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***This has been branded as an Official U.S. Army app***Competingfor a CLEA might just be one of the best investments of time andeffort your agency or unit makes all year. The Chief of Staff ofthe Army's Combined Logistics Excellence Awards (CLEA) recognizeorganizational achievement in the areas of deployment, maintenanceand supply operations for all components-Active Army, Army NationalGuard, and Army Reserve. The CLEA competition shines the spotlighton logisticians and recognizes the critical role they play insupporting the warfighter. It will also have a positive effect onthe overall combat readiness of your organization. When a team ofblue ribbon panel experts declares your work to be among the "bestof the best" of the Army's logistics activities, that honor willspeak volumes about your organization's expertise, professionalism,dedication to duty, and contributions to Army success.

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Battle Buddy 1.3.1 APK
***This has been branded as an Official U.S. Army app***This apphelps you be good Battle Buddy by giving you the tools andinformation needed to assist your buddy during a crisis. It alsoprovides tips and tools to help you intervene before the situationreaches crisis proportions. This app is organized into two primaryareas, “My Buddies” and “My Resources”. MY BUDDIES contains quicklinks and tips to use if you must act or intervene in a crisis. Italso provides detailed intervention, awareness and preventioninformation concerning the Army’s suicide prevention program andSexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention program. - The“Get Help Now” tab opens up a set of options that allows you to useyour phone call for additional help. - The “Suicide Intervention”tab walks you through the Army’s ACE process along with access toadditional resources.- The “SHARP” tab walks you through how toseek help, the reporting process and provides tips to help preventbecoming a victim. Links to additional resources provide additionalsupport and information.- The “Talking Points” tab provides helpfultools and tips to help you be a better listener for someone whojust needs a friend to talk to.MY RESOURCES consists of a resourcelibrary with links and information on a variety of programs andservices that are available to Soldiers and their Families. Youwill find a wealth of information on benefits, entitlements,educational opportunities, financial resources and otherinformation organized conveniently, and easy to navigate right atyour fingertips via your smart phone. These resources are dividedinto National Resources, access to a database of local resources.Under the “Reading List” tab you will find the Army Chief ofStaff’s reading list, the NCO reading list and a link to the MWRLibrary which provides access to an incredible amount ofinformation. The “Other” tab provides information on My Medical,Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness, Family Programs, PublicAffairs tips and how to request legal assistance from the nearestArmy Legal Assistance Office.
U.S. Army Soldier physical readiness is acquired through thechallenge of a precise, progressive, and integrated physicaltraining program. This proponent sponsored mobile applicationexplores Army doctrine FM 7-22, which prescribes the method for theexecution of the Army Physical Readiness Training System. Featuresinclude; sample training schedules with drill and exercise demos,body composition calculators, an APRT calculator, a metronome, arun timer and insights into the doctrine.
JBLE 1.3.2 APK
***This has been branded as an Official U.S. Army app***The JBLEapp provides tools and resources for the 633rd Air Base Wing whichserves as the host unit at JBLE, conducting installation supportfunctions at both Langley and Fort Eustis locations through twomission support groups.This joint collaboration allows for theflexible support of the more than 18,000 military personnel and7,500 civilian employees that compromise JBLE's workforce.JBLEfeatures a wide variety of missions at its tenant units, includingHeadquarters Air Combat Command, U.S. Army Training and DoctrineCommand, three operational wings, four brigades, and more than 20major associate units.
U.S. Army Echoes 2.9 APK
***This has been branded as an Official U.S. Army app*** This apptakes the Retirement Services Office's publication, Army Echoes,and provides easy access to the publication and its contents. Thusallowing more retirees access, knowledge, and information thepublication provides.
GoArmyEd 1.3.2 APK
***This has been branded as an Official U.S. Army app***To provideinformation on the Army Continuing Education System (ACES)centralized, automated, and virtualized Tuition Assistance (TA)processes and info.
DFAS Info2Go 3.0.7 APK
***This has been branded as an Official U.S. Army app*** TheDefense Finance and Accounting Service Info2Go App is your mobileresource to: •Access myPay features •Search for a DMPO near you•View Military Pay Tables •Pay a Debt/Make a Payment •Submit a payinquiry •Access pay calculators •View W-2 information •Learn moreabout DFAS •Self-Service Tools - Travel Voucher Payment StatusTool, Out-of-Service Debt Account Status Tool, Civilian RelocationTQSE Tracking Tool •Wounded Warrior information Download it now!
Battle Buddy Spanish 1.1 APK
***Esto ha sido calificado como una aplicación oficial del ejércitoamericano***Esta aplicación te ayuda a ser un buen Amigo de Batalladándote las herramientas y la información necesaria para asistir atu amigo durante una crisis. También ofrece consejos y herramientaspara ayudarle a intervenir antes de que la situación alcanceproporciones mayores. Esta aplicación está organizada en dos áreasprincipales, "Mis amigos" y "Mis recursos". MIS AMIGOS contieneenlaces rápidos y sugerencias que puede utilizar si tienes queactuar o intervenir en una crisis. También provee informacióndetallada de la intervención, conocimiento y prevención sobrePrograma de Prevención de Suicidio del Ejército (Army’s SuicidePrevention Program) y el Programa de Prevención y Respuesta haciael Acoso/Agresión Sexual del Ejército (SHARP, SexualHarassment/Assault Response and Prevention) Program). -La pestaña“Consigue ayuda Ahora" abre un conjunto de opciones que te permiteusar tu teléfono para obtener ayuda adicional. -La pestaña de "Intervención del Suicidio " te guía a través del proceso de ACE,Preguntar, Cuidar y Escoltar (Ask, Care and Escort) junto con elacceso a recursos adicionales. -La pestaña "SHARP" Programa dePrevención y Respuesta hacia el Acoso/Agresión Sexual del Ejército(Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention) te guía através de cómo buscar ayuda, el proceso de reporte y consejos paraevitar convertirse en una víctima. También brinda enlaces arecursos adicionales y provee apoyo e información adicional.-Lapestaña "Puntos de conversación” provee herramientas útiles yconsejos para ayudarle a ser un mejor oyente para una persona quesólo necesita un amigo con quien hablar.MIS RECURSOS consisten enuna biblioteca de recursos con enlaces e información sobre unavariedad de programas y servicios que están disponibles para losSoldados y sus Familias. Usted encontrará una amplia variedad deinformación sobre beneficios, derechos, oportunidades educativas,recursos financieros y otras informaciones convenientementeorganizada y fácil de navegar justo al alcance de tu mano a travésde tu teléfono inteligente (smart pone). Estos recursos estándivididos en Recursos Nacionales, acceso a una base de datos de losrecursos locales. En la pestaña "Lista de lecturas" puedesencontrar una la lista de lecturas del Jefe del Personal delEjercito de (Army Chief of Staff ), también la lista de lecturasdel Oficial no comisionado (Non Comisioned Officer) y un enlace ala biblioteca del programa de Moral, Bienestar y Recreación(Morale, Welfare and Recreation) que provee acceso a una increíblecantidad de información. La pestaña "Otros" provee informaciónsobre Mi historial médico (My Medical), El buen estado integral delel Soldado y la Familia (Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness),Programas par las Familiares (Family Programs), Sugerencia acercade los Asuntos Públicos (Public Affairs tips) y cómo solicitarasistencia legal en la oficina más cercana de Asistencia Legal delEjército (Army Legal Assistance Office).
ROTC Handbook 1.3 APK
***This has been branded as an Official U.S. Army app***The U.S.Army ROTC app is for those who are looking to join the program,current cadets, and anyone who is interested in cadet life. Forthose looking to join the program, this app contains enrollmentinformation as well as scholarship information. Off-campus trainingopportunities including specialized training schools such asAirborne and Air Assault, and cultural immersion trips to othercountries is listed. For those in the program, this app containstons of reference information that will be useful to them ascadets, including uniform information, rank and ribbon information,and the army values. Current cadets can also learn about thespecialized schools they can attend during the summer or winter, aswell as internship information, and more.The app was developed bythe US Army Cadet Command, Ft. Knox, KY and published via mobileformat in partnership with TRADOC Capability Manager (TCM) Mobile.