1.0 / September 10, 2016
(3.6/5) (405)


City Police vs Gangsters game is anexcitingpolice car racing as well as stunning shooting actiongame.
In this exciting police game you, as police officer, have tochasegangsters on police car. You have high speed racing car tochasegangsters in city streets. You are granted a precise shootinggunto shoot gangsters in your range.

A group of bloody gangsters consisting well trained deadlyshootershave entered the capital city and demolished the citypeace. Theyare involved in killing and assassinating citizens. Theyareequipped with modern shooting guns. They attack innocent peopleandrun away on the their speed racing jeep. Due to theircriminalactivities the peaceful city has been turned into crimecity.
You, being best SWAT commando of police training school, hasbeengiven task to eliminate this group. You have been trainedforextreme fight and furious speed car racing to chase thief.
You have to drive police car at high speed in the city streetstochase thieves. If they run away then you have to show yourrunningskills.
Police dog running around in city will alert you aboutthegangsters. You have to immediately start police car drivingandchase the gangsters. To successfully chase gangsters you must beagood driver of police car. You have to crash and damagetheirhummer jeep. They will run and try to escape after their carisdamaged. So now you have to run fast and shoot them withyoursniper shooting gun as soon as they come into your range.

You are given very noble job i.e. eliminate criminals andturncrime city into peace city and become city police hero.

If you like full action packed gangster games then downloadrightnow City Police Vs Gangsters and enjoy the thrillandexcitement.


- Shooting simulator game with latest HD 3Dgraphicstechnology.
- Absolutely free police car thief chase game.
- Multiple driver camera views i.e. third person, firstpersonview.
- Most realistic in car drive / cockpit view. Feel likereallydriving in car.
- Lots of amazing and thrilling missions of city policethiefencounter.
- Run, walk and jump mode of police man character.
- Very precise shooting guns i.e. pistol and rifle.
- Very beautiful city environment with busy city roads.
- Easy to play yet challenging game for shooting game lovers.

App Information City Police vs Gangsters

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    City Police vs Gangsters
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    September 10, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Ideal Games International
  • Installs
    50,000 - 100,000
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Boxing Legends 3D 1.1 APK
Boxing Legends 3D game is the mostwonderfulinvention of Apps Cabinet in the Android world of sportsgames.This game is equipped with stunning boxer animations andtopquality 3D HD graphics.So get ready to fight with a number of great boxers, defeatthemwith your furious jab, hook, and uppercut to become boxinglegend.There are a number of boxer from around the world to fightwithyou. You are going to face extreme boxing fight in the ringi.e.furious punch, powerful kick and some tactical ways to defeattherivals. To win the fight use your speed punching skills.Earnpoints and improve your punching speed and amaze your buddywithfurious speed punches. Move quickly in the ring like GreatBoxerMuhammad Ali and threat your rival with your quick left,rightsudden punches.The boxing ring is waiting a stunning boxing fight between abraveheart boxer like you and the loser i.e. your opponent. Youhave todo hard boxing training before you enter the live boxingmatch.Make the highest boxing score and challenge your friends totheTop of the Leader-boards.You can upgrade fighting skills of boxer by earning coinsandspecial points during in-ring fights.BOXING LEGENDS 3D FEATURES:Great action game with highest quality boxing experience.Power-ups, speed boosters and lots more free upgrades.Boxing simulator free game specially made for Androiddevices.Multiplayer mode with option to record your name and maintainleaderboard.Score board / leader-board with complete statistics.Ultimate HD graphics and sound effects feel like really inthering.