1.0 / April 30, 2018
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Classic Snake Game is one of the most popular casual games forallAndroid users on Google Play, and it's totally FREE! - greenapplegive you 10 points - red apple give you 20 points - yellowapplegive you 50 points You can also collect special items: -scissors -they make your snake shorter - Clock - slows down thesnake Thespecial items last only 10 seconds. If the snake ismovinghorizontally, you need to touch the screen above or below thesnaketo make him go up or down. If he moves vertically, you needtotouch the screen on the snake's right or left to make him go intheadequate direction.

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    Classic Snake Game
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    April 30, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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Classic Snake Game is one of the most popular casual games forallAndroid users on Google Play, and it's totally FREE! - greenapplegive you 10 points - red apple give you 20 points - yellowapplegive you 50 points You can also collect special items: -scissors -they make your snake shorter - Clock - slows down thesnake Thespecial items last only 10 seconds. If the snake ismovinghorizontally, you need to touch the screen above or below thesnaketo make him go up or down. If he moves vertically, you needtotouch the screen on the snake's right or left to make him go intheadequate direction.
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