1.0 / August 24, 2017
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You are the lethal assassin hired to infiltrate into the enemy'shideout and eliminate high profile targets. Perform fatal strikeson the enemy, show no mercy. The best gunman is here and this gamewill take you on the tour of underworld world. You are the moderngunman and ready to play your part as to do fatal and silentattacks on enemy. With your sharpshooter skills, and the guns,rifles, snipers etc you can finish everyone of the last target yougot to kill.You are the best well trained elite commando of thespecial forces. Equipped with the guns, rifles, and snipers, youwill be given high profile secret target to kill doing your jobsecretly and don't get caught. The most exciting shooting game ishere. Join in this war against the enemies, Shoot to kill!! Takeheadshots in these amazing realistic graphics, improve your skillsand upgrade your weapons as a special forces agent. They will be nolimitations for you in these destructive secret missions of killingyour high profile target, terrorists groups and deadly criminalswith your modern assault rifle guns. It's your duty to find theenemy's secret locations and assassinate them, shoot to kill asthey are disturbing the peace of the city. Be ready to use varietyof the most advanced weaponry in this shooting game, for therealistic battle against the deadly criminals to be the real herofor your city. The deadly criminals are no less than you, they toohave the modern guns and rifles and are spread all around the city.Get ready for the lethal attacks of the enemy's, counterattack themwith your sniping skills. Your primary objective of this game is tofind the deadly criminals and eliminate all of them, which won't beeasy as they will be equipped with modern rifles and guns. But thatwon't be a problem for you, as you are an elite commando with allthe skills you have as stealth, sniping, and war combat etc to winthis for your city and successfully complete the special forcemissions.You are highly equipped with weaponry so be a true warhero and eliminate these enemies to end this conflict. Eliminateeach of the last targets got on your missions to win this war. Timeis very critical in these missions don't let any enemy run away orcounterattack you to strike, don't miss your chances to shots.Forget the other constant shooting games, here your duty will beagainst time, saving the victims and killing the right targets. Asfor your survival you have to kill the deadly criminals in thedangerous situation. This action packed first person shooter FPSwill give you a realistic sniper shooting experience. Game Features* Realistic graphics and gameplay* Variety of weapons to choosefrom* A lot of sniper action * Addictive Gameplay* Easy and precisecontrols* Ton of exciting missions* Stunning city environment

App Information City Sniper Warzone 3D - FPS Gun Shooting Games

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    City Sniper Warzone 3D - FPS Gun Shooting Games
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    August 24, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    The Apps Globe
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    Shahrah e Faisal Karachi Pakistan
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