbe beautifying your screen for free. You can see the incrediblytall and famous Angels Falls – your phone or tablet screen can takeyou to this stunning national park in South America any day of theweek. Choose to see the well-known and impressive fall on the BlueNile river, the Blue Nile Falls, or the renowned and voluminouswaterfall on the Niagara River. Enjoy the spectacular sight betweenthe twin cities of Niagara Falls, Ontario, and Niagara Falls, NewYork - one of nature's greatest miracle is captured, just for you.Have no doubt about it, this sensational app is made purely foryour pleasure. If you prefer the falls in the southern Africa onthe Zambezi River, you must see the incredible Victoria Falls.Known for its remarkable height and for forming the largest sheetof falling water in the world, it would make an outstandingbackground for all the adventurers out there. Even if you cannotget to countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, or Venezuela, to see oneof the highest and largest “water fall” in the world, is there anycooler way to capture the force of nature but by feasting your eyeson all the breathtaking “Waterfall Backgrounds”. Make your phonescreen beautiful with “Waterfall Wallpaper”, the best “livewallpaper” you can find on the market! Download “Waterfall LiveWallpaper” for free and enjoy the most beautiful waterfalls as yourown “live wallpaper”. Did you enjoy almost surreal 3D WaterfallLive Wallpaper and its wonderful cascades? In that case, it is hightime for you to check out “Waterfall Live Wallpaper” and see allthe astounding ways the water falls over steep rocks. Imagine thepower and beauty of a mighty waterfall – this incredible“background wallpaper”, a perfect place for romance and love, canbe decorating your tablet or phone screen right now for free. Youabsolutely adored Waterfall Video Wallpapers and all the breath –taking master pieces of nature it offered? In that case, do notmiss this amazing “free download” and a chance to feast your eyeson the most beautiful falls around the world – “Waterfall LWP”awaits. Cool off and immerse yourself into the crystal clearsparkling water whenever you glance at your screen. *Android is atrademark of Google Inc.
Rain Live Wallpaper With Sound 9.1 APK
Make it rain on your phone or tablet screen with Rain LiveWallpaper With Sound, a brand new animated “live wallpaper withsound effects for Android™”! If you need to feel the energy of thrrevitalizing “rainy day” , try one of the best “HD wallpapers” withthe surreal “rain sounds for sleeping” and let the cool raindropswash all your troubles away. Give a brand new soaking wet look toyour smartphone with fabulous 3d “Rain Live Wallpaper” free ofcharge! Give your phone or tablet a “rain shower” or bathe it witha gentle drizzle with the amazing new “live wallpaper with soundand motion” - just pick the most soothing “Rain Background” and“rain sound” and enjoy in the nature “wallpaper with sound effects”for free! If you are in a “rainy mood” and feel like you could usesome walking in the rain, one of the best “free live wallpapers”combined with the “relaxing sounds of nature” will certainly do thetrick! “Rain Wallpaper” is excellent for meditation and relaxation,since its relaxing sounds for sleeping can bring you to the stateof serenity in a couple of minutes. Have you ever seen the rain inHD? These stunning “animated wallpapers and backgrounds” inspiredby HD “rain images” will let you enjoy in the soothing “rainsounds” and serene “sounds for sleeping” for free. ☁ ☀☁☀ ☁☀ ☁ ☀☁☀☁☀ ☁☀ ☁ ☀ ☂ The most soothing “live rain wallpaper with sound”will be ideal for your new smartphone! ☂ Beautify your screen withthe loveliest heavy “rainy backgrounds”! ☂ “Rain wallpaper hd formobile” offers three free “rain nature sounds”! ☂ Full support forlandscape mode and home-screen switching! ☂ Enjoy this free andcool “rain live wallpaper”! Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers ☂ This“Android wallpaper” lets you choose from several rain pictures. ☂Our beautiful wallpapers have HD graphics and open GL. ☂ This“nature wallpaper” is compatible with 99% mobile phone devices. ☂The wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so the“3d live wallpaper” will not drain your battery. ☂ “Rain LiveWallpaper With Sound ” fully supports horizontal orientation andlooks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobile phones. ☁ ☀☁☀☁☀ ☁ ☀☁ ☀☁☀ ☁☀ ☁ ☀ Let the “heavy rain” sound effect or a gentledrizzle wash all your worries away, while you listen to the “soundsof nature” and rain noise with one of the cool animated best livewallpapers and HD phone backgrounds. Get the rain live wallpaperapk free download and you'll be singing in the rain with happinessand fall in love with each “rain animation”. The coolest freescreensavers can be yours as soon as you get the “rain storm soundeffects free download” this high definition “wall paper” has! Noother “animated wallpaper free download” for Android has asrealistic “nature sounds to relax and sleep” – try this rainfall“live wallpaper with sound” beautified by the cool raindrops andenjoy! One of the best “cool wallpapers” offers cool storm soundeffects as well as some relaxing sounds free of charge. Enjoy in“rain sounds relaxing sleep” or the calming white noise thisanimated “live wallpaper” for mobile has and reach the state ofserenity. With our free apps for Android you can try both“thunderstorm sounds and rain sound for sleep”? Do you want to beable to say - raindrops keep falling on my head every time youglance at your screen? If so, you are in for a treat - get the freedownload raindrop live wallpaper and admire the soothing Novemberrain sounds for sleep as well as the HD desktop backgrounds. One ofthe best animated rainy Android apps on Google Play awaits! *Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc. * This app is ad-supported.
Jesus Live Wallpaper 7.1 APK
Jesus Live Wallpaper will remind you that Jesus is always watchingover you! Jesus Christ loves you and will alleviate your pain sincelife is already hard enough. Let the Lord guide you through yourtroubles and be blessed. Download Jesus Live Wallpaper now for freeand trust Jesus to be the Lord and master over every aspect of yourlife. Believe and you will be rewarded, believer. Get thisinspiring live wallpaper for your smart phone and it will bring youhope, joy and strength.- Amazing 3D live wallpaper for your phone!-Interactive feature: Tap on the screen and new images will moveimmediately!- There is full support for landscape mode andhome-screen switching!- This beautiful, free and enjoyablebackground is waiting just for you!Installation instructions:Home-> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live WallpapersThis amazing livewallpaper depicting our Lord, the Savior, contains severalbackgrounds with images of “Jesus Christ” watching over his flock,like every good shepherd. If you enjoy religious wallpapers, asopposed to those devoid of true meaning, “Jesus LWP” is the rightchoice for you and your smartphone. Do not fall from God's grace –have Jesus Christ close to you and your heart at all times and hewill never let you down. The story of Christ is familiar to thewhole western world not including just the Christian community.God, the Holy Father, accepted his sacrifice for the humanity andJesus was crucified by that same humanity for whose salvation hewas fighting. Thousands of years later that humanity has becomeaccustomed to worship Christ, to go to church, respect traditionand revere him with wafer and wine. Show your deep devotion bybeautifying your phone screen with a divine image of the Son of Godin the blue sky and fluffy clouds, looking after his flock.Christ's birth was a unique case of immaculate conception, beingthe son of Virgin Mary, while his earthly father, who was marriedto Virgin Mary, was named Joseph. During his short lifetime, sincehe was crucified at the age of 33, he performed many miracles. Someof the most extraordinary miracles are walking on water, curing theparalyzed, returning sight to the blind man and, of course, raisingLazarus from the dead. Another miracle, thoroughly described in theBible is feeding thousands of people with a few fish and loaves ofbread. All deeds and miracles performed by Jesus, as well as histeachings are recorded in the Holy Book, the Bible. Miraculouslyenough, the Son of God will appear and stay by your side, wheneveryou gently tap on the screen. This religious application is idealfor all the true believers. What better way to show how proud youare of your Christian faith then with such a divine background. Godsent Jesus Christ to Earth in the time of great confusion, lack offaith and belief. God sent his own son to deliver the humanity fromsin and save it from eternal damnation. Millions of people aroundthe world still believe and wait for the day when Jesus Christreturns. It was recorded in the Bible that when Jesus Christ diedon the cross, three days afterwords he was resurrected. Set anexample for all your friends and family and be their inspiration byshowing your commitment, open your heart to Jesus and think of himevery time you glance at the screen. The meek lamb, the son of God,rose to Heaven to take his place by his father's side. But hepromised to return some day, before the end of days. All minutelydescribed in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. The blue sky andclouds with the image of Jesus will bring you peace every time youlook at your phone screen. Christ is victorious over sin and Satanas well as over death and Hell! You have nothing to fear! God blessyou!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Garden Live Wallpaper 7.5 APK
Garden Live Wallpaper HD is here to make your day! If you lovenature and beautiful landscapes then this is a perfect garden LWPfor you! Experience the lovely scenery of luscious green nature inthe summer from "Garden Live Wallpaper"3D and you'll always be in agood mood. Enjoy every moment of your day with live wallpapers thatfeature animated pictures of flowers! Get this amazing serenenature and lily flower wallpaper, it's totally free – lay back,relax and enjoy! Find awesome 3D live wallpapers with garden plantsand flowers and floating objects like little sparkles and blossomscreensavers for free install! -Amazing nature garden house HDwallpapers for your phone! - Interactive feature: Tap on the screenand new images will move as fast or slow as you want! - Wonderfulgarden background images in wallpapers and backgrounds with floralthemes - Full support of animated backgrounds for landscape modeand home-screen switching! - Beautiful flower garden wallpapersdownload! Installation instructions: Home -> Menu ->Wallpapers -> Garden Live Wallpaper - Motion of flashes andlights keeps changing with time in nature wallpaper GIF. - You canchoose from several different themes of wallpaper design. - HDgraphics and open GL with garden images HD, spring plants andmoving flowers. - Optimized Battery Usage. - All garden pics arecompatible with 99% mobile phone devices. - Adorable garden photoHD in live wallpaper for Android™ phone - Beautiful flowerwallpaper animation looks amazing on tablet devices as well as oncellphones Now let's imagine this animation photo with garden shedsand animated flower images. You have had an awfully busy andstressful day in the city and you find it hard to unwind. Wand torelax? Dynamic wallpaper HD flowers is here to help! See yourselfin beautiful nature with amazing trees and flowers wallpapers roseHD, lovely rose bushes and endless green lawns every day. Did youknow that landscaping is actually a whole science?! Give your phonea touch of Japanese culture with stunning Eastern gardens, or pickdry stone japanese zen gardens that can be found throughout Japan.You can find your peace of mind in the moving wallpaper garden ofthe Buddhist temples designed for meditation and relaxation. Eventhe Chinese gardens are naturally organized and created to sootheanxiety can beautify your screen for free. Download oriental garden3D live wallpaper if you want to embellish your phone! Pretty olivegardens rich in olives and other luscious green plant found in theMediterranean countries, beautiful garden wallpaper with roseflower will be ideal for you. After a hard day, we need a place wecan escape to and what's better than a peaceful green gardenpictures with curvy paths, lovely bushes with beautiful red roses,purple orchids or maybe a fountain in the center or a fish pond? Ifyou love tea, you can have a tea garden shrubs to gaze at wheneveryou desire. Summer, spring, autumn or winter garden wallpaper HD?You get to choose what kind of wallpaper nature flowers HD to puton your phone display. Just imagine the possibilities! One day youare in Provence, France walking in the summer sun and the next, youcan be in a Sky Garden apps or even Celtic garden flowers - it'stotally up to you! What's a better place to relax but in beautifulnature with tons of green plants, trees, breathtaking landscapes,birds singing and amazing bouquet of flowers in red, pink, purpleor yellow colors! How about a lavender garden HD wallpaperlandscape? Nature is amazing! Download this cool application forAndroid live screensavers with home garden images and enjoy yourprivate heaven with flower arrangements! Embellish your smartphonedisplay with lovely pictures of sakura flower gardens in HD fullflower garden wallpapers and be at peace every moment of yourotherwise stressful day! *Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Landscape Live Wallpaper 7.1 APK
Landscape Live Wallpaper is the wallpaper for you if you’re lookingfor Landscape inspiration! Enjoy beautiful nature and landscapeterrain on your very own phone screen! This amazing LWP applicationwill take you to places you’ve never been before! Discoverfantastic views appearing through the trees as you walk around themarked walking trails in woodlands. Dark green forest and aspringing waterfall will take your breath away! Feel inspired bythe utterly spellbinding beauty found in nature all around us!Download Landscape Live Wallpaper now for free and discover thetrue essence of nature with this wonderful app for your smartphone!The loveliest LWP for your mobile phone!- Keep tapping on thescreen to have new motives appear on your screen!- Full support forlandscape mode and home-screen switching!- Very soon you’ll seethat this animated background is your best choice!Follow theinstallation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers ->Live WallpapersFeatures:-Amazing 3D graphics-Motion keeps changingwith time.- You can choose from several different themes.- HDgraphics and open GL.- Optimized Battery Usage.- Compatible with99% mobile phone devices.The experience of traveling the world anddiscovering “natural beauty” is priceless. Walking in nature,through flower fields or through a dense green forest is one of thebest experiences you can have and “Landscape Wallpaper” isproviding you with it for free. To remember it longer you can takepictures of those wonderful places and beautiful landscapes, soevery time you look at each picture again the sensation you had innature will come back to you. By downloading this fascinating“Landscape Live Wallpaper” you’ll get a great opportunityexperience heaven on Earth every day! The true natural beauty isjust a glance away - right on the screen of your smart phone! Youcannot help but feel awestruck while gazing at the enchantedcountryside of the 'other Eden' of West Europe and its naturalwealth. Take a walk in your favorite natural environment, a flowerfield or a green forest in spring – pick one of the “LandscapeBackgrounds” you find the most soothing. Be inspired by the beautyof nature like natural poets, you don't have to coin verses, justeach gorgeous landscape, the changes of the season, springwonderland with flowers and waterfalls on your own “livewallpaper”. This wonderful set of backgrounds of green mountains,traditional gardens, ancient forests, hilly scenery covered withtrees, flowery meadows, sheep grazing areas and lush groves willtake your breath away and leave you in awe! A picturesque areablessed with rich nature can be decorating your phone or tabletscreen. Along with beautiful natural scenery and waterfall in everyseason, you can enjoy a hot spring spa with this beautiful naturewallpaper!If you are in need of some peace and quiet, discover allthe nature's miracles – this free live wallpaper can transport youto the beautiful lakes of Finland or the stunning hills andmountains of the Scottish highlands. All the magical landscapes inBritain are waiting to beautify your screen and put a serene smileon your face. Go out in the sun, smell the fresh air, and work outthose legs!!! Download “Landscape Live Wallpaper”now for free andenjoy the beauty of nature, regardless of where you are. Let thenature inspire you and bring out the best in you while you discoverthe most precious natural wonders in the world!*Android is atrademark of Google Inc.
Beautiful Mosques LWP APK
Embellish your mobile phone with the mostremarkable temples of Islamic religion! Beautiful Mosques LiveWallpaper brings you many 3D desktop images of fantastic Muslimarchitecture! Get the free download right now and you will beenchanted by each and every ‘’beautiful mosque’’ offered by thismobile application! Are you tired of your old live wallpaper? Ifthat is the case, don’t worry! Download this mosque theme and giveyour Android ™ phone a totally new look! Celebrate Islam every daywith these religious background images on your screen! Set a Godpicture as your screensaver and let everybody see that you are atrue believer! When you are troubled by worries and problems, justlook at the display of your galaxy phone – the wall paper of oneand only Allah will make all your anxiety disappear! Find thesolution to your problems in wise Quran quotes and let these HDwallpapers be your spiritual guide!Follow the installation instructions:Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers* You can choose from lots of different Islamic backgroundwallpapers!* Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!Praise be to Allah, one and only Lord! Is there a better place toconnect with the Almighty than a wonderful mosque? There is no needto travel around the world in order to visit the most significantIslamic mosques! Get ‘’Beautiful Mosques Live Wallpaper’’ and theseholy places will come to you! Masjid al-Haram and the Holy Mosquein Mecca are within your hand’s reach! Go on a Hajj pilgrimage andvisit one of the holiest places in Islam – the Kaaba! ‘’Islamiclive wallpaper’’ looks so vivid that you can feel the excitementwhile performing a formal worship or Salah surrounded by hundredsof people! Travel to Medina and reveal the beauty of Al-Masjidal-Nabawi or the Mosque of the Prophet! As soon as you step intothe enchanting temple, you will be enlightened by the wise words ofMuhammad! The image of mosques in Singapore and Jerusalem willleave you breathless! Select from many ‘’mosque wallpapers’’ andchoose one to inspire you and to be your light at the end of thetunnel! This masjid HD wallpaper will lead you to Sultan AhmedMosque, Badshahi Mosque and other sacred temples in order to helpyou find your inner peace!‘’Allah wallpaper’’ offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy thescenery of the most beautiful mosques in the world! With the helpof this free app, you will never again forget your prayer time!Respect all five pillars of Islam and always check the lunarcalendar to see whether it is time for the holy month of Ramadan!Don’t forget to abstain from alcohol, smoking and food during themost significant lent ever! Ramazan is the perfect time to purifyyour soul and to reconnect with the Lord! Discover all ‘’Allahnames’’ and pick your favorite one! Let this unique wallpaper forAndroid be your mosque finder! This is definitely one of the bestIslamic apps on the market! Immerse yourself in a place filled withspiritual energy and be mesmerized by the fantastic mosquedesign!Don’t waste more time! One of the most exquisite ‘’mobile apps’’awaits you! Download Beautiful Mosques LWP completely free ofcharges and make you Galaxy exude spiritual energy! This isdefinitely going to become a favourite HD theme to all Muslims! Getthe free download right now and share it with all Muslim brothersand sisters! Enjoy!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.* This app is ad-supported.
Optical Illusion LWP 7.1 APK
Fool your brain with mighty Optical Illusion LWP! We bring you 10background images of fascinating visual phenomena! Get the ‘’freedownload’’ at this moment and exercise your mind! Enjoy thecollection of the most amazing optical illusions on the app store!Free your mind and think outside the box! Set a visual illusionimage on your screen and step into the world of brain teasers! Amere look at your Android ™ phone will make you feel mesmerized!This free app is an excellent way to rest in your spare time – youcan spend hours carefully looking at ‘’optical illusion pics’’ andtrying to realize what is happening! Download this magical livewallpaper right now and have fun!Check out our Facebook page formore free livewallpapers: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Live-Wallpaper-HD-3D/1424292044460976-Optical illusions app - the coolest LWP for your smartphone on themarket!- Interactive feature: Keep tapping on the screen and newimages will appear immediately!- Full support for landscape modeand home-screen switching!- This animated background willdefinitely be your best choice!Follow the installationinstructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers- Motion of flashes and lights keeps changing with time.-You can choose from lots of different themes.- HD graphics and openGL.- Optimized Battery Usage.- Compatible with 99% mobile phonedevices.- ‘’Optical Illusion LWP’’ fully supports horizontalorientation and looks amazing on tablet devices as well asphones.Get ready to be mesmerized by various colourful visualillusions! There is a great number of illusions – weird circles,strange lines, color illusions, moving circles and many more!Choose one of many abstract wallpapers and put it on your galaxyphone! Everyone will be fascinated as soon as they see your newmind game! Share it with your friends and family, they will loveit! Take your Android mobile and dive into the world which differsfrom our objective reality! If you search for cool opticalillusions that will entertain you, you’ve come to the right place!Abstract backgrounds are waiting to fool your mind! Play with yourfriends and try to beat your brain!‘’Optical illusions andhallucinations’’ are here to create an image you will not believeyour eyes! Reveal how your brain is fooled by these pictures! It’sfun, try it out! And it is good for both adults and children!Download these optical illusions for kids and reveal how theirbrain works! Take a deep look at a swirling pillar, ambiguous imageor motion illusion! Let numerous optical effects influence yourbrain and discover how they will be interpreted! ‘’Trick yourmind’’ with geometric and paradox illusions! The incredible desktoppictures will mislead you into seeing things that may not be real!Check out each and every ‘’magical illusion’’ to see how your eyesplay tricks on you!Do these HD wallpapers make you see objectsmoving in the picture? You might want to take a better look! Arethey really moving or are these the effects of abstract illusions?Download one of the best Android apps on the market – opticalillusions free, and find out! Gaze at impossible figures whichdeceive a human eye! With these ‘’optical illusion puzzles’’ onyour desktop, you will feel like you are hallucinating – theseunbelievable images are so addictive that you will never get boredof them and you will keep coming back for more!Download OpticalIllusion Live Wallpaper and reveal amazing visual delusions thatyou’ve never seen before! Train your brain and have fun at the sametime! Enjoy!* Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc. * This app isad-supported.