1.0 / February 16, 2017
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One of the most addictive and twisted puzzle you ever playedbefore.Circles Pair is mind blowing game with lot of sweet twistand easy gameplay must entertain you. The concept is very simple,There are two different color balls one is green and other one isyellow you just have to tap to jump left side for green ball andright side for yellow ball and avoid colliding the obstacles alsoavoid both ball collide each other.The game seem easy in start butafter spending some time you feel it’s difficulties and they stopyou within a seconds.Are you ready to accept a new speedy addictivechallenge ?Circles Pair is perfect for killing time, leisure,training brain, the connection with family and friends.It is one ofthose games where you get frustrated if you get stuck, yet you willcontinue to play for hours until you beat the high score.What areyou waiting for? Download our game and enjoy the best twisted gameon store Circles Pair! How to Play:◉ Tap left side to jump greendot◉ Tap right side to jump yellow dot◉ Avoid collidingGameFeatures:◉ Easy to Learn, Hard to Master.◉ 3D + HD Graphic, Fun& Very Addicted◉ Impossible Challenges◉ Brainless Control◉Amazing Game-Play◉ Small Memory Occupation◉ Totally Free◉ StunningAudio◉ Cool driveEnjoy the game and go far as maximum as you canand set a new high score.Feel free to send us your preciousfeedback.

App Information Circles Pair

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    Circles Pair
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    February 16, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    1855 Cessna Drive Fort Wayne
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Impossible Addicting Charge! is an extremely simple, yet highlyaddicting game. Your task is to make sure that at each level, thebattery has a good enough charge on it. Beware, this will be anImpossible Charge! situation. It will not be so easy to not run outof juice!Impossible Addicting Charge! is a very simple and fungame. It is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours. In yourfree time, it will be one of the most played games ever. Charge,charge and charge!Impossible Addicting Charge! is an endless game.It has infinite number of levels. The levels are createddynamically. So there is no need to worry that what you will do ifthe levels are finished. The only end is when you will give up inthis addicting charge game.Features- Easy to play, hard to go far-Play it anywhere- Endless gameplay of pure fun- Full of surprises-Full track of your stats- Leaderboard- Achievements- Easy sharingwith friends- Screenshot sharing- Beautiful minimalist graphics-Cool soundsImpossible Addicting Charge! is an easy to play gamebecause of its simple and fun addicting gameplay. But it is hard tomaster as it requires pure timing and logical skills. You can playit anywhere. While waiting for bus, while in toilet. Anywhere,anytime. Unlike other batteries charging games, this game does nothave limited levels. Instead, it is endless. And the difficultygrows with each coming level. Some levels are so hard that youmight start to feel frustrated. But keep calm and charge thebatteries!The game is not static. It understands user behaviorintelligently and therefore, gives surprises. Just when you willfeel you are dominating the game, there will be a surprise for youto give you a tough time.Several statistics are recorded so that atany time, you can know about your progress.There is a leaderboardin the game. It means you compete not only with yourself, butglobally with other Impossible Addicting Charge! players around theworld. There are also several exciting achievements in the gamewhich give you points for your skills.You can easily show yourskills to your friends by using the share feature in the game. Youcan even share screenshots!The graphics are simple and minimalist.Sound effects are also cool.PERMISSIONS:- Photos, media, and files(OPTIONAL)The above permission is required to take and sharescreenshot with your friends. If you don't grant this permission,there will be no effect on the gameplay.Lastly, have a great timeand enjoy the game. Send me your precious feedback so that we canmake the game better together. Your feedback means a lot to me.Rate this game. Share it with your friends.Happy charging!
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Wood Ninja, One the most advance Wood Slayer Cutter where you havecut the wood into pieces.Have you ever cut wood before with yourown hand ? It’s time to cut it. Are you ready to chop the wood?Ninja have the best blade cutter in the world it’s cut fast enougheven you shock.It’s amaze you with it’s speed efficiency and powermind blowing. The mission is simple, You just have tap to cut thewood but you need attention, focus and concentration, if you missthen it’s cause game loss and you have to start from initialpoint.Are you ready to chop the tree to utilise the wood for youpersonal use home, furniture, box, boat and lot of others.Don’teven try to think game seem easy it’s prove you wrong within a timeseconds.The game is fully contain lot of twist and challenges makethis game more attractive and interested for game lovers.Are youready to play this mind blowing and sweet arcade type game ?How toPlay:◉ Tap to chop the wood tree◉ Tap to slyer the wood intomultiple pieces◉ Don’t miss a single one to get high scoreGameFeatures:◉ Easy to Learn, Hard to Master.◉ HD Graphic, Fun &Very Addicted◉ Impossible Challenges◉ Brainless Control◉ AmazingGame-Play◉ Small Memory Occupation◉ Totally FreeEnjoy the game andgo far as maximum as you can and set a new high score.Feel free tosend us your precious feedback.
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