1.2 / October 30, 2016
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City sniper is the best action game. Youarethe special sniper of military agency terrorist attack on yourcityand they took a hold of all city and that is really threat foryourcountry and nation. They kidnapped your scientist. Iftheysuccessful to take secret information from him then they canbrokenyour security lock and that will be dangerous and harmful.Militaryagency officer’s calls a meeting and they choose you forthismission. Because you already proved many time your specialskillsand complete missions recently. Being a part of specialmilitaryagency, you are assigned a special mission to aim theterrorists inthe main city of your country and assassin themsilently. You haveto proof your sniping skills to shoot the targetsbefore time runsout and without missing a single bullet. You haveto kill allterrorist and when you killed all terrorist you have togo on nextmissions.
If you are looking for sniper Games then this is the bestactiongame collection, smooth graphics. Stunning features, easy andquickguides, realistic zoom control with latest physics that makesyoufeel that you are aiming on the target in real. I am reallysureyou will like this game and love to play this game. Soon thiswillcome with new version and with new missions.

How to Play:
1. Touch & Drag the screen anywhere to rotate your gunleft,right, up or down
2. Tap Fire button at bottom right to fire any selectedweapon
3. Detect enemy using the radar
4. Press zoom key to aim on the enemy.
• Excellent 3D graphics & best sounds.
• Fabulous city environment.
• Best third person shooting game.
• Trace your enemy from radar and see their movement.
• Latest physics and technology is used in development ofthisgame.

Download City Sniper Shooting Assassin Special Mission and haveafun enjoy awesome game collection.
Don’t be wait download and enjoy free action game hope you likemygames and give positive feedback and suggestions to improvemygames.

App Information City Sniper Shooter Assassin

  • App Name
    City Sniper Shooter Assassin
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    October 30, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Spirit Games Studio
  • Installs
    5,000 - 10,000
  • Price
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Heli Ambulance Rescue Mission 2017:Get ready to perform rescue duty in the northern areas of punjab.Peoples living in northern areas of punjab has been affected by theearthquake. There are calling you to help them in this situation.The only way to rescue them is through helicopter rescue service.You as an air aviation officer have to go near them, take them intohelicopter and transport them to nearest hospital. Emergency hasbeen implemented into the all nearest hospitals. Your mission is tosave more peoples by transporting them to hospitals as youcan.You are a part of rescue team and be ready for the rescue mission.you have to keep ready for emergency rescue service. When you hearrescue emergency alert you have to give quick response take seat torescue helicopter and take flight and reach their as soon aspossible and serve as life guard. took the injured city peoples inearthquake to nearest hospital so that they can get fast treatmentand rescued.You have to fly rescue Helicopter carefully and transport fast toinjured peoples for rescue. This is not so easy everyone can notperform this ambulance rescue service without any practice. Andthis is best helicopter ambulance game in the big beautiful city toperform rescue duty and to get real time army rescue helicopterflying experience. You have to take those people from the affectedareas and fly them to the rescue hospital. This is time to showyour rescue helicopter flying skills. The rescue helicopter isequipped with simple and modern control. Take your army ambulancehelicopter and carefully land on the affected area and improve youraviation flying skill and prove that you are the best pilot in theworld. This is best Ambulance rescue duty simulation game. Thisgame will capture your attention as it is one of the bestgame.HOW TO PLAY Heli Ambulance Rescue Mission 2017 game:Press left, right, up and down button to control the helicopterambulance movement.Up and down button to land and flying up.FEATURES of Heli Ambulance Rescue Mission 2017:Beautiful bit city with beautiful environment.Simple and smooth control.Different challenging 12 levels.Real flight game experience.you will become real life guard for the affected peoplesyou will become expert rescue ambulance driverShow your best rescue duty skillsHope you will like this game and your valuable reviews and commenthelp us to improve game
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Air jet you can use are true to life inperformance, characters and stunt. You can test yourself in theair, take advantage of the master pilot skills and fly in thecockpit of the best fighter jet pilot on the earth. Modern radar ofthe jet will help you to find enemy and attack of them. In thisgame you can fly air jet through the skies. You have to accept thisfighter jet challenge and complete all challenging levels. Yourchallenge is you have to clear all area for enemies and attack onthem before they attack on you. You have to destroy enemies camp,radar system, ships and boats and second mode is very interestingdogfight. Lot of jet will attack on you. You have to hit thembefore hit on you and show your professional pilot.How to play:Fighter jets have 2 type control joystick and tilt.Move you’re mobile to control the jet fighter.Tap fire button to attack on enemies.Features:• 2 type challenging mode.• New improves jet fighter physics.• Modern radar system.• Real 3D environment.• Stunning graphic.Hope you like this game and positive feedback. Your feedback andcomments are value able for us to improve games. Bestwishes…………………..
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Enjoy the best off road tuk tuk rickshaw autogame that is full of thrill with pick and drop passenger on thebeautiful mountain track. This rickshaw game is not easy that youthinking you have to drive on the difficult mountain area. You haveto drive carefully and open your eye when you driving if you madeany mistake then rickshaw will fall down from mountain and gamewill be over.Don’t be wait take a control of your rickshaw and pick passengerfrom one place and drop them to their destination safely. This ismountain area tourist like to visit mountain area in the summerseason and they will use rickshaw as a taxi. You have to drive likepublic transport and provide them best service to the passengers bydropping them on their destination safely. You will drive thisrickshaw game different then regular bus, truck, taxi, bikes etc.This game will test your real driving skills. First time you willdrive tuk tuk rickshaw on hilly mountain area.This is your task to complete your mission and unlock nextchallenging level.How to play:• Press race button to move forward rickshaw.• Press brake button to stop the rickshaw.• Keep press brake button to move back rickshaw.• To change camera view press camera button.Features:• Off road adventurous and thrill game.• With beautiful rickshaw model.• Real stunning environment.• Multiple camera views.• Totally free to play.• Simple and smooth control.• Attractive game play.• HD 3d graphic.Hope you like this game and give your feedback to improve gameplay.

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