1.0 / November 30, 2015
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Hello everyone especially young streetbikers…!! It’s time to show your brilliant talent and prove yourmoto racing skills.
Let us now enjoy new bike race stunt. So turn on your racing bike.Come on to the city streets and accelerate to high speed racing.Steer your super bike & perform extreme, crazy &challenging stunt tasks and become #1 daredevil of the cityhighways.
This free-to-play bike game presents you various challenging sportstasks like rooftops jumping, passing through the tunnel, road crossobstacles, tough ride over containers and much more. Prepareyourself for Olympic RIO Games 2016 through massive jumps overdangerous curvy ramps, containers.

Amaze all people with your superior skills and extreme stunts atmax speed. Avoid falls in each mission and win the stunning actiongame. Invite and challenge your friends to compete with you in thisbikes championship.


Download today from Google Playstore and enjoy the best freestunt game.

- 3D game with HD graphics specially designed for Androiddevices.
- Outlandish tracks, Lovely city road & buildings real worldenvironment.
- Realistic Bike, Real Stunts & Unique game idea:
- Multiple motorcycle stunt levels / arenas for epic races.
- Stylish & smooth running 3D bike for amazing drivingexperience.
- Stunt adventure with addictive gameplay.
- Top game for young boys & girls.
- Absolute free game, even no in-app purchases.

App Information City Bikes Stunts 3D

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    City Bikes Stunts 3D
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    November 30, 2015
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Apps Cabinet
  • Installs
    5,000 - 10,000
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Highway Jeep Racer 2016 1.1 APK
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Tired of playing a number of car racing games?“Real Jeep Racing Game” is the best Android mobile racing gamewhich you have been looking for. Now ride most beautiful Jeeps i.e.VIP Taxi (Hummer Jeep), Nissan 4x4 Cab and a Stylish, classicalsports Jeep.Triple up the fun with stunning action, addictive gameplay thatwill have you weaving through oncoming traffic, eye-popping tracksand awesome jeeps. See world’s most beautiful scenes whiletravelling on sea-shore highway. Travel in Dubai city throughtunnel, race in desert and crash on hanging bridges.Download for free this ever new game from Google Playstore and makeholidays memorable… Play and enjoy the fast & furious speeddriving experience.GAME PLAN:You are a Taxi driver and have got the opportunity to participatein jeep racing contest. You have very limited time to reach thedestination. There are some road riots on the highway, wonderingthere to create difficulties for you. Avoid crash with traffic carsand road sides to save precious time. Follow traffic signals. Thereare a number of challenging levels from easy to difficult taskswhich you have to pass.So select your favorite Jeep, check POWER (Petrol, oil, water,electricity, resistance) of the vehicle and start the extremerace.Being an expert driver of city traffic rush, prove your drivingskills. Drive jeep and accelerate it to the limits and win therace.GAME KEY FEATURES:- Free to install & free to play game, even no in-apppurchases.- 3D HD Graphics with Cutting Edge technology.- Stunning animations and realistic impact-crash soundeffects.- Smooth drive and realistic Jeep control.- 03 different Jeeps to choose from with no one locked.- Time bound mode for people who like challenging game.- Multiple 10 levels for full fun and real simulation.- Multiple real world environments: city highway, road side petrolpump, tunnel in mountain, Green Mountain & sea shore /beach.TIPS & HOW TO PLAY:- Select & use one of three steering options tilt, circularsteering & left, right touch.- Select the jeep of your choice from Store.- Press accelerator button to move forward and to race thejeep.- Press brake button to slow down.- Use reverse gear to move backward when needed.- Do not get lost in beauty of road sides and drive faster totimely complete the target.NOTE:-The game will be updated and improved time to time based on usersfeedback. So we always welcome your valuable comments.
Extreme Tank Battle 3D 1.3 APK
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Can you face all alone a large army in theheart of enemy base….? or do you love to play a challengingshooting war game or a strategic campaign of a special secrettask…? Then download just now 3D Extreme Tank Battle free game fromGoogle Play Store and experience #1 gameplay of your life…The game has been designed in a wonderful & realisticmountain environment. This is not only Tank simulator game whichsimulates your shooting skills by presenting a real war situationbut also a top action game with rush fire, stunning explosions, theheat of battle and tank blasters.To become hero of tank battle, you are being challenged to enterthe enemies headquarter on your extreme powerful main battle tank.Your task is to destroy their weapons & warheads as much aspossible.★★★ MOST AMAZING & UNIQUE FEATURE: ★★★Award of game points as per number of enemy weapons destroyed.Every weapon has its own worth and accordingly different pointswhich are mentioned below:Main Battle Tank destruction: 10Helicopter: 10Heavy machine gun: 05Missile launching vehicle: 05Fuel Tank / Oil Container: 03★ USEFUL TIPS TO SUCCEED:Don’t waste your time. To get maximum marks in limited time, try todestroy as much enemy weapons as you can. Meanwhile, save yourselffrom a lot of bombs & bullets fired by enemy tanks, guns &flying helicopters. No point is awarded if you got hit and themission is failed.So prove yourself the best tank warrior by getting maximum XPand win the tank world war. Invite your friends to compete with youand enjoy the most amazing and very unique game.★ HOW TO PLAY:It is very simple to play. Just follow these two steps:-- Press finger on left side of phone screen to move forward andslide finger to the place where you want to go.- Click on Right side of screen at bullet button to fire bomb.★ GAME EXTRA FEATURES:-√ Stunning animations and extra HD 3D graphics, high qualityvisuals.√ An exciting game specially designed for Android phone.√ Super cool and realistic environment.√ Limited / time bound task.√ Real 3D models of tanks, helicopter, oil container and otherwarfare.√ Live digital screen indicating enemy key positions with radarsystem.√ Very easy user interface.√ Precise control of the tank and movements.√ Top game for young boys and girls who love to play challengingwar games.√ Addictive gameplay with hours of fun.√ Free to download, free-to-play.
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ZOMBIE INVASION:Boost your power, take your weapon and target these ghosts.This game is a great opportunity to prepare yourself for a zombiewar, for any anticipated zombie invasion possible in your life. Ifyou have courage, dare and are brave then you must go for it.Prepare yourself, take your 9mm Pistol or M16 Assault rifle and goto teach those ugly undead creatures a lesson.ROBERT & BOURBON & CYRILBourbon and Fatty Robert with their lots of biters are ready tomake you lunch. Its not enough, Cyril with many of banshees isgoing to invade at you. Now make your choice, Either kill to all ofthem or sacrifice your meat.STORYLINEIn a Church, when it was raining, lots of Nightwalkers attacked atMax. Lots of Flesh Dolls attack and try to scratch Max and You haveto protect him. Max has two weapons to finish them. One isstrongest 9mm pistol and second is furious M16 Assault Rifle.Game has 5 awesome levels, having different environments includingChurch, Abandoned House and Tibet House. Use gun focus pointaccurately and preciously and fall all of ugly zombies down. Clearall levels to unlock others next.LONG LIVE GAMER:Shield yourself from Zombie T-Virus otherwise you will be convertto zombie. These bloody evils have thirst for human blood. They eathuman brain. This ugly creature want to bite and kill you. Wholecity has been turned into graveyard. Police and other armed forcesare out of station. Really its time to worry and trouble.Have you ever consider yourself as a brave superhero ! If yes, thenits time to prove and prepare yourself as a daring hero.DO OR DIEDo you want to become a cadaver or live more ! Either Sacrificeyourself, give your meat to them or lead all of them to Hell.An amazing fun has been developed from developer for FPS shooting,arcade and action game lovers.Surely you want to enjoy non-stop gameplay fun till your devicebattery finish. Download free right now and dive into ocean ofdare, courage and bravery. Leave your Kind and Honored reviews andsuggestions. Keenly want to hear from you !ADVANCED GAME FEATURES★ Amazing and realistic gun shots animation.★ Full 3D stunning artwork and graphics.★ Improved blood and Rifle Muzzle Flash effects.★ Sober Rifle bombardment and Zombie dying sound.★ Full 3D characters and environments to explore more fun.★ Intuitive touchscreen controls that are easy to initiate non-stopplay.★ Touch weapon change button to change weapon of your choice.★ Multiple weapons option: 9mm pistol and M16 assault rifle.★ Weapon will auto reload.★ Maintain and shield your health bar.★ Cool and Realistic muzzle flash.★ Realistic FPS Arcade Addicted Game to dive into life ofamazement.★ Experience awesome, fast-paced, visually stunning zombie shootingaction.★ Three different environments.
Death Racer: Road Burning 1.1 APK
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Let us move on to an endless road for a long,fantasy journey and shoot, beat all the road runners.To fill your journey with full fun and thrill, you have beenawarded with a variety of modern Armored Jeeps which are equippedwith latest destructive weapons to help you destroy the enemyvehicles with a single fire.Accept this open challenge, download just now from GooglePlaystore, click to play and on the way to destination, enjoyfollowing scenes:- Enemy combat (tanks, cars & armoured fighting vehicles)will chase and attack on you. So safeguard yourself from bulletsfired by your opponents. A successful attack by opponent shooterswill put an end to your fun journey.- You have to collect weapons like rockets, laser guided bombs,RPG, missiles and automatic guns which you can use for shooting anddestroying the enemies.- You will see traffic police cars, sports cars, passenger carsrunning on the road. Please do not attack on them.- You have to avoid accident, such road riots will put end to yourmission.So drive at fast speed and use your driving and precise shootingskills to clear the hurdles / enemies and win the racing andshooting war.Make the highest score by driving longest distance, unlock otherweapons and challenge your friends to compete with you.KILL THE ENEMY BEFORE THEY SHOOT YOU......♥ ♥ Game Cool Features ♥ ♥- Absolutely free game, even no in-app purchases.- Realistic & amazing 3D HD graphics and advance physics.- Armored Jeeps with different features in option to select.- A number of automatic, semi automatic guns, bombs which can beunlocked using achieved score.- Various explosive weapons to give players ultimate huntingexperience.- Fast and furious speed driving.- Very easy controls.- Top free game for young girls, boys and kids.- Addictive game play.
Policeman Simulator 2016 1.1 APK
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Here it is the most wanted game, the mobilegamers were looking for….Become Police Man, run fast and chase thieves from every corner ofthe city. Arrest them; put them into jail behind the locks and beawarded as policeman hero…!!Enjoy very first Policeman game on Android Mobile. This is the veryunique game idea and there is no other such game on Google playstore. So hurry up…. be the first to play best free run game…Before the internet traffic becomes hanged…Just go online, freedownload, play offline game and enjoy the nonstop fun…**** ALL FEATURES FULLY AVAILABLE FOR FREE, EVEN NO IN-APPPURCHASES******GAME STORY/ PLAN:A gang of thieves have entered into the capital city and isinvolved in robbing banks, shopping malls and citizen. This ganghas turned a peaceful city into a crime city. They are alsoinvolved in prison break and help their companions to escape fromprison. SWAT team of Police department investigated each criminalcase and observed that the thieves are highly trained and expertrunner. They dodge police dog and disappear into city streetsthrough the road traffic rush after committing crimes. So policedog thief chase is not suitable action.Eventually, police men are himself in action. They havechallenge of chasing top of list criminals. It is decided to deputerun sports winner police commando at prime locations to chase,arrest thieves. Police car is always alert at police station withexpert driver in car for fast speed driving. Police Intelligencehave made high security checks using modern technology which alertpolice whenever a thief escape. Every commando is given wirelessGPS phone to trace the location of thief. The policeman will runand chase thief, arrest it and will call police car to bring it tothe police station.It is hell difficult challenge to run after the thief and arrest.You are one of those brave policemen deputed to safeguard countryland. So run fast at city roads, drive car at high speed and leaveno thief free. Become real police car driver and runner to put astop on escape mission of prisoners from jail. Can you return thecity peace??TIPS TO CATCH THIEF EARLY: Be quick, don’t let the Thief run away. Keep eye on the arrow but don’t just follow it… Try to come fromopposite side. Instead of running behind the thief, play trick, observe thetrack of thief and come from side. Force thief to get hangedbetween streets or a vehicle. Avoid road riots while police car driving. Show your drivingskills to reach early at station.EXCITING FEATURES OF CITY POLICE THIEF CHASE GAME: 3D game with HD high quality graphics. Policeman simulator game specially designed for Androiddevices. Very smooth movements & control of policeman and cars. Fast and furious car driving in city experience. 03 different car steering options tilt, round and buttonsteering. Real like city environment. Realistic police station and police vehicles. Most wanted #1 policeman game for young boys and girls.
Dr Car Parking Expert 1.0 APK
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Feel like you live in capital city where theroads are wide but parking areas are tightly packed. You want tolearn car driving and parking techniques in the park area of a bigmarket shopping plaza. Really its time to make your dreams true.The developer has designed a master piece for you to practice andenjoy the car parking 3D simulation fun. Download free just nowfrom Google play store and engage yourself in everlastingexcitement.Easy and simple User friendly UI make game addictive andremarkable play of free time.COMPLEX TRICKY MISSION:Car parking is a crazy fun at finish line track. Accept this openchallenge. Grab the driver seat; hold up the steering wheel of yoursports car and come on to the road. There are a number ofchallenging missions of parking along cars, bikes and differentvehicles. Starting from easy to most difficult, there are varioustricky tracks to give you ultimate practice.CAR FEATURES:Your beautiful sporty look car is equipped with followingfeatures;- Powerful engine, Anti-slip tyres. Automatic gear system. Car stops as soon as you press brake pedal. Precise and realistic steering control. Smooth backward and forward movement.USEFUL TIPS:-This game simulates your parking skills. It will end if you crashwith anything. To continue nonstop fun, follow the below tips forsuccessful completion of tasks:- Avoid touch / collision with side poles, already parked cars,traffic cone & off road areas. Apply brakes and use reverse gear where the turn angle is high ornarrow. Change the camera view height if path is not clear or anybuilding or bus or truck comes in front. Keep an eye on live digital map to see where to park and yourcurrent location. Don’t boost up speed; rather focus on your car orientation. Remain cool, calm and keep on enjoying.GAME AMAZING FEATURES:-√ The most important and unique feature of this game is that Cargear, accelerator & brake are located very close to each otherfor easy control for the users.√ An exciting simulator game specially designed for Android mobilesand tablets.√ Beautiful 3D red color car to drive.√ Impressive light effects, realistic sounds.√ Multiple Camera views ( 4 different views from close tohigh).√ Perfect city parking environment.√ 3D graphics with drive control simulation.