1.0 / April 26, 2017
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Fulfill your dream of being a super hero of a whole city in thisaction filled super hero game. Fly, run, combat, fight & battleenemy terrorists, criminals, street thugs, mafia gangsters in thisopen world free roam action hero game. City Spider Ninja WarriorHero has plenty of thrilling action filled missions & a wholecity to free roam which will keep you hooked to your phone forhours. Help & rescue the residents of your city like a truehero. Fight crime & defeat terrorists, enemy gangsters, streetthugs & mafia criminals in this intense action game. The peaceof your city is in your hands so use your ultimate ninja mutantspider hero warrior powers & save the day by rescuing thepeople & fighting crimes. City Spider Ninja Warrior Hero is atrue open world free roam ninja spider warrior hero simulationaction game.You are the ultimate spider warrior ninja hero of yourcity. You were trained to be a warrior in the ninja temple. Youhave fought in the ultimate ninja competition know as fight ofwarriors & won it as your combat skills are amazing. Now it’stime to use your mutant ninja spider rope super hero powers to saveyour city. Criminals & terrorists are planning an attack onyour city. For them it might be a game but for you it’s a seriousmatter & it’s your duty to fight & win this war against thecriminals & terrorists to put an end to their evil games.You’ve helped your army at the frontline and fought with the warfighters which has helped you improve you fighting skills. You area killer fighter hero with strange super mutant ninja warriorpowers so fight the criminals & terrorists to save your cityfrom their evil games. They might have modern weapons & guns tocombat you but they don’t have any special mutant super rope ninjastrange warrior powers.While the enemy is busy in gun shooting& destroying your city you should rush to help people first.Save them from various different situations to shine like a truehero. Rescue people from burning buildings, gun shooting action& crash sites. You are your city’s only hope which means youneed to perform your duty & win this war at all costs. It mightbe fatal but it’s your duty & you need to perform this fatalduty whole heartedly. Fight crimes, stop the gun shooting, rescuethe residents of your city & defeat evil criminal terrorists towin this war & restore the peace of your city in this thrillingaction simulation spider ninja warrior hero game.

App Information City Spider Ninja Warrior Hero

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    City Spider Ninja Warrior Hero
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    April 26, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Gamebook Studios
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    Room No. 1,villa 37,behind Dubai Palm Hotel,Deira. Dubai. U.A.E
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