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Church Locator is an Online Android application for mobile devicesto find your nearest Catholic Church in the Warangal Diocese ofTelangana, India. An initiative of CJITS Jesus Youth, data providedby Wrangal Diocese. Technically partnered with EthicCodersTechnologies

App Information Church Locator (Warangal)

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    Church Locator (Warangal)
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    March 24, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Jesus Youth
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    #501, S.S Nest Apt's, Street No. 8, Habsiguda, Hyderabad - 500007
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*v1.2 (updates): - Added zoom controls on each screen to adjustfont size. - 'Move to sd card' feature added. - FacebookIntegration: Long press on any verse to post the verse with yourmessage. - UI for ldpi & mdpi screen devices updated *v1.1(updates): - Acts of the Apostle empty content fix - App Minversion required raised to API level 8 *v1.0: First of its kind ofMalayalam Bible on Android! Has features like: * Easy Tab basednavigation for Books, Chapters & Verses from one screen *Traverse through each chapters & verses with ease through ourprev & next icons. * Pre-embedded Malayalam Keyboard for versesearch functionality * Even supports english book, chapter &particular verse search functionality too Coming soon: * Bookmarks& notes * Send verse as SMS, * Post Verse via Twitter, etc.. @Supported & Maintained by Jesus Youth
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Features: - Easy full screen bible verse reading for your ease. -Easy books, chapters & verse selection by 'sliding drawer'. -Font size selector for user's comfort. - English book, chapter& verse search. - Integrated Hindi Keyboard to search specificHindi words in the bible. (Just enable the keyboard when needed) -Last read verse state is saved automatically, so that whenever yourelaunch the app, you can continue from where you left. ~ A jointventure of Jesus Youth International and archdiocese of Delhi.Database courtesy Bible Mitr, archdiocese of Bhopal and appdeveloped by EthicCoders.
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Features: - Easy to use full screen bible verse reading. - Easy touse pull up drawer to select any book, chapter and verse. -Introduction page prior to all the books in the bible. - Pinch tozoom for Multi - touch devices and zoom tab for non Multi - touchdevices. - Favorite verse selection by just double tapping thefavorite verse. - Background music while user is reading (on/offusers preference). - Konkani (Kannada script) keyboard for advancedsearch of words in Konkani (Kannada script). - Voice based search(English) of the bible book with or without chapter and verse. -Saves the last read state automatically so next time theapplication is opened you read it from where you left. Backgroundmusic Courtesy : Mickey Dalisay http://www.facebook.com/mikeydeehIcons Courtesy : www.mysitemyway.com ~A joint venture of theDiocese of Mangalore and Jesus Youth Mangalore. App developed byEthicCoders.
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We bring the Jesus Youth Prayer Shelf @ your fingertips! Features *Track your prayer time spent each day * Each prayer day jeweledwith particular saint images * * Tween animation for text switching~ An Initiative of Jesus Youth International in collaboration withEthicCoders @CoverFlow Module - Courtesy Neil Davies(http://www.inter-fuser.com/)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------If one is wondering what Jesus Youth Prayer is all about, then readon: Prayer is a stepping out into the presence of the Divine, goingbeyond the here and now, but, at the same time, opening up the hereand now to the grace and action of the Lord. The Divine Masterspoke of the fine mixing of the two dimensions of the life ofanyone committed to the Call. “Every scribe who has been trainedfor the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out ofhis treasure what is new and what is old” (Mt. 13:52). The JesusYouth Prayer combines the rich heritage of Christian prayer withthe contemporary modes of spontaneity and Spirit-led dynamism Ourmanner of prayer will surely determine the quality and style of ourlife. This is true of the individual, but more so of a movement. Inthe Jesus Youth Prayer there are very traditional as well ascreative and dynamic elements. Entering into the serenity and depthof the time-tested traditional patterns of prayer will graduallyform a person rooted in the spiritual heritage of the ages andensure faithfulness to the little things of life (Mt. 25:21). Atthe same time the joyful spontaneity and a Spirit evoked livelyparticipation will stir up a new zeal for the Lord and lead one toa creative commitment to the Kingdom. A wholesome prayer results inwholesome Christian life, balancing our commitment to the love ofGod and commitment to be present in the world today. In the JesusYouth movement there are prayer meetings which follow theCharismatic style of fully spontaneous leadership andparticipation, but in a small group gathering, in the meeting of aJesus Youth Team or other fellowship gatherings, the Jesus YouthPrayer will be quite appropriate. For a person new to fellowshipprayer, the present mode will be helpful for easy participation. Onthe other hand, for those experienced in participative prayer, theJesus Youth Prayer will open up new depths of inner life andspiritual discipline. Seven Steps The present prayer formatinspired by the traditional patterns of community prayers in theChurch has the following steps: 1. Introductory: The prayer beginswith the sign of the cross and the community renews itsparticipation in the life of the Trinity. This is followed by ashort time of singing and spontaneous praising. 2. Psalter: Thepsalm is prayed alternating between two sections. This could befollowed by a longer time of songs, free praise and livelyspontaneous prayers. Its duration could depend on the timeavailable and the occasion. 3. Word of God: A suitable passage fromthe Bible is read. A time of silent recollection for a few minutescould follow. 4. Reflection on the Word of God: Many could sharetheir insights during this time. But in a more formal setting oneperson could be asked to share the reflection. 5. Response: Aprayer of response using the meditations or prayers of a saint willsurely lead us towards greater depth in spiritual life. 6.Intercession: The group, at this stage, spontaneously articulatesvarious needs and all join in interceding for these intentions. 7.Conclusion: With the Lord’s Prayer and blessing the prayer comes toa close.
Divya Pooja Patanaalu 3.7.0 APK
Jesus Youth
The Holy Eucharist is the source and summit of Christian Life (LG.11). Jesus instituted the Eucharist at Last supper and asked theApostles “Do this in memory of me” (Lk 22:19). Thus from Apostolictimes, the Church has been celebrating the Holy Massuninterruptedly (Acts 2:46). The present form of celebrating theHoly Mass has two tables, the Table of the Word and the Table ofthe Bread (GIRM Chapter II. No.28).The Church officially providesthe Lectionary with fixed biblical texts for proclaiming the WORDin the daily celebration of Holy Mass (GILH Chapter II,Nos.36&37). Many great saints have experienced the grace of theWord of God which helped them to participate in the Liturgy “fully,consciously and actively” (SC. 14). The Readings nourish theparticipants with strength to put the message into practice andwitness to Jesus’ love and service to the larger society (SC. 10).To help the people of God for proper preparation to read and tolisten to the Word of God in daily Mass, various aids are madeavailable, for example: Liturgical diaries, Reflections, Sermonbooks, I- breviary, Loudate , Websites, etc. In the age ofelectronics, digital media plays a prominent role in theproclamation of the Word. I am happy to launch the Liturgicalreadings Telugu App, “DIVYA POOJA PATANAALU”. It is a layinitiative that would help the Telugu speaking Catholic World, bothClergy and Laity in accessing the daily Mass Readings in theirsmart phones right on their palms. This App is not meant for usagein Liturgy but a timely tool for preparation for properparticipation in Holy Eucharist. I specially appreciate and thankJesus Youth (Warangal unit) and EthicCoders Technologies, who haveworked hard to make this app a reality. May God's choicest Blessingbe upon them and may they continue to serve the Church throughtechnology and other innovations. God Bless the Church in TeluguNaadu. + Udumala Bala, Bishop of Warangal & Chairman of TCBCCommission for Liturgy March 24, 2017
Jesus Youth 2.6 APK
Jesus Youth
Dear Friends, After much reflection and prayer, to unite ourmovement in prayer and in the word of God, we started selecting averse from scripture and preparing reflections from Jan 2014onwards. The 'daily prayer of a Jesus Youth' was introduced in May2015. For the first two years, we had scripture verses based on our6 pillars. We completed it in Dec 2015 and started the reflectionsbased on the theme of 'Mercy of God' from Jan 2016. We havecompleted 12 reflections now. As we move into 2017, we will becontinuing with the reflections on the pillars. We will have 4sections for each reflection - 'Scripture', 'Reflection', 'Saint'squote' and 'To Do’ We will also be preparing an audio version ofthe reflections for easy listening. We urge you to be faithful tothis little commitment to be united in prayer and word with therest of the Jesus Youth members around the world and also encouragethe JYs around you to be steadfast in this edifying habit. Hopethese reflections will help us to continue our journey moreintimately with Him. Jesus Youth International Formation Team
Church Locator (Warangal) 2.2 APK
Jesus Youth
Church Locator is an Online Android application for mobile devicesto find your nearest Catholic Church in the Warangal Diocese ofTelangana, India. An initiative of CJITS Jesus Youth, data providedby Wrangal Diocese. Technically partnered with EthicCodersTechnologies
Take Off 1.1 APK
Jesus Youth
First Jesus Youth National Professionals Conference App. Date:26-28, JanVenue: ChennaiGet updates and more!An Initiative of JesusYouth Professionals Ministry!