1.3 / June 10, 2017
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Beautiful scenery, glow lights over the watersurface. Excellent picture that shows what and how living cityafter sunset. The dynamic and colorful live wallpaper will lookgreat on your phone.

✓ Amazing 3D live wallpaper for your phone!
✓ Animated pictures decorating your screen;
✓ Full support for landscape mode and home - screenswitching!
✓ Amazing HD graphics;
✓ This beautiful, free and enjoyable background is waiting foryou!
✓ Optimized Battery Usage
✓ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.
✓ The wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so thislive wallpaper will not drain your battery.

Check out this stunning new app that will take you on a trip aroundthe world and show you breathtaking landscapes of world’s biggestmetropolises, City at Night Live Wallpaper! Explore topdestinations such as New York, Tokyo, Toronto, Berlin or Dubai!Amazing HD background images of exclusive hotels, expensiveshopping malls, trade centers and flashing neon lights illuminatingthe perfect city night will leave speechless! Go on a night tour ofa metropolis that lives a life of its own. Feel free to get lostamong huge skyscrapers and download this urban live wallpaper rightnow, free of charge!

You might not be able to afford to visit world’s top metropolis,but City at Night Live Wallpaper will let you take a peek at busystreets of stunning cities from the most unbelievable perspectives.It offers you panoramic view of breathtaking skyscrapers, whichwill make your head spin with excitement!
You will get an amazing opportunity to see some of the mostexpensive cities on the planet. Various cosmopolitan metropolisesfamous for their skyscrapers, tallest buildings in the world,luxurious hotels, biggest and the most expensive shopping malls,rich night life and much more in just one amazing livewallpaper!
Visit miraculous cities that never sleep with unique City NightLive Wallpaper. Tokyo, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles or Paris;just choose your favorite destination and these unique “highresolution pictures” will take you among unbelievably tallbuildings that almost reach the sky! Bright lights of magicalcolors will dazzle you and you will be overwhelmed with thewonderful night landscape of many different metropolises. With thisbrand new “city night wallpaper “you will get the chance to see andfeel a part of the excitement that these cities bring.
Amazing „night city HD images“ will take your breath away and youwill be hooked on to your new „live wallpaper“ with wonderful„night landscapes“ of metropolis. If you dream about expensive andluxurious lifestyle these are the perfect metropolis nightbackground pictures for you!
“City at Night Live Wallpaper” is taking you to a “night tour”through some of the most sensational cities in the world! Check outthe world’s tallest buildings, visit luxurious hotels, take a walkthrough the biggest and most beautiful streets in the world! Thisstunning City Live Wallpaper offers you so much! All you need to dois download it right now for a unique „city night“ experience! Itis completely free of charge, so don't hesitate! Get it right awayand share it with your friends and family!

App Information City at Night Live Wallpaper

  • App Name
    City at Night Live Wallpaper
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    June 10, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Visit website Email [email protected]
    31 Australis Circuit, Port Melbourne, 3207, Australia
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Smoking Skull Live Wallpaper 1.2 APK
Smoking skull in your smartphone, high qualityanimated live wallpaper!The best live wallpapers and launchers for your smartphone!Better beware because the new creepiest Smoking Skull LiveWallpaper is here with the most frightening HD pictures that willmake your blood run cold every time you glance at your smartphonescreen! Prepare for the horror these scary animated images bring!Download the best creepy live wallpaper on the market right now,completely free of charge and enjoy the most terrifying HD picturesdaily!Scary skulls, gloomy background, mysterious smoke and much more isnow available for free download! If you like creepy and gloomypictures, Skulls Live Wallpaper has to offer many amazing scaryeffects that will make you tremble with fear every time you look atyou’re your phone.- Smoke effect- This background app will sleep when your phone is inactive so theapp won’t drain your battery.- Optimized for all mobile devices.- This live wallpaper has been tested on latest androiddevices.The skull is the sign of death and shadow side of the world!Skull stands for death and mortality. It reminds that everyone hassins!Skull is one of the oldest and most powerful of all symbols.It has been used to symbolize both side of the world and thereforehave diverse meanings to different people. For some people itrepresents death and evil, but others view skull in a differentway. Skull may symbolize protection, strength, power, fearlessness,wisdom and even immortality!The symbolism of a skull is that it reminds of temporary existenceof mankind in this physical world on the Earth.Skulls symbolism has always been a representation of mortality anddeath, but through years has also become a great fashioninspiration.One of the more common meanings behind the image of the skull is'memento mori' - Latin for 'remember you must die.'The thought might seem depressing at first, but it is actually areminder to live life while you can.This amazing free live wallpaper will always be there on your phonedisplay to remind you to live your life the best you can!Download this free live wallpaper and beautify your phone withawesome skull background!If you are a fan of the dark side and like gothic themes and scaryskulls then this free live wallpaper will be a perfect fit foryou.Enjoy free live wallpaper with smoking skull!Please mind that the actual speed of animation depends on yourdevice characteristics (screen size and resolution; CPU frequencyand number of cores; RAM size).Select animation speed by your own discretion:
Angry Tiger Live Wallpaper 1.2 APK
Do you like tigers? These big, beautifulanimals that have pretty orange fur can now be on your mobilephones for free! Answer the call of the jungle and let beautifultigers into your phone!Tiger is considered to be one of the most beautiful animals on theplanet! The tiger is admired and feared for its strength andcourage. If you like tigers get this stunning live wallpapercreated especially for you!The tiger is the largest of all wild cats. Most tigers are quitebeautiful creatures, but many people consider the white tiger themost majestic of all. Download “Angry Tiger Live Wallpaper” andenjoy!Did you know that the dark stripes are unique to each individualtiger? Download awesome new app and see a Bengal tiger with theseawesome tiger pics. Chose your favorite picture of tiger andbeautify the screen. Amazing 3D live wallpaper for your phone! Animated pictures decorating your screen; Full support for landscape mode and home - screenswitching! Amazing HD graphics; This beautiful, free and enjoyable background is waiting foryou! Optimized Battery Usage Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices. The wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so thislive wallpaper will not drain your battery.Tigers come in a number of different sizes, colors, and skill sets.The Amur tiger better known as the Siberian tiger, the familiarBengal tiger, the Indochinese tiger, Malayan tiger, South Chinatiger, and Sumatran tiger. Download "Angry Tiger Live Wallpaper"and get familiar with various types of tigers.Prepare for the unique safari experience with your brand new "AngryTiger Live Wallpaper".Tiger is a revered animal among many cultures and is considered tobe one of the most beautiful animals on the planet. They have areddish yellow coat with black stripes.The underside of theirabdomen is white and their ears are black on the outside with aprominent white spot on it. Choose a magnificent tiger picture ofwild tiger and set it as free wallpaper or screen saver.These gracious animals will beautify your phone screen and make itlook elegant and sophisticated.These tigers have no well-known cat's grace, but are adapted forhunting for big animals.The huge animal has improbable force and is armed with huge curvedfangs, sharp as a knife!Fangs remind cold weapon – that’s why there is an association withsabers.Except fangs tigers differed from other relatives in exclusivelypowerful constitution.The sabre-toothed tiger is not a fantastic animal!These representatives of the cat family really lived on Earthmillions years ago.But several thousands years ago they have suddenlydisappeared.They have become famous as ruthless and furious predators.It is pleasant to look on such predator on the screen, but not inclose proximity.Sabre-toothed tigers are surprising creations of the nature whichforce to be surprised, terrified and admired with their unusualappearance.Download and set live wallpaper with a surprising predatorabsolutely free of charge!Enjoy this awesome free live wallpaper!
Snowfall Live Wallpaper 1.4 APK
❅Snowfall Live Wallpaper❅ is here to bring youa lot of winter fun for FREE! We bet that winter is your favoriteseason of the year! Everything is white with snow and ice,beautiful snowflakes decorate our windows as we wait for the mostbeautiful holiday in year-Christmas! If you enjoy watching theamazing beauty of nature in winter time and love spending timeoutdoors skiing and snowboarding, then ❅Snowfall Live Wallpaper❅ isideal for you!Enjoy the holiday season and celebrate it with "SnowfallWallpaper"!❆ Amazing 3D live wallpaper for your phone!❆ Animated pictures decorating your screen;❆ Full support for landscape mode and home - screenswitching!❆ Amazing HD graphics;❆ This beautiful, free and enjoyable background is waiting foryou!❆ Optimized Battery Usage❆ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.❆ The wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so thislive wallpaper will not drain your battery.🎄 Welcome to the world of Christmas trees! A Christmas tree isusually decorated evergreen tree, covered with bright ornaments andcolorful lights. Have a sparkling Christmas tree as your wallpaper!Stunning 3D live wallpaper inspired with Christmas are part of ❆Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper❆ collection. Download it as soon aspossible and make your screen bright and cheerful.🎅 Christmas is one of the most popular and celebrated holidays allover the world. It is not just part of Christian tradition, butalso many others who are not Christians celebrate it. It has manycustoms and traditions, but for many people one of the mostfavorite customs is decorating Christmas tree. It should bedecorated with elegant ornaments and lights. If you want todecorate your phone screen with great Christmas tree pictures, justdownload ❆ Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper❆ and let perfect Christmastree photos beautify your screen. If you are looking for somereally festive wallpapers, you are in the right place. Christmastree wallpapers are best live wallpapers that you can have forfree.🎄 Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper 🎄 offers you a stunning wallpaperthat will bring the holiday spirit into your homes. Christmas isthe time of magic and love and Christmas tree is one of its mostbeautiful symbols. Have this live wallpaper as your background andenjoy Christmas every single day. Christmas inspired live wallpaperfor your phone is a click away from you!🎅 Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper 🎅 is a 3D scene featuring asparkling Christmas Tree lighting.Enjoy the spirit of Christmas in your device. Download it and youwill find a realistic snowfall of lights and an endearing Christmasscene!🎁 Spend holidays surrounded with marvelous Christmas decorationsand lights with the brand new Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper!Experience all the joys of Christmas morning with tons of presentswaiting for you beneath the decorated tree! Wonderful HD images ofdecorated Christmas trees, colorful presents, Christmas lights andSanta Claus with his reindeer will be the perfect decoration foryour phone. If you are bored with those standard wallpapers yourphone has, try this new popular holiday app that brings you thebiggest collection of the most amusing HD pictures! Download itnow,🎅 Prepare for holiday season in the best possible way with brandnew Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper and wish Happy New Year toeveryone! Beautiful HD Christmas images are just what you need tocreate magical festive atmosphere right there on your smartphonescreen! Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa is coming to town, so don’t hesitate andcheck out this stunning free background app! You definitely won’tregret it!
Electric Touch Live Wallpaper 1.2 APK
Lightning strikes far more than twice withElectric Touch Live Wallpaper.Touch the screen for a shockingly cool effect.Brand new electric shock simulation!Beautiful colored lightning strike in your phone. Touch the screenanywhere and you will see bolt of lightning under yourfinger.it is an unbelievable live wallpaper that will entertain you andyour friends!!!Make your friends think you have an electrical screen on yourdevice.Product Features- Shockingly fun live wallpaper- Interactive animations- Easy to install and enjoy- Customizable settingsThis application allows you to transform your screen into microelectric environment with its protons, electrons and neutrons. Youare free to customize every single visual detail of thisenvironment. Customize your particles and get your full of energywallpaper.Electric Screen prank fool your friends and family. Touch or moveyour finger on the screen to generate electric current, which willmake you have electric shock feeling.This Electric Screen is only a prank, which will not reallyelectric shock you and damage your mobile phone.Want to keep your little brother away from your phone, impress yourfriends with a cool app or just have some fun? In that case,Electric Screen is the best choice for you!Open the app and touch the screen to generate random lightningbolts. You can choose a specific color for the bolt or use thefeature to randomize it. Also, if activated, the phone willrealistically vibrate accordingly to the position of your finger onthe screen.Lightning is always full of mystery and awe for people.In fact,lightning is a massive electrostatic discharge between theelectrically charged regions within clouds or between a cloud andthe surface of a planet.Make all you friends think that you have electricity inside yourphone and every time you touch your screen you have an electricpower which bursts out.This app simulates the appearance on your phone screen or tabletscreen. There is no possible for such a thing to truly happen onyour phone, this app will simulate the process of such a thing. Ifyou enjoy fooling others this can be one of the perfect pranks outthere. You can easily use it in different places or occasions. Youcan prank your mother or your father or even your grandfather. Letothers be amazed when they lay their fingerprints on the screen,see the reactions today. It's super easy to start using the app,after installing it, it will immediately open and then each timeyou touch the screen a noise will appear accompanied with agraphics that simulates a lightening.If you want to break the ice on different occasions and don't knowhow this app can become your pal. Just pull your phone out of yourpocket, secretly open it and then let others touch your screen,wait for their funny response, it won't be late to come… Using itis easy as 1 2 3… Just wait and see when you get the reactions,people will try to figure it out – how can a current come out ofyour phone. You can even pretend you have some sort of magicalpowers, open the app and then only when you touch it the noise andall of it will come, then afterwards you can close the app and letothers touch your screen – they won't understand how it that onlyyou can initiate those lightning effects is. You can pretend youhave some sort of secret powers. If you are looking to impresssomeone, may it be a girl or a boy or maybe a family member, nowyou have a way to do so. When you show someone something that hedidn't think is possible you can shock him and this is exactly whatthis app is for – of course the main purpose isentertainment.Please make sure your device supports live wallpaper beforeinstalling this application.Installation is simple.Go to your home screen menu --> Wallpapers --> LiveWallpapers -- Choose Electric Touch Live Wallpaper.
Werewolf Live Wallpaper 1.3 APK
Get this scary werewolf and put him as abackground for your android phone.This horrible Werewolf is thirsty for your blood right on your homescreen. Teeth and claws have been sharpened ready for the nextmeal...Make your phone screen look like a living object – the animationhas a fantastic effect.✓ Amazing 3D live wallpaper for your phone!✓ Animated pictures decorating your screen;✓ Full support for landscape mode and home - screenswitching!✓ Amazing HD graphics;✓ This beautiful, free and enjoyable background is waiting foryou!✓ Optimized Battery Usage✓ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.✓ The wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so thislive wallpaper will not drain your battery.It's the “full moon” and you can hear the wolf howl that makes yourblood run cold – no, you're not losing your mind, it's our brandnew Werewolf Live wallpaper for smartphone or tablet, except thatit's not the wolf that we present, but the scary werewolf! Downloadthis creepy new “Werewolf HD Wallpaper” for your mobile phone todayand see what the half - man, half - wolf looks like! All theadmirers of “horror movies” and “scary stories” will definitelyadore this new scary Werewolf Live Wallpaper and feel the purehorror every time they look at their screen. Our fabulous “Werewolfandroid wallpapers” look so real, that you'll wonder if werewolvesaren't just “myths and legends”! Forget about the “Halloweencostumes”, these gorgeous “Werewolf free wallpapers” will help yourecognize the real werewolf!Beware of the “witching hour” and the full moon - it's that time ofthe night when the supernatural being known as the werewolf comesout. Protect yourself from the “scary monsters” with our unique“Werewolf Live Wallpaper” for mobile phones, and meet the realwerewolf. If you have an uncontrollable craving for fresh meat, ordesire to rip off all of your clothes and run through the forestscreaming your head off, you might transform into a wolfman!Download this awesome Werewolf android wallpaper and see if yourecognize some kind of weird change! You don't have to be bitten tobecome one of them, you can also drink from their paw print tocatch this creepy case! You better stick to drinking tap water, ifyou don't want to be turned into a horrific monster from our“Werewolf free wallpaper” for mobile phone! If you suspect thatyour neighbor might be a werewolf, and you don't have salt tospread it around the house, protect yourself with Werewolf livewallpapers for smartphone or tablet, 'cause werewolves on our“wallpaper download” are the most dangerous alpha males!Did you know that the wolfman's process of transformation is called'lycanthropy' and back in the old days persecution of werewolveswas an integral part of the “witch hunt” phenomenon! Download thisamazing Werewolf live wallpaper for your phone now and discover allthe details about this awe inspiring creature of the night! Did youknow that everywhere from France to Russia people believed that awerewolf curse would be thrown to all those who didn't go tochurch! Our majestic Werewolf HD wallpapers for your phones willremind you how scary these monsters look. Whether you find themcool or fear them, you should absolutely decorate your phone with atrue piece of terror! The scary werewolf is thirsty for fresh bloodand you could be his next victim. Download these wonderful WerewolfWallpapers for your mobile phone and dread the sharp teeth andclaws, ready for the next meal!The werewolf is a widespread concept in European folklore, existingin many variants which are related by a common development of aChristian interpretation of underlying European folklore whichdeveloped during the medieval period. From the early modern period,werewolf beliefs also spread to the New World withcolonialism.