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Swipe and collect as many coins as possible. Avoid the towers ifyouwant to survive. Very easy to play but very hard to reachhighscores.

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    June 18, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Wyverin Entertainment
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Lynn 1.5 APK
Fly into an amazing adventure alongsideLynnand his friends!Collect coins, avoid obstacles, and get the best score!
Star Quiz - Galaxy Fan Trivia 2.0 APK
✨ A unique experience forged a long time ago, in a galaxy far,faraway for all the fans of the most beloved Space Saga of alltime. 🎬From the original trilogy to the prequels and sequels, andeven oldrepublic and legends. Discover all there is to know aboutyourheroes. 🏆 FEATURES: - Over 700 levels. At the start it’s easy,butthe difficulty increases with each answer. - "BET THE FACT" -Inthis category, you have to answer questions related to themovies.If you are very sure about your solution, you can bet morecoins towin big. - If you get stuck don't stay there too much. Usehints orask your friends for help. - Easy to play for any person.The apphas a simple and intuitive user interface. This app wascreated byWyverin Entertainment with Love for all SW fans If youlike thegame, don't forget to write us a review on Google Play andonSocial Media.
Quiz for Walking Dead - Fan Trivia Game 2.0 APK
🎬 Are you a true fan of The Walking Dead? Then you are in therightplace! From the number of reviews, downloads and happyplayers,this is by far the best TWD Quiz. With over 10 seasons howmuch doyou remember about the adventures of Rick Grimes, DarylDixon, orNegan? Do you think you can answer all the Triviaquestions andname all the characters and actors? We are not sosure. Less than8% of all players were able to finish the game. Areyou one ofthem? Prove to us that the new world is gonna need you todefeatThe Walkers, Whisperers, and Saviors. Don’t be a Zombie! BeaSurvivor! 🏆 FEATURES: - Hundreds of levels. The start is easy,butthe more you play, the difficulty increases. - "BET THE FACT" -Inthis category, you have to answer questions related to the worldofTWD. If you are certain about a solution, you can bet more coinstowin big. - De-Pixelate the Locations" game mode – Try to guessthelocations from the pixelated images, from Atlanta and Alexandriatothe Kingdom and the Sanctuary. How many can you guess? - If yougetstuck don't stay there too much. Use hints or ask your friendsforhelp. - Easy to play for any person. The app has a simpleandintuitive user interface. You are a part of this Universe, sodon’tFear The Walking Dead! This app was created byWyverinEntertainment with Love for all TWD fans. If you like thisgame,don’t forget to write us a creative review on Google Play andonSocial Media, we read all of them!
Quiz for Money Heist - CDP Fan Trivia 2.0 APK
🎬 If Casa de Papel is one of your favorite series, you are intheright place. ⭐️ Based on almost 250 positive reviews fromover10.000 people, this is the best quiz game about the MoneyHeistshow. You can find in the same app levels about Characters,Actorsand Facts from all seasons. But how many things can youremember?Test your knowledge and refresh them. You can even learnnew ones.Invite your friends and play together this game. Compareyourscores to see who is the master of Casa de Papel. No matter ifyouare from Tokyo, Rio, Berlin, Moscow, Helsinki, Nairobi, OsloorDenver, you can play this game from all over the world. 🏆FEATURES:- More than 200 levels from all seasons, withincreasingdifficulty, level by level. - Facts category (with BETTHE FACTfeature included) - How sure you are that you know theanswer forone question? Make a correct bet, assume the risk and winbig. -Characters category - For sure is easy to guess the imagewith ElProfesor, but what about a picture with the kid of Nairobi.Do youremember his name? - Actors category - Do you know the realname ofTokyo? Yes, Úrsula Corberó is the right answer. Try to guessthemall now! No single dollar was stoled from the Spanish NationalBankto produce this app. It was made only from the passion forthisshow and with love for the fans. Feel free to enjoy it!Don'tforget to write a review on Play Store or on our Social Mediaifyou love this game. Thank you!
Impossible Bunny 1.2 APK
Guide the Bunny through the woods and helphimeat as much carrots as he can to unlock new friends to playwith.But beware of the dangers that lies in the forest.FEATURES:• Hard but Addictive!• Endless Gameplay!• In Game Shop with 24 characters to play with!• Beat high scores and challenge yourself and your friends!• Free to Play!HOW TO PLAY:Touch & Drag to Move the Bunny.A Universal Game by Wyverin Entertainment.
Quiz for Rick & Morty - Fan Trivia Universe 2.0 APK
🧠 Are you ready to embark on an adventure of knowledge with RickandMorty? 🎬 If you are a true fan of this animated cartoon, thenthisis the perfect app for you. How much do you remember aboutwhathappened in this series, and how many characters can you name,fromMr. Meeseeks and Elon Tusk to Pickle Rick and Jerry. Less than12%of all the player base was able to finish the game. Are youamongthem? Make Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith proud! 🏆 FEATURES:-Hundreds of levels. The start is easy, but the more you play,thedifficulty increases. - "BET THE FACT" - In this category, youhaveto answer to questions related to the world of R&M. If youarecertain about a solution, you can bet more coins to win big.-De-Pixelate the Locations" game mode – Try to guess thelocationsfrom the pixelated images, from Snake Planet and BirdWorld toNeverpastbedtimeland. How many can you guess? - If you getstuckdon't stay there too much. Use hints or ask your friends forhelp.- Easy to play for any person. The app has a simple andintuitiveuser interface. Oh, boy, so you actually learned somethingtoday?What is this, Full House? This app was created byWyverinEntertainment with Love for all R&M fans. If you likethisgame, don’t forget to write us a creative review on Google Playandon Social Media, we read all of them!
Circlen't 1.0 APK
Swipe and collect as many coins as possible. Avoid the towers ifyouwant to survive. Very easy to play but very hard to reachhighscores.
Italian Football Quiz - Serie A Trivia 1.0 APK
Can you guess all Serie A players, legends, managers,teams,stadiums, facts, fans, or referees from Serie A? This isanall-in-one app where you can test your knowledge in Serie ATIMLeague. There are a lot of questions about Italian Footballhistorythat are waiting for your answer. But that’s not all. Forsure thatthere are a lot of amazing other teams from Serie B oreven Seric Cin Italy, so we included them all in this trivia app.Invite yourfriends, download now this game, and complete all thefootballtrivia levels before them! You will see your progress inalivescore bar. How many World Cup did Italy miss? Or whatwasItaly's biggest victory? Come and find out or prove that youknowhow to answer these questions! No other league facts or playersareincluded in this game. It is specially designed only forItalianfans. 🏆 FEATURES: - Over 650 Pics from all categories! Thisis thehighest number of levels from any other football game ontheItalian Serie A topic. - Levels may be easy first, but thentheybecome harder and more challenging step by step. - Great GameMode”BET THE FACT” – You like to risk? Bet if you can GuesstheQuestion Right. The more you bet, the more you Win! - GameMode:"Erase the LOGOS" – Do you know all the badges from Italy?FromJuventus to AC Milan or AS Roma? It sounds easy, but what iftheyare covered and you see just a little part? - GameMode:"De-Pixelate the FANS" – If you see some blue T-shirts, maybeLazioor Atalanta, but surprise! They are from Napoli. - GameMode:“Planks” – Aim and Shoot! Discover all the Legends ofItalianFootball! Players like Roberto Baggio or Francesco Totti,they areall here. - Get Hints and Remove letters if you are stuck,don’thesitate too much! - Easy to play for anyone. All you need todo isto remember and test your football knowledge. This game wascreatedby Wyverin Entertainment for football fans in Italy and fromallover the world. Enjoy it and continue to support thisamazingsport! Together we take it further to the next generations.Pleasegive us feedback on Google Play or our social media if youenjoyedthe app. You can stay in touch with us on Instagramat@wyverin_ent.