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Welcome to the city logistic andcourieragency! Right now we’re recruiting new drivers, so you canbe oneof such lucky ones! Take orders, load household appliances,deliverit to customers as fast as you can, earn money and have funwithCity Car Delivery Simulator 3D!

Become a part of our famous city cargo delivery system!Takeorders, load household appliances – and other, more unusualparcelsand cases - to your car and drive as fast as you can todeliver itto the customer! Be quick, or you’d left your money! Useearnedmoney to buy new delivery cars or power-ups and unlock newcityblocks!

What is it? Oh, it’s a case with biomaterial! Quickly, deliveritto the Stak’s Labs before it cause zombie apocalypse! And whatis inthese envelopes? Hmmm, the stock of photos with KatrinaPerri? Well,you should transport to the editor of ‘Daily Time’…There so muchdifferent things you should transport here and there– hurry up doend it before the sunset!

It’s Cyber Monday today, so you should work better anddrivefaster them ever!

City Car Delivery Simulator 3D features:
Ultimate car delivery simulator
Take orders and deliver it to the customers
Ride fast to deliver your cargo on time
Earn points to buy new cars
Be the best driver of your warehouse!

Have fun with our City Car Delivery Simulator 3D game!

App Information City Car Delivery Simulator 3D

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