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Clash of Puppets is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at majorretailers, carrier stores and online athttp://www.MOGAanywhere.comHelp Charlie getting out of his ownnightmares! Clash of Puppets is a full 3D hack'n'slash platformer,featuring classic b-movie style. Adventure through 3 worlds offrantic levels. Use tons of devastating weapons and traps againsthordes of puppets! Features: - High quality 3d Graphics: Fullyanimated 3D characters with dynamic lighting. - 3d hack n slash- 3dplatformer- Vast Arsenal: Find and use tons of devastating weaponsand traps. - Long Lasting: Inspired by B-movies of the 20thcentury, Clash of Puppets will feature 3 worlds to experience andan infinite survival mode. - Challenge: your friends try to achievethe best score to be the "Survival Hero". - Console-Style:Experience a true console style hack’n'slash platformer game onyour mobile device. - Google Play Services: Leaderboards and lotsof achievements. - Supports English, Italian, Spanish, and Frenchlanguages- Optimized for MOGA Controllers- Play it on NVIDIASHIELD!...as featured in TegraZone.Follow us for the latest infoand game news!• http://crescentmoongames.com/other-games/•https://facebook.com/crescentmoongames•https://twitter.com/cm_games

App Information Clash of Puppets hack n slash

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    Clash of Puppets hack n slash
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    March 4, 2014
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Crescent Moon Games
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    488 Charlton Road Ballston Spa, New York 12020
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A FREE version of Evertales! (ad supported)Once upon time, therewas a tale of mighty heroes, protectors of the realm, and thesaviors of many damsels in distress. This…is not that tale. This isa tale of unlikely Heroes. Embark on journeys of not-so-epicproportions with Sir Jorgin, the noble knight past his prime;Arwick, the ladies man and elf rogue; and Taragon, wize, old, andsomewhat senile wizard. Welcome….to Evertales. UNIQUE HEROES Questwith 3 unique heroes: • Sir Jorgin, the mighty knight, is a fiercemelee fighter and can take a punch! • Arwick the Elf specializes inranged weapons, charm, and an attractive double jump! • Taragornthe Senile wields tight spells a loose tongue, and the power tolevitate! CHOOSE YOUR WEAPONS Unlock 20+ weapons for your heroes tobetter seek your glory, slay your foes, and save yourself!Evertales has a diverse selection of weapons, ranging from avariety of swords, bows, staves, and even molotovs! ZANY STORYLINEDo you fancy taking a stroll through the Fungi Forest? Orspelunking into the caverns of carnivorous creatures? Have a strongdesire to hunt down some Rodents of Unusual Stature? Or how aboutconfronting the devious Dark Lord of Darkness? Now you can as youembark into Evertales! CUSTOMIZABLE HEROES Unlock and equip adiverse selection of armor for your heroes. Want to play the gameas a Spartan or Drunkard? Go ahead. How about a lovely Christmasoutfit or less than lovely Hobo garb? Go ahead, suit yourself! EPICBOSS BATTLES Each chapter concludes with an epic confrontation withan epic boss fight! Defeat the Giant Dwarf, sink the ship of theDead Pirate Roberts, rock out with the dreaded Stone Golem, andmore in a quest to end all quests! AWESOME GRAPHICS Evertalesfeatures beautifully rendered 3D characters and environments alongwith masterfully created 2D interface. Allow your eyes to floodwith some of best graphics for the mobile generation.Follow us forthe latest info and game news!•http://crescentmoongames.com/other-games/•https://facebook.com/crescentmoongames•https://twitter.com/cm_games