3.1 / December 16, 2012
(4.0/5) (12)


In this puzzle game you need to build acolorlines (5 or more balls with same color). You can move one ballfromone cell to another, by clicking on ball and on target cell.Ifline assembled, then it will be removed and score willbeincreased. You can move one ball in cycle. Use menu buttonforadditional actions.

App Information Classic Lines

  • App Name
    Classic Lines
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    December 16, 2012
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.1 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Email min_alex_n@mail.ru
    11, per. Geroev Revolutsii, Voronezh, Russia.
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SeeYou 1.8 APK
Application SeeYou has some very usefulfeatures associated with the use of geolocation and maps on yourphone . You do not have to register with any Web services to usethis application . The application can help you :- To determine the GPS coordinates of the other phone ( such asyour child's phone ) and display them on the map in your device .It's enough to install the SeeYou to required smartphone . You donot need to register in the Web service for this , and to run anapplication on the phone ;- Transmit your GPS coordinates along with a short message toanother smartphone, if it is also installed SeeYou. This option isvery useful if you need to explain where you are to another person.For example, this can be used to service delivery, such as if youtook Tow truck or you just are in an unknown place, and you want totell your location to someone else. If the other person hasinstalled SeeYou, it will be launched, and your location, and amessage will be positioned on the map;- Appointment to one or more of your friends by entering yourlocation and time of the meeting . If they have installed SeeYou,they will be notified of your message and the icon on the map intheir smartphones ;- SeeYou application can be used as a monitor to receive serviceand alarm messages from the GPS Watchdog application and displaythe situation on the map. That application is installed on theother phone (smartphone), and used as a sensor, and GPS coordinatesof the shock sensor. GPS Watchdog application monitors owncoordinates, and once they are outside the specified range,immediately sends an alarm message to the contacts in its settings.Also GPS Watchdog uses a built-in accelerometer as a shock sensor,and also sends an alarm message on impact. It can not replace thefull security devices, but can be used as an additional for thispurpose.SeeYou application sends messages and commands by sending SMSmessages directly to other smartphones . This should be consideredwhen used as sending SMS messages usually require payment for thenetwork operator. However, this principle does the job independentof any Web services and related costs and the volume of traffic.If your smartphone received SMS messages from another applicationit can run the application SeeYou you immediately , or generate thesystem notification. The start modes when accepting differentmessages specified in the settings. Received messages are displayedas the events on the map in the application. In Control Panel,click "Events List" to display all the events on the map , selectthe events and manage them.The application is not a navigator , but supports indicate thedirection of the selected events and the distance to it.The basic version of the application allows you to send yourcoordinates to other and appointments linked to time and place .Also, the base version allows coordinate responding to othersmartphones with the app SeeYou. The possibility of sendingrequests and receiving location messages from the remoteapplication GPS Watchdog activated additionally.Recommendations:To use the request about coordinates of another phone, you need toinstall the applicationSeeYou on it and take into account a numberof conditions related to privacy. For the target phone, your phonemust be registered in the list (menu Settings-> Location whitelist) of authorized contacts .Answers about coordinates are sentonly to a fixed number of contacts that you have specifiedexplicitly in the list. So privacy is achieved. You can completelyclean your list, then your location will not be reported toanyone.If the target phone has dual SIM cards, the using first SIM numberis recommended, as the ability to manage two SIM cards are notalways maintained in different versions of Android.
Drop the Circles 1.9 APK
Keep moving on and drop as many circles asyoucan!Just tap the screen to speed up and get through the circles.Trynot to miss any circle!Beat your score to unlock new levels and shapes.How many circles can you drop?
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Keep moving on and drop as many circles asyoucan!Just tap the screen to speed up and get through the circles.Trynot to miss any circle!Beat your score to unlock new levels and shapes.How many circles can you drop?
GPS Watchdog 1.0 APK
GPSWatchdog application can be used as amobile location sensor and as a strike(shock) sensor,if your device includes an accelerometer. Data on the location ofthe device is transmitted by sending SMS messages to receivers (youneed to select the receivers in the settings).On the device-receiver of SMS messages must be installed the*SeeYou* monitor application, which displays on a map the locationof the sensor, it shows the status and alarms if any. Do not needto run SeeYou application for monitoring, it will be launched ontheir own when receiving SMS messages from any deviceGPSWatchdog.Sending messages via SMS allows you to exclude any WEB services,registered in them, and the need to keep the application SeeYourunning on the receiver . However, sending SMS, you typicallyrequire payment of mobile operator, also SMS delivery time isdifferent, and this should be taken into account when using theapplication. The application can not replace standard security andanti-theft devices, but can only be used as an aid for thispurpose. The app is completely free, contains no advertising andpaid content. But the option of receiver is a paid content inSeeYou application.The GPS receiver must be turned ON in smartphone. When theapplication starts (START button), it sends an SMS message with thecoordinates. If the GPS has not yet received new coordinates, thensent to the last known coordinates.At the receiver, the following message appears gray icon. How GPSonly started working, app sends another SMS with current (right)coordinates is displayed on the receiver.Next, the application goes into standby mode, in which itconstantly evaluates own coordinates. If they have changed so thatthe deviation has exceeded the *GPS Tolerance* setting, it isbelieved that the device started to move, then an alarm is sent viaSMS message, and the application goes into motion mode. In motionmode the application sends alarm SMS with new coordinates at theintervals specified in the settings *Reports time interval*. Whenthe device is stopped application again enters the standbymode.Use the accelerometer as the shock sensor is activated in thesettings. There sensitivity adjustment, delay the start of work(accelerometer must be turned on with a delay, you need time to putthe devicestationary otherwise your move and possible strikes devicesperceive as anxiety at the initial moment). Also, there is a delaybetween sending SMS from the accelerometer, if the perturbations ofthe shock sensor periodically continue. Accelerometer SMS includeGPS coordinates from the GPS receiver.IMPORTANT NOTICE! Many phone manufacturers turn off theaccelerometer when the device is in sleep mode (screen is off), sothe application keeps the device from going to sleep. However, ifyou manually transferred to the device in sleep, then the behaviordepends on the manufacturer of the device and the application maystop receiving data from accelerometer.Recommendations.Do not make the setting *GPS Tolerance* too small. In built-upareas coordinates can "jump" in the wide range of which can cause afalse alarm signal about of beginning of the movement. Alsoevaluate how often it is necessary to receive messages in a mode ofmovement or from the accelerometer, as it is related to theadditional sending SMS (and related costs).
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Merry Christmas and Happy Ney Year! Thissimplelive wallpaper contains the animated christmas tree,snowfalls, skystars and Santa Claus animated image. This freeversion contains therestricted set of the options for thetuning.You can turns on/off the sunlight, the moving of snowfall andSantaClaus images only. The full version will be implementedwithdifferent colour themes, additions of user's photo onbackground,tuning of christmas tree, salutes and congratulationslogos aboutNew Year and Christmas, animated counters andother.