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Hunt city criminals down in this epic City Police VS MurderCriminal3D game. If you are tired of playing random shooting andsimulator games, give City Police VS Murder Criminal3D a try and itwill not disappoint you. In this era of modern war, city policeunits hold a key role in the unit against a flight with thegangstersThe cities have been raided by gangsters, thief, killers,robbers and criminals. They have all the modern weapons in theirsleeves and are threatening innocent city people. The killers arekilling innocent people, thieves are robbing the town. In the lastnight broadcast, a thief has broken into the house and robbed allthe precious jewels. Upon leaving the house, he also startedshooting and murdered the resident. 911 police was called but hefled away till then. The Police have arrested a lot of criminalsbut the city is still full of these sick minded people. The Army isfighting a modern war with these murderers and has called upontheir police unit to illuminate these gangsters. Its now time tobring your driving and shooting skills into practice by playingthis first action simulator gameIn this City Police VS MurderCriminal3D game, you have to first respond to the 911 call bydriving the police car simulator to the crime scene and then shootthe criminal. One thing to take care before shooting a bullet is toverify that you are not shooting a civilian. There are manycivilians in the city street and these gangsters are ambushingthemselves among them. In this police car simulator, driving fastand safe is the key.

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    City Police Vs Murder Criminal
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    June 7, 2015
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Dragon Fire Z
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One of the best action games with unique 2016 gangster story ishere! You are the hero gangster in the city mafia ruling Miamistreets. Your mission is to fight savage and aggressive criminalsthat are hiding everywhere in crime city. Rob banks; do somefurious shooting to kill people and steal cash from stores.Who’sboss of Miami? A real gangster; It's time to show everyone that yougreed for revenge. Quench this thirst by shooting rivals andkilling your enemies. Policeman are striving for prestige but youdon’t need for glory. Take out your big gun and show you are bossof all bandits & killers. Do non-stop shooting to kill as muchas possible bandits. Rescue a people from horrible life among bloodshots. Stand alone as a real hero who who doesn't afraidanything.Get ready for the biggest criminal chaos in the moderncity. Grab your guns, knifes, and other weapons. Rise of Crime cityis action packed with lots of missions. You can go nuts. As aplayer living a thug life the full sized city is yours. Cops willbe upon you; revolves around the gangster city and cops can gonuts. The real action, shooting and ruling the streets start herewith this crime simulator 3D game. When driving around the realcity; locate the police chase cars on the minimap and use quickbuttons to start right away the rampage missions.Features:10 actionpacked missionsCar theft & police escape themeModern WeaponUpgradeShotgun, sniper rifle & machine gunMassive 3D openworldBeautiful new city environmentEnjoy the most thrillingunderworld mafia game and play as a bandit in Crime City Streets.Download the game for free now. 
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Behold very 1st Sci Fi Bike Moto Racing Stunt Bike racing games!This is unlike other 3D bike stunt games available. This new stuntbike game 2018 has a Sci fi style light bike with laser trail. Doinsane motor bike tricks and try to beat opponent’s motorcyclestunts in this new bike stunt racing games. Are you ready to ridein gt bike games 2018 and become highway rider in stunt moto racinggame? It’s like road bike driving games but with twist of extremebike rider stunting action. In this real stunt bike race games dotricky bike stunts racing as you collect various flags atopimpossible stunt tracks. This 3D motor bike stunt games 2018 givesyou a lot of enjoyment stunt driving games. It has motorcyclestunts game action of futuristic sport bike of motorcycle games.Get ready for extreme motorcycle race like an adventurous motorider person who enjoys bike stunt racing simulator. As city Bikeracer choose best heavy bike for motorcycle riding & motobiking. This is one of a kind extreme stunt bike racer games youhave come across. Start your crazy bike engine and do dangerousstunt in city traffic of stunt moto racing games. Enjoy Sci Fi bikedriving in the best stunt bike games 2018. Design and upgrade yourdream heavy bike stunt racing as crazy stunt driver. Do not takethis challenge easy because it’s dangerous to be an impossiblestunt rider on crazy impossible tracks stunts in this moto bikesimulator. Welcome to racing moto bike: stunt bike race free inwhich you will have to race bike and make real stunts on impossibletracks stunt. Impossible race tracks have been built for bikeracing in stunt master. You might have played different extremestunt bike games 2018 e.g. impossible race, hill racing, light bikestunt tricks master, monster truck, & motor bike stunt racinggames but this crazy moto bike racing game is the best 3d stuntbike racing games among impossible motor bike tracks game. In this3D bike stunt game 2017 your stunt rider mission is that you rideyour tricky bike in crazy stunt driving games. Avoid hitting othersci fi bike & vehicles such car, coach bus, and big vehicle instunt bike racing game. In this bike driving games, take a sharp,play motorcycle stunt game and make impossible track stunts. Keepwatch on petrol tank in this tricky bike stunts game. You willdefinitely enjoy this motorcycle racing game & become realmotorcycle rider. This is the best moto racing games you will eversee. In racing simulator, you can play with real bikes e.g. sportbikes, heavy bikes, street racing bikes, highway racing bike inthis motorcycle racing games. You have to use your laser bike trailto destroy your opponent and avoid getting hit by their light biketrail to win the level. Just like bike hill stunts game, you haveto race your bike on the Hill Mountains. Drive offroad & makereal stunts in this moto bike stunt game. Play bike stunt racinggame, cross hurdles and carry your flag to destination successfullyin stunt simulator. Challenging levels have been designed to makeyou expert motorcycle stunts bike racer in this impossible tracksrace game. Become ultimate moto racer and bike stunt tricks masterin best moto racing game. Let’s start to ride motto stunt bikefreestyle in 3d motorcycle games. 3D Bike Stunt Games 2018 Features-3D HD graphics in Stunt Bike games. -Crazy Impossible tracks raceof stunt master. -Easy to control impossible stunts bike racinggame. -Amazing environment of race bike games 2018. -Realisticsound effects of stunt moto racing. -Extreme precision simulator ofreal impossible bike game. -Amazing realistic physics of stunt bikeracing games. Download Impossible Bike Stunt games 2018 now &enjoy motorcycle stunts in stunt bike freestyle game.
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For the newest wild animal safari adventure, drive your 4x4 offroadjeep into the world’s largest wilderness to explore real junglelife. Play Wild Animal Safari Park 2 game for amazing wildlifeadventures & jungle escape challenges.Wild Animal Safari Park 2is a real jungle adventure game. Drive your 4x4 jeep and exploreworld’s wildest locations but be careful while taking photos ofjungle animals. Wild animals will get angry and attack youfuriously. Save yourself from the wildest attack and escapewildlife attack. Your life is in danger. Drive fast through thethick forest terrain to a safe place. The real thrill of safariadventure escape form real animal attacks requires extreme drivingskills.Safari parks are crowded with dangerous fierce beasts liketiger, lion, gorilla and zebra. Avoid hurting any animal orshooting them with hunting weapons to save ecosystem. This is notan ordinary animal hunting simulator, not a sniper hunter game aswell. Love wild life, explore wilderness and take photos. Enjoy thereal zoo environment and explore wildlife in African jungle. This4x4 safari hunting game has many wild animals, but stags, lions,rhinos and zebras will be your primary threat. It is not anordinary safari jeep driving game, but as you start your roughjourney, this wild escape game will land you in an epic survivalescape where animal attacks are usual. Drive fast and escape deadlyattacks from wild animals like wolf, tiger and cougars. Steer youroff-road jeep in hill forest to enjoy lush green environment andsightseeing. Beware! Hippo, cheetah and elephant are out from theircages; running and hunting to prey. If your car is in range wildanimals will start running after you to attack, so better startdriving super fast. Find a shelter soon because these dangerousbeasts like to pounce with sharp claws. Beware of hilly area andbumpy roads as you travel to safe destination.Features:10 thrillingadventure levels explore wildlife safari parkMultiple 4x4 offroadsafari jeep & cars to drive and park in zooNo harmful weaponslike rifle gun for shooting or blood violenceReal life jungle withstunning places, waterfall and pondSmooth controls for precisedriving and car parkingEnhanced quality 3D graphicsDownload WildAnimal Safari Park 2 for endless jungle adventure. If you likehaving unlimited family fun and travel adventures.