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Looking for Cinderella.Are you fond of fairytales with princesses?In this game Cinderella's playing the leading part. She's a sweetgirl who's unfairly treated by her stepmother and her twostepsisters. She has to wash and clean for them, and do all theother dirty jobs in the house. Her father's often travelling anddoesn't see what's happening at home. In this game you'll read howthe fairytale will continue. Play this Cinderella puzzle and havefun.

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    Cinderella Puzzles- free
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    April 19, 2016
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    Android 4.0 and up
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Alice in WonderlandIn this fun game Alice plays the leading role.Alice is sitting on a bench with her sister, and she's reallyrather bored. Suddenly, a white rabbit hops passes, checking itswatch and lamenting that it is going to be late. Alice follows therabbit down a hole where she finds a bottle with a note saying"drink me". Curious Alice drinks and finds herself shrinking! Shenow fits through a door in the corner of the room. Behind the doorthere is a lovely garden, and Alice decides to go for a walk. Inthe garden, she meets a caterpillar which is sitting on a largemushroom and smoking a water-pipe. When Alice walks through thesmoke rings the caterpillar is blowing, she begins to see the wholeworld shifting into strange shapes and colours. Luckily thisdoesn't last for long, and Alice continues following the rabbit.She finds herself at a tea party with the March Hare, the MadHatter and the rabbit. They are having a fight with Time, which iswhy it is always six o'clock in the afternoon there. Alice walks onfurther still and meets three gardeners who look like playingcards. They are painting roses red because they accidentallyplanted white roses. The Queen of Hearts comes into the garden withher guests, and the white rabbit is there, too. They are going toplay croquet, with hedgehogs for balls, flamingos for mallets andsoldiers for hoops. When they are back in the castle, they realisesomeone has stolen the Queen's tarts! The Queen is very angry andthinks that Alice has done it. Alice starts growing again, whichmakes the Queen certain that she is the culprit. All the Queen'ssubjects think Alice is guilty, too, and they almost throw her intoprison! At that moment, Alice wakes up on the bench next to hersister, and it seems that it all was a dream. In this game you readthe whole story.
Tropical Fashion Models Games 2.5 APK
Hi Girls! This is the newest fashion game from Mary.com! Mary.comis the quality fashion games developer! Play this tropical summergame too! It's hot outside. What a wonderful day to go to thebeach. Take a cool dip in the sea and have a refreshing drink atthe end of the day. These three friends would like a day out likethat. Choose a comfortable haircut that can stand the wind and givethe girls a waterproof make-up. Now the more important part comes:which bikini or shorts will they wear? You may choose for them.Experiment with different colors. I think these three friends willmake a splashing impression on the boys on the beach. You can alsowatch a short clip about you could play the game.There are 8different make up categories available in this new fashion game★Hairstyle – You can decide if you are going for a cut, trimmed orstyled hairstyle★ Hair color – After giving your fashion girl ahairstyle that’s right for TV stars top models and Famouscelebrities you can decide with hair color suit the best with thecool hairstyle!★ Contact lenses – Awesome, you can give your teentropical fashion girl a color contact that fits her outfit supercool★Mascara – Let the eyes come out by using the right mascara,put some mascara on the eyelashes for the princes dolllook!★Eyeshade – Put on some eyeshade so you girl will look evenmore stunning!★Blush – Blush is a fashion girl’s best friend,giving the cheerleader an super model look by putting on someblush.★Lipstick – In this free to play makeover girl game you canpick out one of six different lipstick colors!★Tanning salon – Andfinally give your Tropical Fashion Girl a healthy tan!When you havemade the Tropical Fashion Model girl look like a super model! It’sfinally time to perform the dress up part of this free girlgame.★Tropical Fashion girl outfit – Like a real fashion girl youneed to find a cool outfit that will look stunning on the fashiongirl.★Earrings – Super cool there are a lot of earrings to choosefrom, puck out a set that can match with the necklace that you willchoose!★Necklaces – Like I said pick out a necklace that lookstunning with your earrings!To switch to one of the other 2Tropical Fashion Models click on one of them in the game screen.Toplay on your pc or laptop go to:http://www.mary.com/tropical-fashion-models.htmlFollow us on:https://www.facebook.com/MaryGame
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Paris Girls is one of the brand new girl games from Mary.com! Doyou love dress up games for girls? Are you looking for nice fashiongames or good girl games now? Do you love fashion? Do you loveParis? These 3 girls definitely do! They love to do some shoppingin Paris to find the most fashionable outfits. And once you have areal Paris outfit, you'll need of course a trendy make up, too. Sothis will be a total Paris makeover for these 3 girls. I thinkyou'll love this great Paris Girls dress up game! Choose one of thefamous Parisians fashion dresses. In this dress up game you can: •Choose the color of the eyes of the girls • Hair style, eyeliner,lip gloss and many other girl things you can do • Choose abeautiful dress which you like most • Fit the clothes and make ofof the 3 girls so they make a perfect match! How to play: Open thegame and click Play to start this Mary.com quality game, firstlyplease choose your favorite eye color for the beautiful girl, thenyou’ll be free to do whatever on her face, such as putting BBcream, penciling her eyebrows. Moreover, you can find the brand newstuff in this game. Try lot’s of new haircuts for the girls, youcan also choose the hair color! If you don’t like the items youjust put on, please use the specified cleansing oil to remove them.After that choose your favorite clothes you like to put on yourgirl. To switch to one of the other 2 Paris girls click on one ofthem in the game screen. At last, why not take a photo for theamazing girl as one of your private collections forever. Thisclothes game features fashionable Paris style clothes. To play onyour pc or laptop go to: http://www.mary.com/paris-girls.htmlFollow us on: https://www.facebook.com/MaryGames
Beach Baby - Kids Games 2.1 APK
Beach Baby is a wonderful dress-up and decoration game by Mary.com.It’s now also available for your phone or tablet. Pick the cutestoutfits and accessories for each baby. What eye color will yourbabies have, and what hair color? Using the color tool you canselect your own color combinations for the baby clothes. The babieslove being dressed up by you. You can play endlessly with thesefunny babies. This is a Primavita game.
Wedding Shop - Wedding Dresses 1.4.6 APK
Wedding Shop - Wedding DressesHelp this girl in her bridal shop!It’s very busy in the shop with wedding dresses. All girls want tohave the perfect bridal gowns for her wedding.In this managementgame you need to help your customers to get the right dress, fitthe dresses and of course get your money! All these girls had aproposal from their prince charming and now looking for the perfectbridal gowns. They have a wedding planner to organise the weddingand the groom is looking for the right suit. so they have timeenough to look out for the best wedding dress. Help the girls intime, because otherwise they get angry and be real bridezilla! Somegirls like lace in the dress, or a cheap one, or they like onefashion dress. It’s their party, their choice. The most brides alsolike to have bridesmaids on their wedding party. Also thesebridesmaids need a beautiful dress from the wedding shop.WeddingShop - Wedding Dresses features:❤ Nice wedding pink theme game❤Management game with a lot of levels❤ Help the wedding planner❤Help the girls to find the perfect dress!❤ Hours of fun!❤ Easy toplay for kids of all agesWedding Shop - Wedding Dresses is a gamefrom Mary.com and one of the best free wedding shop and managementgames. We publish many different easy to play girl games apps. Wehope you will enjoy our Wedding Shop - Wedding Dresses and we hopeyou give us the love by liking our Facebook page. So we can keepyou up to date on our bridal gowns, bridesmaid, dressup games.★Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MaryGames
My Sweet Dog - Free Game 3.4.2 APK
Play the popular game My Sweet Dog by Mary.com on your phone andtablet computer. In the first level of this game, you'll be takingcare of a playful puppy called Frodo. You learn what is importantin the life of such a small pup. Because a dog can easily be yourcompanion for 10 to 15 years, it's important to bring it up right.Give him food and water. Play with him and take him out for walks.Wash him and make sure he gets enough sleep. If you do well, yourpuppy will grow into a lovely, happy and healthy dog. In the nextlevel you will be able to train him and win competitions with him.In the third level, he's too old for competing, and you will takeit easier. If you do well, you'll win photos of your dog! Thebetter you do, the more photos you will earn. In this game you'lllearn a lot about dogs. It takes a lot of time to raise and to takecare of dogs, but if you do it well, they will be true, loyalfriends. In the accompanying film, you can see how the game works.Love this sweet dog, like he loves you. To play on your pc orlaptop go to: http://www.mary.com/my-sweet-dog.html
Mary’s Horse 2 – Horse Games 2.3.2 APK
Come with Mary, she's going horseback riding. Can you help hersaddle her horse and find the right equestrian clothing? You canchange all the colors, so there are countless possiblecombinations.Features:❤ 10 hair styles❤ 30 different colors hair❤ 6colors contact lenses❤ 6 different eyebrows❤ 4 blusher❤ 6 lipstick❤6 eyeshadow❤ 6 mascara❤ 8 riding clothes❤ 8 riding boots❤ caps❤gloves❤ whip❤ scarf❤ 15 different horses❤ saddles❤ saddle cloth❤stables❤ meadowsTo play on your pc or laptop go to:http://www.mary.com/Mary-s-horse.htmlLike us on facebook:https://www.facebook.com/MaryGames
London Girls - Girl Games 2.2 APK
Do you love fashion? Do you love London? These three girlsdefinitely do! They love to do some shopping in London to find themost fashionable outfits. And once you have a real London outfit,you'll need of course a trendy make up, too. So this will be atotal British makeover for these 3 girls. I think you'll love thisgreat London Girls dress up game! To play on your pc or laptop goto: http://www.mary.com/london-girls.html Follow us on:https://www.facebook.com/MaryGames