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Hardians – the makers of Game of War : Deadly Sniper proudlypresents City Solider Clash, a thrilled, target oriented andchallenging 3D Shooting Game Hardians – the makers of Game of War :Deadly Sniper proudly presents City Solider Clash, a thrilled,target oriented and challenging 3D Shooting Game At Callous Castle,also known as Castle’s Clash – an abrupt Clash between the City’sknown and famous Police Solider Mr. Jason Smith and notoriousStethem Shaw. Jason – the City Solider has also bravely served atvarious ranks in Army and Military troops with matchless courage,sniping and shooting skills to ensure homeland securitynonetheless, he has also trained number of young snipers and sharpshooters hence, Jason is considered as the legend founding fatherof City Military / Army sniper and shooting school. World’s mostdangerous & most wanted terror Leader Stethem Shaw with hisdisciples including Thor, Zesu and Herculas have attacked theCastle Road City Square at the dawn of a Sunny Sunday. Theypenetrated by enemy in your country to steal homeland securitysecret documents. You as Jason, is assigned this deadliest task byMr. President and the General Leader from your Senior Command tokillshot the enemies with your world class matchless shooting andsniper skills. You will also be given helicopter cover and ifneeded, you can call tanks from defense cantonment to ensure thesafety of your country and homeland, you’re supposed to kill thechances of big and uncontrollable clashes. You are assigned toshoot them before they destroy your homeland city. City SoliderClash is one of the best in free sniper and shooting games in theworld.City Soldier is reflecting the fury of city comrades andgoing to take revenge from the bad boys of enemy. The Hero iscoming on frontline to eliminate the attackers in early dawn, hecan fight from dawn to dusk to save the city fellows. Day, Night,Dawn, Dusk nothing matters here its all about survival. No need towait for tomorrow as expert hunter has joined the world war 1 &ready to shoot and kill each gorilla insurgent to death fromlookout before dawn!In all free sniper games 2016 City SoliderClash is a frontline shooter 3d shooting the best game in categoryaction sniper 3d shooting games 2016! Alike world war 1 now isfuture in fight the sniper shooting alike simulator 3d snipershooting and show some fury to kill military insurgent to deathbefore dawn, save homeland city to survive us army commando 3dsniper on this crime of future simulator in world war 1 battlefieldduty to save the homeland navy basecamp from gorilla HunterCommando. In all sniper 3d mission games & new sniper shootinggames 2016 it is survive army sniper us 3D killer take out a deadof target by a sniper kill warrior shooter to death before dawn& destroy all military gunship helicopter. High graphics insniper shooter mission 3d games new android. Suggest to all yourfriend this game is best in all sniper 3d games free download. CitySolider Clash is one of the best Military / Army Shooting Game itis a survivor shooter 3d shooting is assassination sneak. Don’twait for tomorrow alike world war 1 contract of sniper behind thesniper 3d shooting target! Become last survivor hunter as US armysniper 3d in the military frontline battlefield. Ignore allcommando mission games. And real in sniper 3d games free download.Features:- Low-fat in size.- Vivid 3D graphics in all free snipergames 2016.- Unique in sniper shooter mission 3d games newandroid.- Should install If you fed up from sniper 3d missiongames.- Enjoy & Ignore commando mission games free.-Challenging levels best sniper games in the world for free.-Suggest it is best in new sniper shooting games 2016.- Install& enjoy it is fantastic game in all sniper 3d games freedownload.

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