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“ ‘The Teacher says: My appointed time is near. I am going tocelebrate the Passover with my disciples at your house’ ” (Matthew26:18). The World Mission Society Church of God is the only Churchin the world that keeps the New Covenant Passover according to theteachings of Jesus Christ. The Passover, which was establishedthrough Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, is the promise to give usthe forgiveness of sins and eternal life. And also, the Passover isJesus’ promise to allow us to escape disasters. Through all ages,those who kept the Passover escaped disasters, and those who didnot perished. We hope that you will receive the forgiveness ofsins, eternal life and salvation by keeping the New CovenantPassover.

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WMC Binder ( English ) 2.201601120 APK
This application is provided by the WorldMission Society Church of God to introduce the word and the truthof God.The members of the Church of God website (www.watv.org) can usethis application.“Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; sohear the word I speak and give them warning from me.” (Ezekiel3:17)The WMC Binder provides various functions and videos to preach theword of God and help people understand it.“Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens,and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for everand ever.” (Daniel 12:3)We hope that this can help you find eternal life and the way to thekingdom of heaven.[Major Functions]1. Introducing the Church of God2. Present status of the Churches of God throughout the world3. News about Church’s contribution to society and videos4. Electronic survey5. Binder about the truth6. Videos about the truth7. Other materials8. Bible verses about the truthThe members of the Church of God website (www.watv.org) can usethis application.
본 앱은 하나님의교회 세계복음선교협회에서 제공하는 앱으로 하나님의 말씀과 하나님의참 진리를 소개하는 내용 입니다.“인자야 내가 너를 이스라엘 족속의 파수꾼으로 세웠으니 너는 내 입의 말을 듣고 나를 대신하여 그들을 깨우치라 ”(에스겔 3:17)WMC 바인더는 하나님의 말씀을 전하고 이해하기에 유용하도록 제작된 다양한 기능과 영상물을 제공합니다.“지혜 있는 자는 궁창의 빛과 같이 빛날 것이요. 많은 사람을 옳은 데로 돌아오게 한 자는 별과 같이 영원토록비취리라” (다니엘 12:3)영원한 생명과 천국의 길을 찾는 데 기여할 수 있기를 바랍니다.[주요 기능]1. 하나님의 교회 소개2. 국내와 전 세계의 교회현황3. 사회공헌 소식과 영상4. 전자 설문지5. 진리소개 바인더6. 하나님의 교회 진리영상7. 기타 자료8. 진리 소개용 성구- 본 어플은 하나님의교회 웹사이트(www.watv.org) 정회원이 사용할 수 있습니다.This app is the contentthat introduces the true Word of God and the truth of God in appsavailable from the World Mission Society Church of God."Son, I made you a watchman for the house of Israel, and you'veheard the words of my mouth Chirag wake them instead of me."(Ezekiel 3:17)WMC Binder offers a variety of features and videos designed toconvey useful to understand the Word of God."The wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament. Manypeople return to righteousness will shine forever as oneperson-specific "(Daniel 12:03)I hope I can contribute to finding the way to eternal life andheaven.[main function]1. Introduction to the Church of God2. Status of domestic and world church3. Social Responsibility News and Video4. The electronic questionnaire5. Truth About binder6. visual truth of God Church7. Other Resources8. Introduction to Scripture for the truth- This app is the Church of God website (www.watv.org) membershipis available.
WATV MyPage 1.201809060 APK
This app is designed to help the members in studying God’s wordsfor themselves. - It offers the Teachings of Mother. - You canmanage the number of reading of the Bible. - You can manage thenumber of reading of the Truth Book. - You can manage the number ofpreaching of the [Sermon 50] subjects. etc. The members of theChurch of God website (www.watv.org) can use this application.
WMC Academy APK
The members of the Church of God website (www.watv.org) can usethis application.
Church of God, Intro Video 1.201810240 APK
The Church of God was established in 1964, and until today over7,000 local Churches have been established all around the world.2,700,000 members of the Church believe in Christ Ahnsahnghong theSecond Coming Jesus and Heavenly Mother, who have come as theSaviors according to the prophecies of the Bible in the age of theHoly Spirit. The Church of God is carrying out the movement torestore the faith of the early Church and the truth of the newcovenant throughout the world, and also taking the lead inrestoring the spiritually devastated world by practicing love andgood deeds, following the teachings of Mother. The Church of Godreceived Queen's Award for Voluntary Service(UK, 2016) and receivedPresident’s Volunteer Service Award(US, 2011, 2014, 2015) for 3times. We hope that this video will help you find the way toeternal life and the kingdom of heaven.
리포메이션 ( reformation ) 1.1 APK
하나님의교회 웹사이트(www.watv.org) 정회원 중, 승인된 자에 한 해 사용할 수 있습니다.Of theChurch of God website (www.watv.org) membership, can be used by theauthorized party.
하나님의 교회 1.0 APK
[이웃과 함께하는 하나님의 교회]- 재난구호에 앞장서는 하나님의교회- 지구환경정화운동을 실천하는 하나님의 교회-헌혈릴레이를 이어나가는 하나님의교회- 이웃사랑나누기에 함께하는 하나님의교회- 학생,대학생 봉사활동을 이끌어 가는하나님의교회- 본 앱은 하나님의교회 웹사이트(www.watv.org) 정회원이 사용할 수 있습니다.
WMSCOG 1.20170216 APK
The World Mission Society Church of God(WMSCOG) has over 2.5million members in 175 different countries with over 2,500 churchesworldwide. Doing blood donations, disaster relief, helping ourneighbors, environmental clean ups, helping hand for rural areas,as supporters and so on. Carrying out the role of being the saltand light in the world. Here upon receiving the Korean President'saward, the American President's volunteering service award and theGreat Britain's greatest service award "The Queen's Award forVoluntary Service", along with many as much as 2,000 awards fromall over the world. The WMSCOG application is a global appintroducing the homepage of the Church of God with news andinformation. [Information] 1) The local Church of God homepagefeaturing their community culture. 2) Allowing to have access to avariety of service activities of the local church news. 3) News ofthe local church being awarded. [Function] 1) The first time usingthis app, choose your nationality. 2) After choosing yournationality the app will connect you straight to their homepage. 3)If you have any questions, you can e-mail the church homepageadministrator. Let's find the Church of God near us through thisapplication. You can find members of the church following theteachings of Mother in a harmonious family like atmosphere. Wishingyou can find the way of eternal life and Kingdom of Heaven.