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The war started years back in easternUkraine.The Russia as a big country had offensive approach tooccupy someland of Ukraine a smaller century in eastern Europe.Ukrainianarmed forces decided to restore the occupied city fromRussianforces and started an operation "Gunship SniperStrike"
You as a commando are heading the operation, you have to planandmake strategy to evacuate the city from enemy forces byshooting,killing soldier and commandos by guns, airstrike,gunshiphelicopter and on ground with assault rifles.
The strong will power is required to be on frontier border, whentwoenemy forces are on confront and the war is imposed. Commandandcontrol system, best communication, signal units, reserveforces allare engaged in this operation. You have to be attentive,use bestintelligence support about the whereabouts of enemy forcesand startkilling and shooting with snipers.
Remember; The best sniper is one who aim and shoot and killtheenemy with single shot. The kill shot is very important forasniper commando who is on strike in the battle area.

Game play:-
You have got a helicopter to fly with best sniper shooters andflytoward the operation range. The enemies have took positions inthebankers on roof of all high rise buildings of the city tohavebetter control. They have got support on ground. But, as youhavegunship helicopter you can first shoot and kill the commandosofRussian army on the most tall building of the city to cleartheroof. Once the roof is clear you have will have to landyourhelicopter on the roof and use the top as your commanding pointandthan drop your shooters.
The sniper shooters will clear one by one the roof of allbuildingswhere the enemy forces have taken positions.

You have got the following weapon and support:-
Assault rifles
Sniper guns
Features of Game:-
- Easy and user friendly GUI and control.
- Realistic sounds of weapons.
- A brilliant story line that will keep you playing forhours.
- Beautiful and eye catching graphics.
- No connectivity required while playing.
- Addictive, loving & Full of fun.
- Realistic FPS (First Person Shooting) Controller.

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App Information City Sniper Warfare

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    City Sniper Warfare
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    May 28, 2015
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    ALPHA Games Studio
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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Are you interested in forest hunting? Then getready for to be a wild real lion hunter! Choose your sniper gun anda hideout in wild jungle so wild lion king not get noticed yourpresence. This is a full of thrill with realistic fps game. Youwould feel as a real hunter while playing this new huntinggame.You will enjoy to play this awesome Lion animal hunting game withhigh definition graphics where beautiful meadows hill and greenvalley environment. Get it free from google play store for yourandroid devices.This real lion hunter game gives you all, and invites you to takethe challenge if you can prove to be the best animal hunter inforest. Hunting is not easy profession or skill in real life andespecially in jungle (forest) among wild animals where a lot ofchances they can kill you. Be aware of dangerous and wildpredators, hunt or be hunted.real lion hunter is comprised on two different mode one of which isforest environment and other one is desert. As a hunter you huntthe lion before the lion hunt you.You have a modern and latest inventory of weapons as a assaultsniper gun where you can select your gun to hunt wild animal.Choose your most favorite weapon jungle Sniper, and start huntingto show your best skills of hunting or shooting in the wilderness.Even from old era soldiers are trained as archer shooter and theyalso learn archery hunting to hunt or kill the wild animals offorest. All warriors and knights were expert in hunting runninganimals.As you know the lion is the king of jungle and the the lion king isvery sharp animal and you also know the running speed of lion isvery fast so deal with lion in jungle very carefully because theyhave ability to attack on you when you want to shot the lioncompletely set your aim on target lion for shot to kill. if youmiss the shot then lion run away or climb away from targetedposition now they try to attack on you before they attack on youshot them otherwise they will kill you.Jungle animals are the most dangerous and killer animal in theforest, you have to hunt and survive yourself as well.You have to be active and smart in aiming to kill lions. Otherwiselion can catch and tear your body in a lot of pieces. counterattack of these beasts with unique weapons. Knockout them beforethey hunt you in safari park.There are multiple levels in this game, you have to complete yourmission by shot to kill lion in given time. You have to be verysharp while hunting lions in the forest and to kill more lions tobe a top scorer among your friends.Survive yourself from the deadly lions attack with your real andprofessional hunting sniper skills. Your real task is to stop andkill the angry and deadly lions attack. Lions are deadly andattacking, so bring your inner lion hunter out to kill them allDeadly Lions.Few important tips for playing game:-- Proper posture.- Focus on your target and concentrate for at least few secondsbefore releasing the shot.- Keep your eye on the target.- Relax, aim and shoot.Game Features:-- 20 levels with all different difficulty.- Realistic Forest and Desert Environment.- The natural sounds of real wild lions and bullets fired.- Stunning animal fighting animations.- Radar system to indicate Lions positions.- Easy to control and multiple touch enables.- No connectivity required while playing.- High quality 3D audio and a lively music soundtrack.Download and Play “REAL LION HUNTER” and don’t forget to give yourvaluable feedback and suggestions for the improvement. We arecontinuously updating this game.Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/alphagamesstudio
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