1.0 / October 10, 2017
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You are a city skater in this amazing game. Your role as a skateristo complete the world tour while skating. The task is notsimple. Asyou skate on highway you will find many obstacles. Jumpover theobstacles, slide to the edges to escape the obstacles andcompleteyour mission. You have to bend under the obstacle if it ismoreheight. Jump, Slide, go under the obstacle if needed andcompletethe tour. When you keep on skating then watch othervehicles on yourway as you are on a highway in the city. Keepskating and completethe mission. How To Play: * Use Tilt/Buttonsto control. * Jump overthe obstacles * Reach as far as you can inthis tour.

App Information City Skater 3D - Skating Games 3D 2017

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    City Skater 3D - Skating Games 3D 2017
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    October 10, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Pelicon Software Solutions
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