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Clash of Crimes Mad City Stories LA Undercover

App Information Clash of Crimes Mad City Stories LA Undercover

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    Clash of Crimes Mad City Stories LA Undercover
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    August 29, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    CreativeLab Games
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    Kharkiv Aviochmichna str.26 61145
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Mad Town Mafia Storie 2018 1.27 APK
One of the best shooters! Dynamic third person 3D shooter withincredible gameplay and racing elements Big dynamic open worldPhotorealistic HD graphics Interesting CGI scenes Real estate, buyeverything there Intriguing story line A family car, muscle car fora bad boy or a sport car for sucсessfull man, choose any car youwant Compete best island drivers in the famous races. Taste anextreme Stunning weapon choice: assault rifle, minigun and RPG or asniper rifle? It's up to you what to take You can play withoutinternet or Wi-Fi networks Perfect free game Huge city with ownstory, story, where you can leave your footprint, and someone onyour bonnet. You’ll become the most infamous criminal in the islandhistory, who was office clerk and had nice money, but decided tochange his life. He decided to put island on his knees, makingdeals with mobsters who rules the hood life and with most famouscriminals in history. After selling weapons and cars he beganblackmailing politicians, robbing banks and army base attack. Drivefastest cars, carry dangerous weapons, and make an island followyour rules
Clash of Crimes Mad City Stories LA Undercover 1.10 APK
Clash of Crimes Mad City Stories LA Undercover
Madness City Crime Stories Mad City Action Sandbox 1.01 APK
New Madness City Crime Stories - a real chance to become richer inthis city!Grab the smartphone in your hands, it's time to conquerthis gnstar city! Create your gang, defeat all the small gangs andconquer the streets of this city. Create a free world from copscontrolling drug trafficking in the city, create your network ofdrug dealers around the city. Mafia in the game will constantlycreate all sorts of obstacles in the form of police raids,unexpected seizures of your territories, bribery of your people.Beready for the fact that the mafia in the game with the open worldcooperated with corrupt policemen, to help you and your peopleprepared all the weapons of the world located in arms stores andscattered in the green places of this city.Prove that you are notonly a real gengster but also a classy driver, a race with the openworld will reveal your talent as a rider. Hijack the fastest car inthe world - Arrange races on the roads of the city. Or buy amachine gun and a reservation, go out to the central streets of thecity and start blowing up cars, shoot at local bandits, all this ispossible thanks to the huge open world. In any case, after yourentertainment, the police pay special attention. It remains to relyonly on themselves, because the ways to die the police have alreadyprepared for you.Features:· Full freedom of action· A tight plot inthe gameplay· Beautiful graphics and realistic models ofcharacters, cars· Pedestrians and road traffic have their own rulesof conduct· The reaction of the police to the committed offenseswas increasedPerform all sorts of tasks, collect loot forassignments, steal cars, motorcycles, yachts, buy new buildings,bars, strip clubs bringing a stable income. There is everything tobecome a legendary gangster of the 21st century: a huge fleet ofcars, motorcycles, boats, which are provided with realistic physics....Win established rules about the steady earnings of money fromlegal work, conquer the city and the city will give you millions ofdollars!
Mad City Crime Japan (Big sandbox world) 1.02 APK
Mad City Crime Japan – open world and freedom of action for you,conquer the streets!Mad City is bringing opportunity dive into theworld of criminal action full of lies, violence and betrayal. Thiscity is full of illicit transactions, nice cars and sudden policeclashes. Complete all missions, visit war zones, get rewards anddon`t forget to do sea cruise in the boat.Game features:OpenworldPolice is always patrols city streetsHuge cars, guns andmotorbikes choiceRealistic guns sound and blowbackLot ofoptimization variantsAddictive for the game story lineYou’re alwayssee some action: pursuit, shootings, thefts, explosionsPedestriansand transport has own behavioral rulesEnlarged city with a lot ofenemies Feel free in your decisions!Story lineCity is divided intodistricts. For the most part of your journey you’ll see the clean,prosperous, big business district, coast line with a harbor, cardealership and Chinatown. And of course you can get to thepoverty-stricken neighborhoods, empty houses, junkyard andwasteland, but this makes you feel closer to the real life.You haveto survive in this, at first sight, prosperous city with a lot ofsunlight, completing tasks, getting money, guns and, of course,authority from city mobsters. You can buy houses, cars, differentguns and buildings with earned money. Don’t forget about hugeweapon choice. But like in the real life you must pay for all ofit! At the end of the game you’ll have to prove Latina gangs andlocal police department, that you made all of it knowingly, and youare the most infamous man it the cityTake the fastest car, doesn’tmatter have you stolen it or bought in car dealer and begin madnessat the roads. Or but M16 and body armor, go to the streets of MadCity and increase the police interest level. Police will definitelymake some interest after your actions. It`s up to you now, what todo next.Dear players, try to forget about your daily troubles,relax and dive into the Mad City Crime Japan world!
Mad Stories in New York 2018 Sandbox Style Project 1.01 APK
Mad Stories in New York is a spectacular shooter with an openworld, a really big open island, wallowed in street wars andcorruption. Here you can make shootings with cars on the street youcan take weapons and start destroying destroying all thepedestrians in the online district who have not looked at you likethat. Also, you can drive on wheelbarrows creating an accident,arrange massive chases for you by local cops. Carry out storymissions, arrange street races 3d, perform robots undercover,moonlight a taxi in Miami, it's all in the game without anadventure internet. 0pen world games will allow to arrange a realaction without internet, battles of cars in quiet streets.Ofcourse, like all cool games you create your own scenario of thedevelopment of the game. Go dozens of plot tasks in all corners ofthe huge city, each of which is crowded with local gangsters, FBIagents and are waiting for your reckless act in the criminal world.Enjoy your victories in the game, getting a loot do not forget tobuy a ready online city business, with which it is so easy toimmerse yourself in the atmosphere of the old luxury city full ofvice and crime. After your active riots you will be hunted by apolice helicopter and all the police of the city, then it remainsonly to buy a reservation, a bazooka and start resistance to theonline police.In the city there are a lot of free cannons,bulletproof vests, to maintain your fighting spirit!Feature of thegame:- 3D city of the stuffed mafia.- Pedestrians and auto traffichave their own algorithms of movement.- The relief in the citycompletely corresponds to the present island.- More than 30weapons, a colossal array of cars, games without the internet forIOS- The game is created to simulate gangster life in the mafiaonline city- Be free in your actions, build your own onlinebusiness onlineYour destiny is in Your hands only. Beautifulincessant adventures, gang war, dangerous gangsters and free games- welcome to Hell for policemen and Paradise for crime!
Mad City Stories Big City Clash APK
Mad City Stories BBig City is created specially for all fans ofaction, and also stuffed with all sorts of inconspicuous at firstglance small objects that famously complement the overall pictureof fun combining all sorts of entertainment by arranging frenziedchases, illegal raids around the city, driving on real cars andcrazy expensive hypercar. Increase the authority of your characterin front of the local mafia, the game is possible any outcome ofthe script, everything will depend only on your desire to win andprove yourself as a real gangster! The game in which the streets ofthe city are crowded with gangsters, detachments of policemen, bemerciless to all who stand on your way to glory! If you get tiredof following the plot of the game, just take any wheelbarrow in theneighborhood, press the gas pedal to the floor before kickdown andhold the steering wheel stronger, especially at corners - this isthe real story of a simple kid from the working area, tired ofinjustice in the city, shooting with the open world . The money ofthe world in the plot game again faces a choice, arrangedisassembly with cops or get involved in a complex battle with allthe gangsters of this city, the choice is just for you! Features: -The game with the plot of a multi-million movie. - An open worldwith a big city. - Auto shops, gun shops, commercial real estatefor sale. - Improved graphic models of the city, cars andcharacters. - Realistic infrastructure of the city - Give troubleto your enemies and the real troubles of the police. - A constantwar with street gangs and Mafiosi. The game is a third-personshooter, in which you - the future is making your way from thebottom of the street to a real gangster. Circumstances in yourfamily turned around so the usual work did not solve your problems.And you chose the path of a real gangster from the ghetto. In thiscruel city, where gangsters run, you have to fight with veryserious opponents! In the city of dark and criminal cases, you donot meet a simple and measured life, but on every corner there is alot of corrupt police, irresponsible power, where in a moment youcan tear up huge money or drop down after losing your jackpot! Dobasic and secondary missions thereby raising good money, buy aready-made business that brings a good income, get respect amonglocal gangsters, and fear of your persona all surrounding residentsof the city! Lead the royal throne of the underworld!