1.0.5 / December 22, 2017
(3.3/5) (9)


Think you can be the last hero standing?Testyour survival skills with Clash of Heroes today.

App Information Clash of Heroes

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    Clash of Heroes
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    December 22, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.1 and up
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    Last Minute Games
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Love the excitement of shooting games,butdon’t want to make the commitment? Well then look no furtherthanIdle Bouncy, the newest title from Last Minute Games. You areamage, tasked with fighting off hordes of monsters. Except,here’sthe twist - you’ve lost control of your powers, and yourspells arefiring in random directions. They’ll still damage themonsters, butyou have no control over where they cast. All you cando is upgradetheir strength.As you attack monsters, you will earn currency. Use this toupgradeyour spells, and to explore boosts. The stronger they are,the moreeffectively you’ll be able to vanquish your enemies. Deploytheboosts strategically - they’re your key to success. Make suretodestroy the monsters before they reach your wall - if ten ofthempass through, that’s game over. Think you can vanquishyourenemies, and protect your realm? Play Idle Bouncy today!
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To Cubinity, and beyond! Puzzle mastersLastMinute Games bring you an all-new title, Cubinity!, that pushesthebounds of everything you thought a minimalist puzzle game couldbe.Using simple mechanics, paired with innovative gameplay,Cubinitypromises an anytime momentary distraction or hours ofmind-bendingpuzzle fun.The concept of the game is simple, yet mind-bending - you’ve gotatower of blocks, of varying colors. Simply drag to connectchainsof blocks, clearing them from the tower. Make sure to keepclearing- if your tower grows too tall, it’s game over. But here’sthetrick - this isn’t an ordinary tower. In cubinity, you canrotatethe tower, and see it from all angles. The more perspectivesyouhave, the better your matches will be. The better your matches,themore blocks you can clear at once. And if you clear enoughblocksin one go, you’ll get a bomb, allowing you to clear evenmorepieces from the tower.Think you can clear enough blocks to keep your tower standing?PlayCubinity! today!
Clash of Heroes 1.0.5 APK
Think you can be the last hero standing?Testyour survival skills with Clash of Heroes today.
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Become the master of the Amusement park! Pick your bumper carandstart battling. Your bumper car will spin around thearena,propelled forward by your taps. Hit other players to destroythem,and dodge their attacks to stay alive. The more you destroy,thehigher your score will be. But be careful - stray outside ofthearena, and you leave the safezone. Stay outside of the safezonetoo long, and it’s game over. Think you can be the last bumpercarstanding? With 6 bumper cars to choose from and powerups to upyourgame, there is no limit to the fun and excitement Br.io canhold.Play today!
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Connect Rainbow 1.0.0 APK
An easy-to-learn match 3 puzzle game to keep you playing forhourson end! After rotating it to the optimal position, drag &dropyour rainbow piece on the board, aiming to make sets of 3 ormoreof the same color with other pieces. Match three, and theblocksclear, leaving space for new pieces. Make sure to bestrategic whenrotating your piece - the more you clear at once, thehigher yourscore will be. How many blocks can you connect?
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Simple, easy to learn, and endlessly challenging, Rebounded isyournext favorite casual game. Your goal is to hit all of the ballsonyour board in a single shot. Simply drag to aim, and releasetoshoot - hit all the balls, and move on to the next level. Missjustone, and it’s game over. With 5 different boards to rotatethrough,and limitless gameplay, Rebounded will keep youendlesslyentertained. Play today!