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In Gangster Simulator 3D, perform challengingescape, shoot down reckless gangsta. Kill mafia, smugglers, androbbers with powerful arsenal of weapons like piston, guns,Gatling. Reach metro Casino to take psychotic vengeance from otherurban gangsters. Engage in action packed clash between towngangsters & badass bandits. Enthrall by intriguing fightingcompetition in real mad city. Seek vendetta by killing all gangs ofgangsters and be the boss in challenging Gangster crime and city3D.Get into a gangster criminal city chase as the police set in hotpursuit. Drive different luxury branded expensive import speedracing models cars, you need to race for money, honor and morethrough the streets of this epic crime Russian gangster mafia 3Dcity.

App Information City Gangster Simulator

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    City Gangster Simulator
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    March 21, 2017
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    MegaByte Studios - 3D Shooting & Simulation Games
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    100,000 - 500,000
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Real Train Drive Simulator 3D 3.2 APK
Its real steam train driving time! Exploreyour dreams in real euro steam train drive simulator with suchrealistic steam train simulation controls and an awesome gameplay,gather your real steam train driving and simulation skills ontrack, enjoy this top free game and fulfil your childhood dream. Bean expert euro bullet train and steam train driver simulator andenjoy playing this realistic real steam train drive simulator game.Hover your steam locomotive engine train into subways, expresslanes, metro lines, underground subways, ride through tunnels, passthrough the lone deserts and high mountains, hills and forests anddark jungle, see the lively city views, carrying passengers fromdifferent stations across town and dropping them off to theirdestinations safely.HISTORY OF TRAINSHistory has proven that steam engines, trains, fast and lightingeuro bullet trains and railroads has always been a backbone of anycountry and economically a huge source of fascination fortravellers, locomotive engines and trains are the most importantinventions.EXPERT TRANING SESSIONYou have been selected to join the elite class of expert eurobullet train and real steam train engine driver and simulator, youhave to complete train driving training session before you log onto high end steam engines, the tasks are not easy and you have toshow your skills to be a top steam train driver, you have to clearall your preliminary tasks and race against the given time frame,race through the deserted suburban tracks and reach your railwaystation, you have to be more careful and don’t go fast else you’llbe ending up overshooting the railway station.THE JOB OF AN EXPERTBravo! You have completed your tasks and now you can join as a prostationmaster and expert euro bullet train, metro and subway traindriver and simulator, navigate your real euro bullet steam trainfrom countryside to busy metropolitan cities, enjoy the fabulouscity outside view from inside the passenger car, track and monitoryour route from external ground cam, while navigating your steamtrain through the crazy railway lines, twisted and tricky railwaytracks always try to avoid collisions and derailing off yourbogies, change your destination train tracks accurately on time toreach your milestones with accuracy in this real steam train drivesimulator 3D. The euro bullet train signals are all across therailway tracks to keep your aware while other trains are coming orcrossing, train traffic signals are all over the tracks to keep youalter so that you can enjoy your ride with beautiful locations likeforest, desert and countryside.GAMEPLAYReal steam train drive simulator is an adventure packed,challenging train driving and simulation game, you have to handleeuro bullet train and some heavy duty steam locomotive trainengines loaded with passengers, live stocks and industrial goods tobe transported, you have a long line of bogies to be driven on therailway lines, as a real steam train driving simulator, you have tocontrol your simulation speed and navigate your route, keep yourtrain on tracks and don’t let it slip over the train tracks and tryto reach your desired train stations safely and on time. Whilesimulating, moving goods or transporting people to distinctdistances, you are a worthy steam train driving simulator lead yourrail train transport empire from the era of steam engine to stateof the art maglev trains, handle your super fast euro bullet trainhigh speed steam engine locomotive train that simulates from onedestination to another, picking up and dropping off the passengersfrom one train station to another train station.Download this Real Train Drive Simulator 3D for free, and jointhe ranks of expert train driver simulator!GET CONNECTEDYou can join our Facebook page to get the latest updates &promotions:https://www.facebook.com/MegaByteStudios
Construction Trucks Simulator 5.2 APK
Construction Trucks Simulator 3D is acombination of driving and simulating into heavy-dutyconstructional machines. Ever dream of being a construction truckssimulator! Enjoy your dream in Construction Trucks Simulator,simulate into the most sophisticated, advanced and realistic 3DConstruction Trucks, Heavy duty building vehicles like excavator,bulldozers, cranes of Liebherr and CAT, test your ultimate drivingskills in simulating the Construction Trucks Simulator around thebusy city construction areas, try to avoid collisions and accidentsas these construction trucks and other heavy duty vehicles are veryexpensive, simulate and enjoy your job as a heavy-duty constructiontrucks simulator and machinery operator, choose from your favoritevehicles like huge dumpers, loaders lifters, lorries, cementtransporters and backhoe trucks and excavator.Construction Trucks Simulator is a 3D realistic simulator game,user can enjoy various heavy duty machines used in constructionslike truss, dumper, bulldozers, excavator trucks, Drive on asphalttarmac highway road to carry the loaded heavy duty constructiontrucks to transport industrial and building materials from variouscity location to the construction sites, park your constructiontrucks at designated locations, and use forklift lifter to movematerial from construction trucks to location.This Construction Trucks Simulator game has various levels and isbased on real construction excavators, heavy duty vehicles andtrucks, start your career as an expert trucker, this ConstructionTrucks Simulator in 3D will help you and make you feel like youwill be driving construction trucks and other vehicles all aroundthe city with realistic graphics and controls, driving theseconstruction excavator and heavy duty trucks will enhance yourexperience with smooth drive, always avoid and make sure not tocrash or collide or cause accidents with other constructionmachines or vehicles or trucks, this awesome and addictiveconstruction trucker simulation game will lead you to the extremelevels and will not only test your driving skills but also theendurance in different locations, treacherous road. Driving aroundthe city will increase your skills; you have to learn all the rulesand regulations of the road ethics.You can enjoy extreme excavator drifting, simulating and drivingskills on your tablet or mobile devices, show-off your expertise ofsimulating the construction trucks simulator to your buddies.Initially you will get one free truck and after passing differentlevels and hurdles, you will be able to unlock the other heavy-dutytrucks and excavator of your choice to move forward. So hurry up,download this game and start unlocking the potential and passion ofan experience trucker.GAME INSIGHT● Upgrade your extreme 3D Construction Trucks.● Accelerometer, Steering wheel and Button controls to increasedriving pleasure.● Day and night free driving simulator environment.● Free drive within city.● Realistic 3D environment.● Best physics engine.● Full HD graphics with high quality design.● Free extreme sports trucks.● Many achievements to win.● Amazing 3D trucks interiors.● Race against the time.● Realistic Street driving experience.● Trucks customization.● Off-road terrain.● Forward and backward driving game
Crazy Goat Simulator 3D 2.2 APK
Your dreams have finally come true, you'reabout to make the biggest rampage this world has ever seen as aCrazy Goat Simulator.RUN FAST! Escape from the bounded farm. The herd is ready toescape! Combine crazy goats and bucks to evolve them and discovertheir most curious, exotic and bizarre city in Real Crazy Goat RunSimulator. Let the crazy goat simulator adventure begin! Play as aforlorn crazy goat and scamper in the incredible city environment!You are on a destruction mission and chaos! Experience the crazygoat simulator madness and hit the road like a storm!Be a real goat runner and simulator and explore the colorful cityin this crazy and angry goat run simulator 3D game. Go on anunforgettable adventure on many levels. This crazy fun free gamefocuses on an out of control goat wandering in the city! The insanegoat is having fun running around town. Explore the crazy fun cityas a wild goat!Take up the crazy challenge in Real Crazy Goat Simulator and hunter3D; running around fast and busy city with lots of hurdles andtraffic, You can fulfill your goals by downloading and playing thisextreme goat run simulator game, you can feel the beauty of a fathealthy crazy goat which has been out from its flock from the farmand made its way out from the dense green farm house and nowroaming freely into the busy streets of the beautiful city.This beautiful game of crazy goat simulator is all about a realcrazy Goat Run chase, playing the role of a goat and indulging itinto the city environment, the goat has gone crazy and is veryangry, you can make your goat jump high, run fast, and trot in thisangry goat run game. This game features the player as a goat who isa fast runner and a simulator that will lead the player into thevirtual world. This virtual goat has escaped from the farm withother goats and other farm animals and now is in a disastrous runin the city, running, jumping and crossing hurdles, destroying,crushing and messing up the beauty of city by hitting lamp posts,trees, telephone booths and anything that comes into his way, thisendless running game will lead you to the simulation addiction andexcitement.Maintain your health in this crazy real goat run simulator game, beenergetic and survive as a real survivor crazy goat on the run andescaped from the farmhouse. Goat’s health will go down level willstart dropping down if continue running, energize goat and takesome rest before it gets on the move again, while simulating androaming wildly, you can feel the beauty of beautiful landscape withbuildings, green grounds with grass with realistic views of citylandscape. Bee like a perfect crazy goat simulator to play thisescapade 3D goat run simulator, a realistic time killer game amongall games of angry birds and farm animals simulation games you everplayed or downloaded before. The most realistic and beautiful CrazyGoat Run Simulator available.3D Crazy Goat Run simulator enables rider to feel the beauty ofrealistic simulation. The city is busy and survival is only tomaintain your health and take frequent stops to get energy. Try totake maximum points and challenge your family and friends in thisexciting 3D Crazy Real Goat Run Simulator game.
4x4 Offroad Drive Simulator 3D 3.2 APK
Being a reputable stuntmen of 4x4 monstertruck and simulating 4x4 SUVs, legend heavy duty off road vehicleson off-roads is a dream come true, this is your great chance tothrill into action packed simulation and enjoy the off-road terrainin free online game of 4x4 off-road extreme drive simulator, drivethe most reputable off road driving and off-road racing in SUVs,monster trucks, desert trucks, 4x4 offroad wheelers around thedangerous hills, edged mountainous tracks and roads. Simulate andexperience off-road drive with cutting edge 3D and HD graphics,groundbreaking physics and adrenaline-filled excitement in 4x4offroad SUVs extreme drive simulator.For all 4x4 SUV and extreme heavy duty vehicle driving andsimulation game lovers and daredevils, get into the hot seat, driveand simulate into the most reputable offroad and Russian SUV’s,heavy duty off-road jeeps and vehicles and legendary monstertrucks, in 4x4 off-road extreme drive simulator, enjoy therealistic physics while driving and simulating on high mountaintracks, off-roads boulders puddles, prolonged rises or deep fords,experience the pleasure of driving off-road SUV and climbing highmountains, narrow rickety bridges, feel the adrenaline rush thrillin performing simulating driving stunts in 4x4 offroad extremedrive a free online game of 4x4 heavy duty 3D simulator which willkeep you on the edge of your driving seat while driving theserealistic offroad monsters and heavy duty jeeps and SUV.This realistic 4x4 off road extreme driving simulator is a realsimulator in 3D games with best off-road fully loaded monstervehicles, thanks to its advanced off-road real physics engine, ifyou ever wish for an off-road simulator game, this is the righteouschoice for you to drive the 4x4 SUVs in this free game of off roaddriving simulator. You can choose from many different big monstervehicles and 4x4 SUVs before stepping into the steeply highmountains, show your passion of 4x4 jeeps, 4 wheelers and heavyduty and monster trucks as an adventurous mountain simulatingskills while precision driving with big vehicles in this 4x4offroad simulator. Mountain track and hilly driving has never beenso extreme and fun.Learn how to drive 4x4 monster trucks, SUV and heavy-duty vehicleson high hills, mountain, and rough roads, desert safaris and offroad terrains. Steer, simulate or drive and take complete controlof your 4x4 suv’s and heavy-duty vehicles, use braking system,accelerometer, auto transmission gearing system steering youroff-road jeep and SUVs professionally.The amazing gameplay environment gives you complete freedom todrive and test your simulation skills, you have many 4x4 vehicles,legendary monster trucks and SUVs for off-road driving, drifting,climbing and finding your ways complete your assigned tasks tocomplete missions. It’s easy to handle controls will let you learnthat how to play a 4x4 Off-road extreme drive simulator a freeonline game.Playing this extreme 4x4 off road driving simulator game willgive you many hours of non stop gaming fun, each level is carefullydesigned with detailed HD graphics and terrain to keep theexcitement level high, playing the 4x4 offroad games has never beenso fun, so lets get started and download it for free and enjoyunlimited fun gaming.
F18 Jet Fighter Air Strike 3D 3.2 APK
F18 Jet Fighter Air Strike 3D is anultimate jet fighter air combat in an action packed, adventurousair strike fighter jet simulation air war game, proof your self asa supreme lord of the skies and feel the simulation as top gun NavyAir force jet fighter pilot with a call sign of “flying angle”;master your techniques in takeoff from plane combat and land yourF18 Jet Fighter on navy aircraft carrier, guarding the open seasand oceans. Enjoy the toughest action battle in the skies anddominate your metal storm while flying and simulating F18 JetFighter Air Strike in 3D; this F18 Jet Fighter is a super sonicflying machine with top speed and is equipped with most advanceweapon systems ready to destruct any enemy involved in major groundattacks. Enemy’s ground and air radar system is very powerful, useyour stealth tactics and destroy all the ground targets with yourwingmen.Feel the heat in the skies and go behind the enemy lines take upthe challenge of toughest flying machines as the enemy is fullycapable and equipped with fighter jets like F16 Falcon, Migs, SU27,F14 Tomcat, F/A-18 Super Hornet, Green Hornet, Stealth jet fightersand drones as they are the master assassins and sharp shooterwithin the air combat and dogfight, the task is ballistic and thecombat is ON, as a Navy F18 Jet Fighter Pilot, airborne your F18Jet Fighter and takeoff, simulate and strike down your enemy in thedeadliest dogfight as the battlefield set for destruction, destroyair, sea and land targets in your range set around the Militarybase of raptor island where sniper shooters are ready to take youdown with anti aircraft sniper guns and red canyon, so take up thechallenge in this full HD 3D F18 Jet Fighter Air strike and feellike a real navy aviation fighter pilot. Disengage your F18 jetfighter from SAM missiles, guided radar systems with your latestweapons and destroy warships, Gunship aircrafts.The border sharing countries are in a conflict and a war likesituation has arisen, as a pro navy jet fighter pilot representingthe navy air force jet fighter squad, lead your wing command anddominate the skies with the worlds most sophisticated f18 jetfighters and experience the action packed F18 Jet Fighter AirStrike fighting game. Engage your missions and destroy the backboneof your enemy by destroying the air bases, air craft carrierwarships, military bases, military vehicles, military tanks and gunship cobra helicopter in the air, helicopter flying simulator andall the air ambulance landing on the enemy sniper shooterbases.This F18 Jet Fighter Air Strike 3D game has a career mode and dogfight, engage your career in the navy air force jet fighter pilotand fulfill the combat mission and training skills while completingthe campaigns in the worlds most advanced F18 Jet Fighter plane.Engage into the dogfight mode and fight like an ace, defend yourair, land and sea from the enemy targeting from their militarybases and naval battle ships saving your country’s pride anddominance, you will have all the air support from ground radars andwingmen all around you, you will be surrounded with all sorts ofenemy jet fighters, but your F18 is the most advance fighter jetequipped with modern air warfare missiles. Just take the hot seatand scroll into your cockpit, takeoff and lead your fighter jetswhile shooting and destroying the enemy’s air defense system andall major ground forces, avoid enemy airplanes, air fighter jets,aircraft and navy air fighters, navy carrier gunships with gunstrikes take all of them OUT!F18 JET FIGHTER AIR STRIKE 3D FEATURES• 15 different career and dogfight mission• Landing, and Taking off sequences• Improved and smooth Jet Fighter Physics• Cockpit view and external views• Fly an advanced fighter jet• Realistic controls with smooth tilting• Mission filled with excitement and addiction• Weapon controlling and target locking system
Tank Attack: Gunner War Sim 3D 2.2 APK
The great 1990s panzer tank battle is allsetup with modern combat and war of tank with tank attack gunnerwar simulator ready to attack within the enemy territories as hugeGerman panzer gunner tanks are appointed behind the enemy lines,the battle of metal mayhem, power and dominance of the world todominate the supreme land through the deadliest war of tank andworld war II has just begun, Major General Tanker is waiting tobrief you as huge enemy panzer tanks are all over the battle arenaloaded with deadly warheads, you will enjoy this realisticbattlefield game of panzer tank attack gunner war simulator3d.As an army commando, you have been awarded with medal of honor thatplaces you into the role of an allied commando of panzer tanks, youare in command of huge panzer tank battalion, being an expert ofmodern warfare and battlefield commander and ace panzer tankoperator, engage yourself in tank attack gunner war simulatorexperience. Fight your way through the enemy battlefield and leadyour battalion of panzer tank attacks in the deserts with realisticbattlefield environment, engage towards your enemy’s borders and donot go behind enemy lines as your opponent is fully equipped withheavy artillery and gunner German panzer tanks fully equipped todestroy your battalion, your objective is to engage the enemyforces to occupy key locations and supply points, lead your lethalpanzer tank battalion with tank attack gunner war simulator withhigh-altitude bombing, ground firing and cruise missiles attackingin this panzer tank game that brings you back to the war-riddenyears.Lead your panzer tank battalion with army commandos and enterdirectly into the war zone, lead your brigade from front in tankattack gunner war simulator and defend your country’s integrity, itis more important to engage yourself in panzer tank and stretchyour enemy an extreme destruction through war of tanks. You willface heavy retaliation from your enemy’s panzer gunner tanks, heavyduty machine guns, as your enemy is on high altitude and haveambushed deadly obstacles and land mines laid down behind the enemylines to avoid your panzer gunner 1990s tanks to cross them.Another tank battalion along with solders, army commandos andsnipers is backing and supporting you, loaded with sharp shooterson foot to engage towards your ballistic enemy, you have an airattack support through your air strike jet fighters, apache andgunship cobra helicopters as well. Beware of enemy’s aerial airforce and gunship helicopters.–– TANK ATTACK: GUNNER WAR SIMULATOR 3D GAMEPLAY ––Tank Attack Gunner War Simulator is a free-to-play game, prepareyourself for a real battle, take the hot seat and simulate yourpanzer gunner tank into the battlefield with intense combat,survive against the legendary world war 2 armory like T-34, Tiger,Sherman, simulate into modern war fare like Merkava, Panzer, Tagiland mighty M1A2 Abrams, engage into the war of tanks from allaround the world. Take control of this highly rugged and tough WarMachine, engage yourself into the battlefield, set an armedformation and take your enemy at all Strike With Might. Completeextreme missions and eliminate targets successfully in thisfree-to-play game and engrave your way to further challenges, be anundefeated hero, your panzer gunner tank is an state of an art inmodern tank technology and is fully equipped with high-end warheads and precision weapons with target focusing, maximum damageability, efficient high end navigation system and radar trackingwith first person view controlling along with zoom shotfeatures.
Blocky Car Parking Simulator 2.1 APK
Blocky Car Parking Simulator 3D is a parkinggame for all ages, specially kids will love blocky car parkingsimulator as it is specially designed for kids and grownups aswell, kids can simulate and enjoy parking simulation while usingwonderful toy blocky cars, it can be real fun while playing blockycar parking simulator 3D.Blocky Car parking is a simple parking game with a clear concept ofparking, as kids will learn to park blocky colorful cars all aroundthe areas specially designed for them, the game plan is simple butmastering the blocky car parking task while simulating is reallychallenging. This blocky parking simulator game is super andaddictive and kids and grownups equally enjoy this game as they canplay the role of an expert driver who drives different types ofblocky cars and looking for parking places all over the city fortheir blocky cars. This blocky car parking simulator offers theplay an immaculate scope to test their driving, simulating andparking skills with different type of blocky shaped parking cars,trucks, vans and many more. Vehicles all shaped in blocky. The gameis normal as most of the parking games you have played and itssimple, only you have to have a simple sense of vehicle simulatingand controlling technique and you can apply this to blocky carparking simulator what you do in real life while parking your carin the parking lots.Blocky car parking simulator is a realistic fun game along with alearning curve for beginners who can learn simulate in the blockycity with lots of parking and learn how to maneuver a blocky carwhile speeding up, slowing down, avoiding obstacles, carefullyturnings and more to learn the blocky simulator car parking game.Blocky car parking simulator starts with simple tasks such asparking your blocky car, van or truck in the designated parkingspot without hindering your path with any obstacles but as theparking game progresses, the mission and tasks gets littledifficult but its good that you can learn and tis a real to testfor your simulating abilities and skills as an expert blocky carparking simulator, all it required a little attention whilesimulating and parking your blocky cars, Blocky car parkingsimulator is wonderful and challenging way to test your simulatingand driving skills in multiple levels carefully designed so thatyou can enjoy the blocky parking cars, vans and trucks.if you are learning to drive, park or just wanting to practicereverse or parallel parking techniques, then blocky car parkingsimulator 3D is your right choice which includes awesome dynamicsand extravagant 3D graphics of blocky car parking simulator gamewill keep you high on alert and engrossed on your smart phones andtablets.
Helicopter Landing Simulator 3.2 APK
Helicopter landing simulator is a realisticadventurous helicopter simulation landing game, which allows you tosimulate your helicopters to new horizons, download the realistichelicopter landing simulator game on your smartphones and tabletsand enjoy the sim gaming. Helicopter Landing Simulator knocks theopportunity for professional helicopter pilots and to fulfill yourfantasy to suit yourself as a professional and battle fieldhelicopter simulator pilot in the extreme game of HelicopterLanding Simulator, take all the controls and tactics in landingsimulation circumstances in some high class commercial and battlefield helicopters and maneuver your way to the extreme levels ofthis magnificent game of helicopter landing simulator. Thisaddictive game of helicopter landing simulator 3d is an actionpacked landing helicopter gunship battle simulator game thatattributes great 3D graphics with sophisticated flight controlsimulation while engaging different scenarios to indulge yourselfinto an immersive helicopter landing simulator experience.Being a commercial pilot you are bored of flying the passengerhelicopters, airplanes and airbuses, your career is full of flyinghours in machines like, Hercules, gunship cobra helicopter, MH-23,bell and Eurocopter flying machines while simulating over the highbattle fields and taking injured army men to the army hospital basecamps in extreme chaos actions and dogfight simulation. Now is thetime to show your experience in flying advanced choppers andcontrols like side strafing, speeding, altitude adjustments,waypoints and enjoy helicopter simulation while flying near thehigh rise sky scrapers, military bases with anti air craft guns,clearing the waypoints at various locations and landing yourhelicopter in different locations, avoiding hurdles and obstaclesand try not to hit, damage or destroy any buildings and ensure thatwhile simulating and parking helicopter safely over the helipadssafely while simulating the waypoints in helicopter landingsimulator and gain the experience as an expert and professionalhelicopter pilot.The scene is all set in helicopter landing simulator and the hotseat is ready, fly these beautiful military based helicopters andstart engaging into breath taking mission hovering above the enemymilitary bases, high mountains, avoiding collisions with objects,you are flying the most advanced helicopters all mounted with fullyloaded machine guns and rockets for surviving against a vast rangeof enemy units. Simulate your helicopters and choppers in realtime.Helicopter Landing Simulator 3D is an exceptional game and just nota sim game like you may have played earlier like navy or armyhelicopter simulators, choppers, gunship lethal helicopters or antistealth fighter or commercial jet plane using drone technology orfeatures with combat skilling and action or parking helicopters onextra ordinary locations and buildings or on military or cavalrybases with gunships. Helicopter landing simulator 3D is will be agreat choice.