8.1.1156 / June 15, 2017
(3.4/5) (510)


Presenting Clarityn’s award-winning PollenForecast app.

New, easy to use app showing the pollen forecast for the currentand following day, as well as an allergy tracker and informationand advice on dealing with your allergy.

New app features include:

Fresh, new designs showing local pollen levels

Local and national pollen and weather forecasting

Hayfever symptoms tracker, helping you to learn more about yourallergies

Allergy help, advice and information

Notifications based upon the pollen levels in your area, with theability to set your favourite location

Pollen forecast supplied by the University of Worcester.

App Information Clarityn's UK pollen forecast

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Bayer Agrar Wetter 3.75 APK
Bayer AG
Bayer Agrar Wetter ist das perfekte Werkzeug für den Landwirt.Neben einem detaillierten Wetter für Ihren aktuellen Standort, dasmehrmals am Tag aktualisiert wird, bieten wir Ihnen aktuelle Kartenund Filme wie z.B. Erdbodentemperaturkarte oder regionaleNiederschlagsprognosen an. Zusätzlich erhalten SieEinsatzempfehlungen für Ihre Kulturen und Sie können Ihrenzuständigen Bayer Cropscience Vertriebsberater direkt erreichen.Bayer agricultural weather is the perfect tool for the farmer.Besides a detailed weather for your current location, which isupdated several times a day, we offer you the latest maps andmovies such as Erdbodentemperaturkarte or regional precipitationforecasts on. You will also receive recommendations for use of yourcrops and you can reach your local Bayer CropScience salesconsultant directly.
Farming´s Future 4.1.0 APK
Bayer AG
Worldwide food security and environmentally compatible agriculture:The new Farming's Future App by Bayer Crop Science presentssolutions for a better life through sustainable agriculture.
Hora da Pilula para 2.6.2 APK
Bayer AG
Agora lembrar de tomar sua pílula está muito mais fácil. O “Hora daPílula” foi pensado para tornar a sua vida mais prática com umlembrete diário de tomada de pílulaNow remember to take your pillis much easier. The "Time Pill" was designed to make your life moreconvenient with a daily reminder of pill-making
雑草検索くん 1.3 APK
Bayer AG
「雑草検索くん」は、図鑑アプリです。農作物の栽培場面において防除の対象となる雑草を、簡単に特定することができます。【アプリの使い方】キーワード検索1.検索ボックスに雑草の名前や葉の形などの特徴を入力し、「検索」ボタンをタップします。2.キーワードと一致する雑草のリストが画像と共に表示されます。3.検索結果リストの中から目的の雑草を選択すると、雑草の画像・雑草名・科・生態・分布・種別・被害などの詳細情報が表示されます。カテゴリー検索1.葉の形状を選択すると、検索結果が絞られます。2.科を選択することで、さらに検索結果が絞られます。3.検索結果リストの中から目的の雑草を選択すると、雑草の画像・雑草名・科・生態・分布・種別・被害などの詳細情報が表示されます。メニューボタン画面左上にあるメニューボタンをタップすると、トップ画面もしくはヘルプ画面へ移ることができます。"Weedsearch-kun" is a picture book app. Weeds to be control in cropcultivation scene, you can easily identify.[How to use theapp]Keyword search1. In the search box, type features such as theform of the name and leaves of the weeds, and then tap the "Search"button.2. List of weeds that match the keyword will be displayedalong with the image.3. When you select the purpose of weeds fromthe search results list, detailed information such as an image,weed name, family, ecology, distribution, classification, damage ofweeds it will be displayed.Category Search1. When you select theshape of the leaves, the search results are narrowed down.2. Byselecting a department, it will be squeezed further searchresults.3. When you select the purpose of weeds from the searchresults list, detailed information such as an image, weed name,family, ecology, distribution, classification, damage of weeds itwill be displayed.menu buttonWhen you tap the menu button in thetop left corner of the screen, you can move to the top screen orhelp screen.
BCS Cowdition 2.0.1 APK
Bayer AG
Bayer HealthCare Animal Health’s innovative BCS Cowditionsmartphone App is designed to help simplify and standardize thescoring of dairy cows’ body condition, which is a vital part ofgood herd management.BCS Cowdition is an innovative enhancement ofBayer´s five-step BCS system that aided farmers and vets withdetailed descriptions and images of cows of various healthconditions ranging from under-nourished and ideal, tooverweight.BCS Cowdition is free-for-download and is currentlyavailable in eleven languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French,German, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Turkish andVietnamese.
Gram'ID 3.0.12 APK
Bayer AG
Outil d’identification des graminées en version mobile àdestination des agriculteurs. Cette clé de détermination a pourvocation d'apporter de l’aide à la détermination de vos graminéesprésentes sur votre parcelle. Ainsi Bayer Gram'ID permet de: •Déterminer la flore graminées présente dans sa parcelle. •Connaître la nuisibilité, adventice par adventice.Tool foridentifying grasses mobile version for farmers. This determinationkey aims to provide assistance in determining your present grass onyour land. Bayer and Gram'ID can:  • Determine the grassflora present in the plot.• Know the harmfulness, weed by weed.
つづけるミカタ~リマインダーのススメ~ 2.4.0 APK
Bayer AG
「つづけるミカタ」の紹介「つづけるミカタ」はバイエル薬品株式会社が提供する、女性のための服薬サポートアプリです。毎日同じ時刻での服用が必要な月経困難症治療剤・経口避妊剤の服薬時間をアラームでお知らせし、服用をサポートします。※服用時間アラームと記録機能※お薬の飲み忘れを防ぐため、毎日決まった時刻になるとアラームで服用時間をお知らせします。また、お薬を服用した記録はカレンダーと錠剤シート画面で確認できます。残りの錠剤が少なくなると、次のシートの準備が必要なことをアラートでお知らせし、お薬のもらい忘れを防ぎます。※服用をサポートする情報が充実※お薬の服用にあたって注意が必要な副作用などの情報、服用を忘れたときの対処方法など、服用時に知りたい情報がこのアプリにまとまっていて、いつでも参照できます。※婦人科受診サポート※次の受診日を忘れないよう、かかりつけ医への受診予定を記入できます。また、かかりつけ医の連絡先電話番号を登録することができるので、いざという時の相談にも役立ちます。※服用時の体調変化を記録※毎日の体重、血圧や、お薬の服用時にあらわれる体調の変化を記録し、日々の体調管理に役立てていただくことができます。記録はテキスト出力できるので、かかりつけ医に受診するときのメモとしても活用いただけます。※その他の機能※-プライバシーを守るパスコードロック- カレンダーへのメモ機能-カレンダーのデザイン・フォントのカスタマイズ機能※注意事項※・アラーム設定時刻に端末の電源が入っていない場合、アラームは動作しません。・タスクキラーアプリ、節電アプリ、エコ技機能等をご利用している場合、アラームが正しく機能しない恐れがあります。本アプリを動作対象から除外してください。・タスクマネージャーによる本アプリの終了操作もアラームの設定を消してしまう恐れがあります。Introductionof "continued Mikata""Continue Mikata" is provided by Bayer YakuhinLtd., it is a medication support app for women.The medication timeof dysmenorrhea therapeutic agents, oral contraceptives thatrequire taking at the same time every day notified by the alarm,and supports the taking.※ taking time alarm and recording function※In order to prevent the drink to forget your medicine, it will beannounced taking time an alarm comes in at the same time every day.In addition, the recording was taking medicine can be found in thecalendar and the tablet sheet screen. When the rest of the tabletis reduced, it announced in the alert that the preparation of thenext sheet is required, to prevent got to forget your medicine.※substantial information to support taking the ※Information, such asthe side effects that require attention when taking medicine, suchas what to do if you miss a dose, information you want to know atthe time of taking is not organized in this app, you can view atany time.※ gynecological consultation support ※So as not to forgetthe next visit date, you can fill out a medical examinationschedule to the family doctor. In addition, since it is possible toregister a contact phone number of the family doctor, also it helpsto consultation of an emergency.※ record the physical conditionchange at the time of taking ※Every day of body weight, and bloodpressure, to record the changes in the physical condition thatappears at the time of taking your medicine, you will be asked tohelp in the day-to-day health management. Since the recording cantext output, you also can use as a reminder of when the visit tothe family doctor.※Other features※- Passcode lock to protect theprivacy- memo function to the calendar- the ability to customizethe design font of the calendar※Notes※• If the alarm set time doesnot contain the power supply of the terminal, the alarm does notwork.Task killer app, the power-saving app, if you use theeco-skill functions and the like, there is a possibility that thealarm does not function properly. Please exclude this applicationfrom the operating target.And end operation of this application bythe task manager also there is a fear that erase the setting of thealarm.
Pest Portal 2.6.0 APK
Bayer AG
Get the benefits of Bayer's key insights and research for the pestmanagement industry. Access information about the chemicalsolutions and preventative tips you need to combat troublesomepests and deliver results to your customers. The official PestPortal app helps you: • Find products • Calculate rates • Locatesales reps and distributors • Browse product resources • Viewcurrent promotions • See weather information based on your locationDownload the free Pest Portal app today to get started.