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Welcome to the San Andreas City of Crimes which used to be the Cityof Angels but many Gangsters took hold of the city and became theKing of crimes. You are out of the california city county jail andto survive on the streets of San Andreas city you have to get inaction and work for your new bosses to rule the streets again. Inthis crime simulator game you got to choose your own fate by doingmissions like stealing cars, delivering packages and eliminatingother enemy gangs which are ripping through the city causing havoc.You have got to earn money by completing tasks and buyingammunition to kill your rivals and mafia gangs operating in cities.Your chief assigns you the missions and updates the location onyour map and on completion you earn the money. Beware of thepolicemen petroling through the city and if you get caught in apolice chase on escaping you will get a reward. You can go whereever you want in the city. Fight with the padestrians in the cityand loot whatever they have in their pockets, steal cars and bikesmoving on the road or parked. Aggressive criminals are movingaround the city, take them out with your fist or buy guns and batto chop them into pieces. City Fighter and San Andreas crime gameis the new and best addition to the collection of other crimesimulator games by Best Free Games on playstore. Experience thebest challenging game while enjoy doing the missions and stoppingthe criminals with your pistol, short gun or other ammo. Be thesuper villain for all the gang members pilling up their crimeempire and huge villas in city of angels. True vendetta has begunand it will tear appart the city until you take control over allthe mafia gangsters in San Andreas city. Impossible is not the wordyou are ready to buy. Get in the action and make this city yourhome again. City Fighter and San Andreas Game Features:- ExperienceTop Quality Free Crime Simulator on the streets of San Andreas-Simple and easy on screen controls- Drive around Best 3D realitybased City Environment- Loads of Dashing cars and motorbikes- Manyrealistic Weapons in a weapon store- Real 3D Character Animations-City traffic and padestrians make game play realistic- Lots ofexciting and challenging skill testing missions- Steal cars andearn money by completing missions- Epic and exciting Gun Fights-Become a Chief in city of criminalty on the streetsPlease supportus by rating our game on Google PlayStore. This would help usbringing the best quality in our future games.

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    City Fighter and San Andreas
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    January 13, 2017
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Best Free Games.
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    BEST FREE GAMES FZE P.O Box: 38267 Dubai, RAK UAE
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