1.6 / February 27, 2015
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The most popular city quiz finally has arrived in your country.Theconcept is simple, you have 4 photos and you must guess which citythey are! How many will you be able to recognise?Come and test yourgeography skills!Only 1.5% of players have managed to finish thegame!PLAY IT NOWWhether you are on a plane, at your place, or evenat work you can take part in the fun and build your memory!The onlyrule: guess the city!Cities from all over the world!No sign-upPlayofflineUNLIMITED FUN Hundreds of cities available!New cities addedregularly in real-time. No need to update to continue playing!ACONTINUOUS CHALLENGE Able to find all the cities? Some levels tooeasy? Don't worry, the next ones will be much harder :)Like us onFACEBOOK to be aware about our releases.Link:http://on.fb.me/1cU04V3

App Information City Quiz - Guess the city

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    City Quiz - Guess the city
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    February 27, 2015
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Mangoo Games
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    48 rue sarrette 75680 Paris CEDEX 14
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Det mest populära frågespelet med logos har äntligen kommit tillSverige.Konceptet är enkelt. Du får en logo och ska gissa vilketvarumärke det tillhör! Så hur många kommer du känna igen?Endast 2%av alla spelare har lyckats klara hela spelet än så länge!SPELANUVare sig du är på en resa, hemma eller på jobbet så kan du njutaav det här spelet och sätta ditt minne på prov.- Endast en regel:Hitta varumärket!- Svenska logotyper- Ingen registrering- SpelaofflineDET FINNS INGET STOPP PÅ DET ROLIGAHundratals logostillgängliga!Varumärken läggs till regelbundet. Det finns ingetbehov av att uppdatera för att kunna spela.EN OÄNDLIGUTMANINGKommer du lyckas hitta alla varumärken? Känns vissa nivåerför lätta?Oroa dig inte, följande nivåer kommer inte vara så enkla:)The most popular quiz game with the logos has finally come toSweden.The concept is simple. You get a logo and must guess whichbrand it belongs! So how many will you recognize?Only 2% of allplayers have managed to clear the entire game so far!PLAYNOWWhether you are on a trip, at home or at work so you can enjoythis game and put your memory to the test.- Only one rule: Find thebrand!- Swedish logos- No registration- Play offlineThere is nostopping the funHundreds of logos available!Trademarks are addedregularly. There is no need to update in order to play.AN INFINITECHALLENGEWill you manage to find all the brands? Feels certainlevels of light?Do not worry, the following levels will not be sosimple :)