2.1 / April 29, 2016
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Play this fun make-up game! Take a look at this girl: she coulddefinitely use some skin treatments. Come, let's visit the beautysalon together. First a mask to cleanse her skin, now rinse theskin and apply some nourishing cream. Her pimples and otherimpurities have vanished! Now let's take care of those eyebrows.Now, that's much better! This girl is ready to go out and enjoy thefirst warm summer days. Can you help her pick out a nice hairdo andsome pretty make-up?features:❤ spa treatment❤ protein masks❤ skintreatment❤ 10 different eyebrows❤ 10 different noses❤ spatreatment❤ beauty treatment❤ tanning Salon❤ 6 different hairstyles❤ 30 different hair colors❤ 8 different dresses❤ 30 differentcolor dresses❤ eye shadow❤ nail polish

App Information Cinderella’s Spa – Spa Game

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    Cinderella’s Spa – Spa Game
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    April 29, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Postbus 50 8140 AB Heino The Netherlands
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Now you can be Cinderella and learn all about her! Once upon a timethere was a girl called Cinderella. Her mother had passed away andher dad got remarried to a woman with two daughters of her own. Thewoman and the two daughters made Cinderella work as a maid,cleaning the house. One day there was a large ball held by thecountry's prince. Cinderella was invited but couldn't come becauseshe didn't have any beautiful dresses. She cried of sadness anddisappointment... Play the game and read how this story ends. Byspotting the differences between the pictures you will read thefairytale little by little. In the accompanying video you can seehow you play the game.Do you know the story of Cinderella? Onceupon a time there was a girl. After her mother died, her father gotmarried to a new wife who had to daughters. The wife and the twodaughters were very mean; they treated her unfairly and let her doall the dirty jobs in the whole house. One day, a letter of theking arrived, inviting all the pretty girls in the country to cometo his castle. This would allow his son to choose the mostbeautiful girl of the country to get married with. Cinderellawanted to go, too, but the mean stepmother only offered a nicedress to her own daughters. Of course Cinderella couldn't appear atthe king's castle wearing her old rags! When the stepmother and herdaughters had left to the castle, a good fairy came to Cinderella.The fairy conjured up a beautiful ball gown and glass slippers forher. A pumpkin and two mice were transformed into a carriage withhorses, but Cinderella must promise that she'll be home at 12o'clock: after, the magic would be broken! At the castle the princefell in love with beautiful Cinderella, but nobody knew who shewas, even her stepmother and stepsisters didn't recognize her. Thenthe tower bells sounded twelve times and Cinderella rushed to gethome. On her way, on the castle stairs, she lost one of her glassslippers. The prince traveled all through the country, in search ofthe girl whose foot the slipper would fit on. Each girl tried onthe shoe, but the only one whose foot it fit on was Cinderella. Theprince took Cinderella to his palace, where they got married andlived happily ever after! She has never had to clean anythingagain... In this game you'll read the whole story. Find all thedifferences and go for the highest score.