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Jumping, turning and sliding you love in City Skate Run 3D!Escapethe oncoming car! Collect more resources. you run?! FEATURES★Beautiful graphics ★ Gorgeous organic environments ★ Glideacrossthe street! ★ Obstacles ★ Vivid HD quality! ★ SurfingSkateboard! ★lightning-fast flying skills! ★ More achievements

App Information City Skater Run 3D

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    City Skater Run 3D
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    October 20, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    PepperZen Studio
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    Building 3, Concord Building, 102 Soy Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, HK
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極限賽馬俱樂部3D是一款全3D的模擬賽馬的軟體。在《極限賽馬俱樂部3D》中,憑你的直覺來下注你心儀的戰馬吧。充足的金幣和每日豐厚的登陸獎勵任您的處置,盡情享受冒險和猜贏吧!試試你的手氣,看看誰才是賽馬界的王者!遊戲特點:華麗的3D皇家賽馬風格,身臨其境的逼真賽事體驗順暢便捷的投注機制,高賠率提高你的遊戲激情每日登陸金幣大放送,讓您盡情享受遊戲的過程世界各大馬場陸續開放,沙田、跑馬地等還有諸多玩法等著您,快來大顯身手吧。Limit Jockey Club 3D is afull 3D simulation horse racing software. In the "Ultimate RacingClub 3D", and with your intuition to bet your favorite horses now.Plenty of gold and rich daily log of any reward your disposal,enjoy the adventure and guess to win it!Try your luck and see who is the king of the horse racing industry!Game features:Royal Racing gorgeous 3D style, immersive lifelike experienceeventsSmooth and convenient betting mechanism, high odds to improve yourgame of passionDaily Log gold big run, allowing you to enjoy the game in theprocessOpened up to the world's major Racecourse, Sha Tin, Happy Valley,etc.There are a lot of gameplay waiting for you, come to show theirtalents it.
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西游降魔师-最强大脑益智游戏 1.0.1 APK
《西游降魔师》-最具中国风的西游题材益智游戏,这里有各种似曾相识又从未见过的妖怪妖精,牛魔王、铁扇公主、红孩儿你还记得么?照妖镜、火眼金睛、人参果是否能将你带回到儿时的记忆?伴随着悠扬琴瑟声,在香烟缭绕中体验一场紧张刺激的西游捉妖之旅。玩法简介:“大圣”被抛弃之后开始疯狂厮杀妖怪,妖怪为了逃避“大圣”的厮杀,把自己的每一个部件藏在了一堆打乱的碎片中,“大圣”必须在一柱香的时间内找到此妖怪的所有部件方可取胜!获胜可获得金币奖励以及荣誉物品等等,1-5关失败之后可继续在当前关卡挑战,5关之后失败则要受到妖怪的责罚,会随机倒退到之前的随意关卡重新开始挑战。来用你的最强大脑来降妖除魔吧,挑战一下你的极限吧,你是最出彩的捉妖师!全部通关后还会奖励复活节土豪茶叶蛋哦!"Journey to the Westdivision fell monsters" - most Chinese wind Journey theme puzzlegame, there are a variety of familiar and never seen monstersgoblins, cattle devil, Princess Iron Fan, red boy you remember?Magic mirror, eyes, ginseng fruit if you can bring back childhoodmemories? Accompanied by the melodious sound of harps, experience athrilling journey Journey Vampire Killers smoke aroma.Play Description:"Story" began a frenzied fight after being abandoned by a monster,a monster in order to avoid "Story" of the fight, his own hidden inevery part of the debris pile disrupted, the "King" must be in atime of incense find this monster within all parts before they win!After the 1-5 win points off the failure to continue to receivegold awards and honors goods, etc. In the current challenge, thefailure will have been closed after five monster chastisement,random checkpoints randomly restarts back to the previouschallenge.To use your brain to subdue slayer strongest it, challenge yourlimits it, you are the most out of color Vampire Killersdivision!All clearance Tyrant boiled eggs after Easter will rewardOh!
Stickman : Make Them Jump 1.0.1 APK
Stickman : Make Them Jump is an addictivestickman running game.Once you play it , you can’t stoprunning.You like to use your left hand or right hand? Or about to starttogether? “Stickman:You jump, I jump “ meets all your needs. Dualreverse run up! It’s very suitable for you and your friend to playtogether.Bring friends come together.Features:- Fast-paced game- Really tough, difficult to pass- From simple to complex- Stickman themes, simple and neat- Challenge yourself and your friends and all the other playersaround the world.- Compete with your friends ,see who can keep running for thelongest time.- Difficulties in different modes: Classic Mode and most difficultFLIP Mode.How To Play:- The Classic Mode:Click the Upper part of screen control the left stickman to quicklyjump over the obstacles,vice versa.- The Flip Mode:Two stickmen can’t stand on the same line.Jump or Die ? Let's have a try.
Kitten Loves Sweet! 1.0.0 APK
Kitten loves sweet is the first match 3 gameofour PepperZen Studio!And Kitten to sweet adventure. There Kitten mother's help,aswell as our favorite delicacy, play your wisdom now.You can either set foot on this sweet alone legendaryjourney!Kitten loves sweet is free-to-play, but some in-game propsextrasteps and extra value of life, etc., need to buy!-------------------------------Kitten loves sweet Game Features:● Perfect sweet, cute bomb effect, so you put it down● You can use magic to deal with difficult hurdle● Complete adventure levels, unlock surprises● Simple fun game, but not easy to go through customs● Kitten loves sweet have hundreds of game levels -occasionallyupdate oh ~!------------------------------Customer Service:pepperzen.hk@gmail.comFinally, we want to thank all the players who play Kittenlovessweet!
The Magician Of Oz 1.0.3 APK
The trail again, in order to find the wayhome, and she started in Ozzy's adventures. Dorothy ribbon with herdog Toto, Toby, marksman Lucas, and legendary magician Merlin,against Ozzy's forces of evil, eventually challenge the evil darkknight, and Dorothy inner evil produced evil dorothy.Ο skills ΟShape adjustment attendant bring different combateffectiveness.Ο level ΟThe Emerald City: a huge castle built by the jade, the forces ofevil shadow.The Yellow Brick Road: the yellow brick paved road, leading to theevil forest.The Evil Forest: with a huge forest various evil forces.Burrows: the ultimate BOSS guard cave, need to challenge Dorothyinner evil shadow.
Deadly Zombies 1.0 APK
Zombie virus raging,The last line of human was broken.Nuclearwarhas turned the world into a wasteland and zombies swept theareawhere you were. Family and friend were killed. Can't connectanyoneunder completed news blackout..Human beings started thebiggestevacuation in history.There is no place for human toretreat. Youmust grasp the survival skills used to have, withdetermination,use all resources in the broken world to live.Together with peopleyou met, get back to the normal world.Highlighted Features ☆ 15guns you can equip and use; ☆ 3 roles withdifferent properties youcan play; ☆ 6 maps in the game; ☆ 3 mechescan make you the king ofthe world; ☆ Various types of zombies,quick, strong, remote attackand powerful boss; ☆ Different taskmodes; ☆ Various achivementsyou can reach and obtain thecorresponding rewards.