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Do you ever think to frighten the city and its people with yourcreative yet evil ideas? Well, here is your chance to unleash theanimal inside you in this action simulation game. This game givesyou a chance to release your anger by kicking, punching and killingpeople. Now a day these are becoming more and more criminal clownlike clown bank robbery, clown criminal mafia gangster, criminalclown killing peoples etc. Clowns are comic performers who usesphysical comedy to entertain kids and people. But recently theseclowns became notorious because they started to frightening thechildren with creepy outfits and weapons. This is because agangster whose real name is Mark and in underworld they know him as'butterfingers' is using clown outfits to haunt cities of US. He isthe godfather of all mafia, a real hitman. This creepy clown spreadgreat terror among children and people of the city. This grandkiller legend has been haunting the streets of Downtown Chicago andNew York for years now. Few years ago Mark worked alone and then hewas not using clown outfits to perform his evil plans. New Yorkpolice arrest him red handed in an ongoing robbery. He was thenunder his boss who introduces him to the underworld world. Afterarresting him police department imprison him under high securitybut he managed to escape from the prison. After this incident heuses clown outfits to deceive people and cops.You would have alwaysseen a clown in the supermarkets as notorious and funny charactersfor kids but this creepy clown and his gang was involved insupermarket robbery. Mark wears mask and nobody has ever seen him.Police department has failed in arresting him.Now FBI agents aretrying to arrest him but he is one sneaky evil joker. Media is alsohighlighting the different sightings of this creepy clown.Mark usesclown outfits to deceive people. Mostly people think that he isjust an ordinary clown who is entertaining us. This helps him a lotin doing criminal activities like robbery, killing people who arewandering around him and other gangster activities. Recently otherclowns are also helping him as they are frightening people just forfun. Mark uses funny acts to perform his evil plans and destroyingpeace in the city. His animal nature overcome his personality andnow he is ruthless and cold blooded. He kills people just forenjoyment.In this game you will be controlling Mark's life andplaning and executing his evil plans. Step into this crazy clown'sfeet and enjoy all the criminal activities you want to do.★★★Features ★★★◆ Creepy criminal clown as players◆ Amazing real 3Denvironment.◆ Fist fighting, assault rifle and batons.◆ Criminalmissions with each unique tasks.◆ Smooth and intuitive controls.◆High Quality 3D UI & Graphics◆ Hardcore stunt simulationgames.◆ Running, Shooting and walking mode

App Information City Criminal Clown Robbery 3D

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    City Criminal Clown Robbery 3D
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    January 17, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Zygon Games
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    Office No. 22, 2nd Floor, Leeds Center Main Boulevard Gulberg III. Lahore, Pakistan
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Farming is lot of fun. People living near countryside mostlyrelated to farming profession. Farmers of India are the bestfarmers as they are very hard working and passionate about theirwork. John loves farming so he came to India to learn farming. Hecame to a famous farmer to learn the art of farming. This wholefamily is well reputed farmers. This farmer has lots of acresfertile land and animals like cow buffalo chickens goats etc. Healso has machinery like farming trucks, harvester, crop choppers,trolley and sprayer.They are farmers who produced pure natural foodand contributed in the economy of his country. They usually growrice, wheat and corn crops. Now he is learning forage plow farmingfrom traditional Indian farmers. Its forage plow farming season soits perfect time to harvest your crops. They also had a smallmarket after crossing the river. This realistic 3D graphics game isbased on John's life. This awesome farming simulator game providesyou a great chance to become a harvester and enjoy harvesting farmsimulator game. Now enjoy the real Indian farming simulator2017.Grow new crops and sell them to a market for money. But beforethis you will have to go through the complete process of growingthe crops. Plow the field, then spraying the pesticides , wateringthe fields and all the rest of the work required for the farming.You are also required to transport the animals to the city marketto sell them and earn profit. Drive your machinery carefully ascountryside roads are very bumpy. Now its time to become a virtualfarmer. Bored with driving little crane or huge constructioncranes, than its time to try farm tractor driving and parking.Farming Simulator adventure is a new concept where you will feellike a real virtual farmer. Use modern machinery to become asuccessful farmer.How to Play Tractor Farming 17:First of all visityour farm so that you can harvest crops and manage your own farm.Then choose the fertile land plough it and make path for seed withthe help of drill machine which you would attach with your tractor,transfer the animals from village to city for sale. After sellingthe animals come back to give water to your crops, spray yourfields to kill insects which can damage your crop, wait forsometime when wheat fully grow again. Harvest them and transportthem to warehouse on your transport tractor. Take crops to the cityto sell them for handsome amount of moneyReal Tractor FarmingSimulator 2017 Features:- New highly detailed 3D graphics and aslick user interface.- Take good care of your animals and sell themto market to earn profit. - Amazing farmer experience in thisharvesting simulator.- Manage your farm and harvest your crops -Realistic tractor farming simulator- Drive tractors and a combineharvester
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Bicycle racing is one of the earliest form of road racing and havemost numbers of competitors, events and spectators. Get ready totake another journey and enjoy an amazing bicycle ride around thebeautiful city. This bicycle racing simulator 2017 gives youextreme offroad bicycle driving and luxury bicycle drivingexperience. The beautiful animations of bicycle accidents andbicycle stunts 2017 gives you realistic feel of offroad bicycledriving experience.This game gives you bicycle training drivingwhich is the best offroad bicycle driving school simulator 2017feature. This bicycle driving school teaches you how to drive andcontrol bicycle on a racing track and compete other racers byapplying special tricks. These driving training school helps you alot in this game. Bicycle racing is real arcade game in which youare going to ride bicycles on uphill terrain. Bicycle hill climb isvery difficult. while when you are riding from hills it feels likeyou are bike flying in beautiful meadows. Bicycles in mountainousand hilly areas is reached by special offroad heavy truck transportcargo. If you want to participate in this cycling race you have tocargo your cycle. There are few service stations and few carmechanic workshops or bike mechanic workshops in these hilly areas,so if you want to repair or modify your bicycle you have to go tothem before the race. There are also few truck stop or bus stop andbus station from where you can ask for bicycle modification. Thisgame is all about racing unlike other games like 6x6 truck drivingor which involves parking like multi storey car parking, luxurybike parking, multi storey mall parking or multi storey parking. Inthis game you are going to experience thrilling and excitingbicycle racing. This bicycle event is held near army trainingschool for new driver. So army bike drivers also going to take partin this event. If you want to win this race be aware of army bikedriving. During bicycling you may encounter with trucks like armytransporter truck. Use them for drafting.This extremely convincingbicycle rider game is packed with different levels. It’s time tosuperintend other racing games and enjoy this excellent sportsbicycle rider racing in one of the modern next generation bicycleracing mania games.Game Features:- A real Life Cycle Simulation -Perfect & Realistic Bicycle Controls- Day & Night Mode -Obstacles to avoid - Smooth Controls- Breath taking & StunningHill Mountain Environment- Free Play Game
Train Racing Simulator 2017 1.1 APK
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Many of you are train lovers, and there is a certain romance togrand old European trains and stations such as the Keleti trainstation in Budapest. While gritty inside, the facade is stillimpressive. High speed Train lovers can be found all across theworld, but many probably can't compete with one man and his900-square-foot train room in his sprawling Spearfish home. No needracing in car or luxury jeeps this train racer in there is minorchase of accident. No offroad heavy truck or 4wd monsterjeeps.Originally from north America, Jim has been passionate aboutmodel trains since the age of 3 and had a mail-order model trainbusiness out of his home for nearly 16 years.Jim remodeled his oncemodest home, adding a special 900-square-foot space that was justthe ticket to indulge and create and his boyhood vision. Hecollected lots of train models from his childhood and decorated allof them in his special room dedicated just for trains. January isactually a really great time to hang out with model trains or playtrain games. Just like Jim I am also train lover. I spent most oftime playing with model trains in my childhood. Now I spend myleisure time playing train games like this one. Driving a massiveengine of train is my dream. If you have the same dream than get onboard and start driving your own train. We give you your personalcollection of trains in your pocket.Sit inside the train, or simplyview the train from the ground as it comes towards you. Thisprofessionally made Train Simulator has something for every Trainfan. Your responsibility is to maintain train's fuel and drive itfrom one station to other. You will be driving different types ofengines like steam engine, diesel engine or electric engine. YourJob is to take the passenger from one station to another safely ontime. Now put your hands on the transport train steering and be theroad master of the city. Challenge yourself to become an expertdriver of this heavy fuel transporter train.FEATURES➫ Drive BulletTrain Simulator 3D Features:➫ Perfect 3D graphics and well-detailedenvironment➫ Four different environments and weathers➫ Greatdynamic game play➫ Swipe left and right to take turns➫ realexperience of driving big speed train games.➫Endless Fun for BothAdults & Kids➫Enjoy six different types of trains
Indonesian Train Simulator Pro 1.0 APK
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Many train lovers are anxiously waiting for another train racingsimulator from the Zygon. So now we are launching Indonesian TrainSimulator with real passenger pick and drop in different locationof Indonesia like Java Island, north, west and south Sumatra. Enjoytrain passenger pick and drop animations and move people from onerailway station to another. Get ready to drive and control the besttrains of local Indonesia. Driving passenger and cargo massiveengines of trains in your leisure time and become the best traindriver. Have you ever dreamed to be a engine driver and had a wholetrain? I bet it was the biggest dream of your childhood. Downloadthis train racing simulator 2017 and live biggest dream of yours.This is the best indian train driving 3d games in which you are areal railway driver who will drive train in a driving cabin oftrain unlike other train driving games like train transport oiltanker or car vs train racing games etc. Drive and becomelocomotive driver of this amazing train simulator game. Become areal engine driver in new metro train racing game! Drive your owntrain and reach your destination. Sit inside the train, or simplyview the train from the ground as it comes towards you. Thisprofessionally made Train Simulator has something for every Trainfan. Your responsibility is to maintain train's fuel and drive itfrom one station to other. You will be driving different types ofengines like steam engine, diesel engine or electric engine. YourJob is to take the passenger from one station to another safely ontime. Now put your hands on the transport train steering and be theroad master of the city. Challenge yourself to become an expertdriver of this heavy fuel transporter train. Camera angles:multiple, interesting camera angles have been provided: Driver,Cabin, Overhead, Bird’s Eye, Reverse, Signal, Orbit and Passenger.★★Indonesian Train Simulator Pro Features★★➫ Drive Bullet TrainSimulator 3D Features:➫ Perfect 3D graphics and well-detailedenvironment➫ Types of coaches: Passenger and Freight coaches➫ Swipeleft and right to take turns➫ real experience of driving big speedtrain games.➫Endless Fun for Both Adults & Kids➫Enjoy sixdifferent types of trains
City Train Simulator: Train Driving Game 2018 1.1 APK
Zygon Games
Have you heard about City Train Subway Simulator? I guess not. Letme introduce you to the modern day fast track City Train SubwaySimulator. This is not a usual train which you have seen in yourcities. With technological revolution, trains have also beenrevolutionized and this new concept of fast track City TrainSimulator has completely overtaken the old slow moving trains. Butthis didn't happen suddenly, Los Angeles is known for its extremetraffic and busy roads, causing a great deal of maintenance issuesfor the City Local Authorities. So a new concept of fast movingbullet train was introduced to handle traffic loads and to provideease to the city residents. This fast track bullet train is used topick passengers from busy subway stations. Fast moving City TrainSubway Simulator game provides you the ultimate pleasure of drivingfast track train and real train driving adventure experience. Themain objective of this Bullet Train Driving is to transportpassengers for inter-city and intra-city destinations. Pick uppassengers from dense city subway stations and take them to theirdesired destinations by moving through deadly tracks. you have todrive this City Bullet Train Subway Simulator on a variety ofextreme driving conditions, varying from cities, subways, tunnels,bridges and overheads. You have to show extra-ordinary drivingskills to avoid accidents and meanwhile dropping off passengersthrough incredible railway tracks. Curvy tracks, and sharp turnscan cause trouble for you, you have to do intelligent driving bycontrolling speed on elevated rail-tracks. This extremely fastmoving City Train Subway Simulator provides relief to the CityTransportation problems. Passengers experience goosebumps whiletraveling in this Extreme Train Simulator Pro on impossible tracks.All you have to do is pick passengers from subway stations anddrive carefully to avoid crashes with other Bullet trains. Thistrain driving game conductor requires perfect parking skills toavoid collisions with other city metro trains and enjoy the chanceto experience the organized train racing adventure. You will lovethis train driving game on challenging tracks. City TrainSimulator: Train Driving Game 2018 Features:- Ultra realistic 3Dtrain driving Subway Simulator- Various driving modes to enjoydifferent levels of virtual gameplay- Excellent controls withemergency disc brake modulation to avoid collisions - Realistic 3Dgraphics and exotic landscapes - Competitive train racing missionswith friendly user controls- Pick passengers and drop atdestination to collect coins- Virtual Train Simulator perfect forAndroid users- Latest physics engine with modified detailsBecome apro train driver by playing this City Train Simulator!
Transport Truck Simulator USA 1.1 APK
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Are You Ready to Experience Triple Digit Ride?!!The best cargotruck simulation is on the road and ready to be explored byextremely experienced truck drivers. Set behind the wheels andbuckle up your seat belt to experience the best truck cargodelivery simulator. If you think you are a truck driver then youcan check your driving skills by this amazing American trucksimulator 2017. You will be enjoying cargo truck extreme hilldrive, cargo truck parking and truck repair in this trucksimulator. Cargo truck drivers are planning to arrange a show todemonstrate their skills in San Francisco. All the American,European, and Indian cargo truck drivers are taking part in thisshow. If you think you are the best among these drivers then showthe world by demonstrating your driving and parking skills in thistruck simulator USA. This is all about cargo loading truck drivinggame controlled by steering wheel. Avoid crashes and deliver goodslike woods, steel roads and other stuff to a required destinationon time. Your performance is rated by different parameters and thebest rated driver becomes the world cargo trucker of this year inthis cargo trucker simulator 2017. This is not an offroad extremecargo truck simulator so you don't have to worry about cargo trucktrailer transport in mountain and hill areas. You are going todrive real euro truck and deliver wood cargo in city environmentand also park this truck at specific locations. Experience the feelof 18 wheeler euro cargo truck driving in this cargo trucksimulator. You will be delivering drums, wheat bags, metal rods andwoods not like expensive things like heavy bikes or cars. For bikesand car cargo you need big trucks. Think fast and drive this lorrytruck cargo transport and play this truck simulator 3d 2017. Putyour feet on speed paddle on 3d cargo delivery and drive for speedand accuracy because careful driving is very important. Switchcamera mode to see interior. Be a unique cargo truck driver. Thisis not a long route cargo truck driving game like army truck cargotransport in which army truck driver perform cargo duty on longroutes. This game include challenging levels and specific task andafter completion of task you will be repairing or washing yourtruck. Complete the jobs and become a real trucker. The Americanhighways are waiting for a real American trucker like you!Features: - Realistic truck physics- Detailed interiors for eachtruck brand- Amazing engine brakes and horns sound- Differenttrucks to drive- Challenging levels- Tilting, buttons and steeringwheel controls- Cool and smooth graphics
Real Tractor Farming Simulator 2018 1.2 APK
Zygon Games
Farming is lot of fun. People living near countryside mostlyrelated to farming profession. Farmers of US are the best farmersas they are very hard working, passionate about their work and knowthe modern technology of the farming. John loves farming so he cameto US to learn farming. He came to a famous farmer to learn the artof farming. This whole family is well reputed farmers. This farmerhas lots of acres fertile land and animals like cow buffalochickens goats etc. He also has machinery like farming trucks,harvester, crop choppers, trolley and sprayer. So this is the bestplace for John to master knowledge of farming and become the bestfarming expert. American farmers who produced pure natural food andfresh fruits and contributed in the economy of their country. Theyusually grow rice, wheat, corn crops, cotton and sun flower fields.Now he is learning forage plow farming from traditional Indianfarmers. Its forage plow farming season so its perfect time toharvest your crops. They also had a small market after crossing theriver. This realistic 3D graphics game is based on John's life.This awesome farming simulator game provides you a great chance tobecome a harvester driver and enjoy harvesting farm simulator game.Now enjoy the real heavy tractor farming simulator 2018.Grow newcrops and sell grains & crops to a market for money. But beforethis you will have to go through the complete process of growingthe crops. Plow the field, then spraying the pesticides , wateringthe fields and all the rest of the work required for the farming.You are also required to transport the animals to the city marketto sell them and earn profit. Drive your machinery carefully ascountryside roads are very bumpy. So this game is depicts thecomplete picture of the farm life. You will also drive heavytractor trolley for cargo animals and crops. Now its time to becomea virtual American farmer. Enjoy farm tractor driving and parkingin this master of all farming sim game. Farming Simulator adventureis a new concept where you will feel like a real virtual farmer.Use modern machinery to become a successful farmer.How to PlayTractor Farming 17:First of all visit your farm so that you canharvest crops and manage your own farm. Then choose the fertileland plough it and make path for seed with the help of drillmachine which you would attach with your tractor, transfer theanimals from village to city for sale. After selling the animalscome back to give water to your crops, spray your fields to killinsects which can damage your crop, wait for sometime when wheatfully grow again. Harvest them and transport them to warehouse onyour transport tractor. Find a used tractor and other farmingvehicles, plant seedlings first and reap them later, take care ofyour livestock, and trade goods at the local market. This is thebest open world farm game ever on mobile totally free.Real TractorFarming Simulator 2017 Features:- New highly detailed 3D graphicsand a slick user interface.- Best open world farming simulator everon mobile or tablet - totally free.- Amazing farmer experience inthis harvesting simulator.- Dozens of realistic tractors, trucksand other farming vehicles to use- A store to buy the necessarymaterials and machines- Drive tractors and a combine harvesterperform heavy tractor cargo
River Road Bridge Construction 1.1 APK
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There is a construction company who has given a contract a joiningtwo cities separated by a river. The connection between thesecities are very important as trade and transportation will becomevery easy by this bridge. Before this construction people have topass a whole mountain to pass that river. As river bridge is inanother town. Now you are a construction engineer and this companyassign this difficult job to you as you are the best constructionengineer in the town. Now its time to build a bridge for the easeof people. Get your work done as construction instructions aregiven to you. In this game you are driving heavy constructionsmachines like excavator, crane digger, backhoe, dumpersconstruction truck, painter & road roller etc. Driving thesemachines are not an easy task. Building a bridge is very tricky andtechnical task as it requires proper engineering. You will need allthe required machines and tools to build a bridge. Thisconstruction simulator 2017 provides you necessary machines andtools to build a beautiful bridge. If you can handle all kinds ofconstruction machines and drive heavy machines with care than thisgame is for you. Drive and enjoy the most sophisticated machines of2017. Take care of Safety while completing your missions in time.Dare yourself to become part of this heavy machinery mayhem. Onceagain we bring the fun & thrilling smooth 3D action simulationadventure to you.Excavator games are really fun and enjoyablebecause just thinking of controlling such machines makes you happy.But these machines can damage lot of peoples and properties. So becareful while handling heavy machines as these should be handlewith care. Every child dreams about controlling heavy excavatorsand cranes. There is special attraction in these machines. If youare also lover of these machines come and feel the drivingexperience of different excavators and cranes in this game andfulfill your dream. Be careful as these machines are heavy andcontrolling them is very difficult. Once you get behind thesteering wheel of the sand excavator vehicles all your focus shouldbe only on how to complete the construction simulator taskeffectively and efficiently. Time to put that hat on and act as aheavy excavator operator to in this loader simulator game. Thinkabout lifting debris in a construction city with your backhoe.RiverRoad Bridge Construction Features:• Difficult Heavy Crane DiggerHandling• Perfect Construction Simulator Game • ChallengingMissions with Time Frame• Become a Crane Operator• Detailed riverroad bridge Construction • Six Exciting Missions• Enhanced 3DGraphics• Super Duper Realistic Sounds